How To Find A Keyword in A Proper Way When Blogging

When it comes to having a successful blog with the primary goal of driving traffic to your site then it is essential to have an effective and useful tactic for keyword researching. 

The whole process is simpler than You think, all you have to do is just think about to fulfill three of the components I have been taught, then you are good to go. 

In this post, I will lay out exactly what these three components are to have for higher security to have your blog or website being top-ranked on Search Engine Optimizing on Google, Yahoo, and Bings for driving more traffic to your site. 

Three bullet points I used to do this!

Low-hanging fruit keywords

The main rule for the part when picking keywords, especially You as a beginner have to constantly think about not to have too much competition on the same keyword as you are planning to have. Otherwise, You will have a very hard time standing out and getting real attention from the visitors You aimed for.

Try to have as low a competition rate as possible.

A very proper way to do this is having free access to the Jaaxy keyword research searching program, telling you exactly how you can take a huge advantage from one of many metrics like QSR, which stands for Quote Searching Results, and implementing at what rate to have to still can make it works. 

I highly recommend You if You just started then go for the keywords with the competition rate, QRS, between 100- 300. When after having a few years of experience and you gained higher confidence about your content that You think will outrate your competitors, then go for the higher competition rate one.

Relevance monthly search for the chosen keyword

Even here I rather think of the same principle as low competition keyword targeting on the metrics QSR. The lower the monthly amount of searching the lower competition your site will get and the more converting rate it also will receive. 

You better start with a monthly search rate between 10-20 and then go for higher when you feel more warmed up and confident with what you are doing. Later on, you can even go for a 50 or even 100 monthly searching rate and still can make higher revenue streams from the high traffic sources. 

Grammatically corrected and understandable

When settling up a keyword searching tactic you better go for the one that is both Grammarly correct and understandable and at the same time resonated with the potential visitors who are interested in searching for your specific chosen keyword. 

Otherwise, your keyword will have a huge tendency to miss out on your targeted audience who will in the end provide income streams for you with your content achievement. 

You can even make the keyword more interesting by containing a clear point for what you are writing about to solve. Then your chance of being visible in the search engine will also be higher in that way. And your content will be rewarded by being more available in showing on the top of the search list too. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

When You want to aim for a successful keyword to have in your content without any guessing work, I better recommend You to do what I have been taught by one of the most experience keyword searching experts in the blogging and website content-creating area. In so You are allowed to have a higher chance to create very showable content in the blogging or website you intend to work on.

I do only have to think to have three of the bullet points as foundational criteria and then I will be sure that my content is getting rewarded from the search engine optimizing among on Google. 

These three are:

  1. Low competition rate as possible, especially if you are new in content creation. Go firstly for below 100 and then 300 in the metrics measured of QSR.
  2. Low monthly searching, which will be defined your amount of traffic source. This principle rate will also mean a lower competition rate and to have a higher conversion rate.
  3. The grammar on your chosen keyword is correct and reasonable to trigger higher interests in reading and engaging, which in the end can lead to commissions for You.

And if You feel enough motivated to stick to this, then your content-creating site will tend to have the outcome You are looking for and then You will always have a top-ranked post on your blogging or your website later on from the most popular search engine forum You plan to put at among Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. 

I do deeply suggest You try out the Jaaxy Keyword research to have higher traffic flow to your content-creating. You can do this for free!

I hope You will hopefully find this post helpful and please leave some comments below whether it is a question or recommendation for me to have better and more valuable information in the future. 

To Your Success!


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How to conquer the fear of failure

Have you ever suffered from the fear of failure that prevents you from doing things you like to develop or progressing towards your desired goals? 

You don´t dare to perform outside your comfort zone because You may have in the past failed in many areas and been humiliated by your surrounding or judged by your ego. This will lead you to already predict the worst scenario, even before started.

If you do recognize all of these signs, then you are suffering from the fear of failure.

In this article, we are talking about what the fear of failure is and how it can affect your achievement and creativity in life. There will be suggestions on how to think around it and be positive despite we sometimes defining ourselves not being successful all the time, laid out later on in this post. 

What is the fear of failure?

The fear of failure we can say is like a state of mind in terms of already predicting the outcome of losing or failing before even once started or attending to one specific task in mind. The syndrome can even be called antichyphobia. 

In other words, when having antichyphobia You cannot move on with one task demanding a certain accomplishment without having negative thoughts, anxiety, worrying, depression, and being stressed about it. 

All of your actions for some reason in the back of your head have to be perfect constantly. Or otherwise, you will rather avoid it through procrastination or in the worst case not taking any action at all due to the tiredness of worrying. 

You have an inner voice to be reminded about not being good enough in everything you do. Then you start to feel bad especially only thinking about your failures in the past or start to compare yourself to others why have they done it but not you? 

You are also afraid of what other people will think about you if you will not bring any success at all. Your self-doubting starts to dominate and you can´t even allow yourself to make any mistakes while learning to grow in the future.

Therefore you will avoid as much as you can those projects containing risks to lose or fail and not being successful in front of others at all. All of your future actions have to be 100% perfect and safe to accomplish at a high cost to your health, otherwise, you will not attend anything else either.

Map out thoughts and clarify them through feelings and actions

Sometimes it is better for you to just explain why you are so afraid to fail and that you have to do it anyway. Your main purpose isn´t suddenly now just being successful for yourself, but to be seen as perfect and successful as possible in the eyes of the beholder.

Especially when it comes to that you know you will be criticized and judged if you are not achieving the task and seems to look like a fool when something goes wrong. It is like you have some kind of invisible judge in your head, always reminding you not to be worthwhile if you are not in your best shape every time. In time you will also be very sensitive to critics and can´t any longer distinguish the relevance from the bad once.

You start to form such a self-defending reaction about doing anything else but not going through the task believing a huge risk to fail. This is by procrastination and avoidance to do anything differently without any hard effort involved to strive towards your goals settled up first all. 

Now it is time for you to analyze what it means to your life in the long term when you are not doing the things you should do. If you intend to procrastinate and choose to do so, what kind of consequence does it bring to you later on? What happens to your training in the journey of life and will you in so lose all of your purpose and clarity about how you want to have your life be more meaningful?

I do highly recommend a system for you to learn while earning by growing your business online

Make a positive view of the point out of failure

Now it is time to have some positive aspects in failing. If you don´t die from it, what can the worst scenario be otherwise learn to be more prepared and stronger the next time. 

If you now have an insight from not being attached to what others think about you, especially when they don´t provide anything valuable in your life anyway, why still bother right? 

And imagine when you allow yourself to still be worthwhile and to be kind to yourself despite doing mistakes. And if you don´t have anything to lose, but mainly intake new knowledge and improve by constant practice to be where you would like to be, why should you quit and give up anyway?

You can also say to yourself instead of losing all those ways when not succeeding, you have just found as many ways as possible to learn and grow in the future, and especially you will do things better and differently.

And now when you were once allowed to be kind to yourself you can also start diminishing being jealous of everybody else´s success. You can now immediately in contrast to before see their achievement as something inspiring and maybe you want to be near them to have the same success as well. 

Be focused on your goals when the fear kicked in

Every time you are scared of being a fool in front of your criticized self and everybody else that may have some opinions about you, you better focus when only thinking about your most important goal in the nearest time ahead. 

Think about why you started the whole project in the first place?

What do you want to achieve and map out what actions to take to be able to get what you want in the end?

Now when you are more aware of what to do and how your willingness to procrastinate will also be lesser. You can now also not think about being ashamed for not passing the test as before. And the state of mind for focusing on opportunities rather than issues can also be your nicest friend along away when you need a break or searching for additional tools and guidance to be closer to your goal.

Strengthen your ability to see the good qualities in you

When have been nice and kind to yourself enough, You can also start seeing the good qualities in yourself. 

Think about your journey and how much you have grown since then, from the beginning. If you still not have given up, then one of your greatest qualities should be not being a quitter as soon as some of the small obstacles started to show up for sure. You can still stay strong when things start to get difficult and tougher. After this, you are suddenly solution-oriented and hungry for finding another way to go around those issues. 

As long as you still moving no matter how slow or fast, you will always improve some of the good qualities in you and even be required to go to the finish line, instead of being still. 

Break your most significant goal into smaller milestones

Many times You only see the whole project that you have to go through a huge and high like mount Everest and your habit of procrastination started to kick in. To avoid distraction you better divide the whole project into smaller milestones and reward your performance on every single small one to have better motivation and that you can feel more joyful going on to complete it.

 One of the very good tools to do so is to write a to-do list. Try to include all of the most important steps in it and mark when every one of them has been finished. In so you can also feel that your task will not be so infinite becoming impossible to deal with.

Daily practice on body and mind to find calm

When You tend to overwork yourself and do feel a higher level of stress hormones, don´t forget to take a break and attend to health caring activities to nutrition and feed all new and positive energies to your body and mind. 

You can for example start to meditate daily to calm your mind and even rest your body and soul for having a more sustainable mindset along the way.

You can also begin to listen to a motivational podcast or read about the positive having habit of thinking. Be enlightening by the people you admire and according to you have become successful and expertise in their field and that you also want to become the same one day. 

Don´t forget to exercise and train as much as you can to have more robust health and feed your body with a lot of endorphins, hormones that will strengthen your immune system and later on create a better mental condition for not easily have a breakdown. 

Get professional help on antichyphobia

When you are suspicious about having antichyphobia, You better recover quicker from being long-term depressed when consulting with a professional help giver in a psychiatrist area about this. 

You can be suggested to have a determined period a health care plan to heal from. Until then You will both be provided with needed medications and maybe cognitive treatment to get rid of your anxiety, depression, and worrying about future tasks. You will in so have a higher chance to keep your health to be stable during the time too.

Storytelling your case with a more encouraging tone

You can even rewrite your end story with more encouraging and positive words and meaning instead of saying “Because of my failure on the first task, I will be doomed to have the same outcome for my entire life” to “Because of my failing at first attempt, it doesn´t mean I will forever fail on the same task later on”

or “If I haven´t received any result as I wished, but in the end, I do learn a lot and can be much stronger prepared and have a huge chance to make it on the next time when doing the same again”

Questioning yourself three questions about failure

  • how can I learn from this?

Has the project I recently have been through, brought me some valuable lessons in my life, and, how I can in the future have a better understanding of what I have learned from this and how I can later do differently to have better results in a similar task of doing. 

Will the learning from my experience will change for a better outcome later on and can I use it several times on other projects with a similar mindset and planning?

What was my trial and error after this?

  • what experience do I get from this?

What are those skillsets I have taken from the project that I can take more advantage of in the future? 

Can I become more successful and have a higher risk of winning campaigns while having gathered the skill sets?

Will I be much better prepared the next time?

Does my ability to analyze when taking all of the pros and cons into consideration in new projects improve. Has my insight of new aspects of things been wider?

  • what are the three positive aspects of this?
  1. Do I have achieved my goal if not, have I figured out how can I do this in a shorter matter of time?
  2. If not have gathered any results, can the learning curve be my best friend right now to encourage me to keep my goal going on without losing the faith to give up?
  3. Will my ability for being solution-oriented help me to find new opportunities for a new game-changer in my life?

Conclusion and final thoughts

Are you the one who has suffered from the fear of failure and it prevents you to stop taking any necessary action towards your goal, then you also may have a diagnosis of antichyphobia?

The syndrome of antichyphobia will be as soon as you may feel the emotions of risk of being a failure during a task which may demand you to accomplish through your performance, then you rather avoid it than attend. 

You start immediately to have negative thoughts about it. Also with anxiety, worrying, and a tendency to be depressed, procrastinate, and then have huge anxiety for not having done the task you have planned for.

This condition is mostly according to my personal opinions a learned behavior from our surroundings at a very early age, for constantly being rewarded for our accomplishments. This is very understandable according to how society constantly rewards us for high achievement and with speeding in work effort.

And then when we have come to a phase in the life of not having much success as expected, we will be scared and ashamed both in front of our self-ego and maybe in front of others for not doing so. 

Then it is very important to either get professional help care and treatment so You can get quick recovery from the antichyphobia or that You can for yourself to see the failure as your best friend to become someone better new version of yourself independent from others’ opinions about the definition about yourself worth.

Every learning curve you have gone through is not a loss but will create better conditions for you to take on future tasks and have a more meaningful to it when you are working on your goals. 

 Every time you feel any distraction to have procrastination remind yourself why you started with the project in the first place. If you decide to not procrastinate through your actions, lay out what those consequences will come to your life and what destination will they take you to?

I truly hope You will find what you have searched for through this post about how you can conquer your fear of failure and dare to get out of your comfort zone when required to grow and become a better version of yourself and can possibly pass on to others to do the same as well.

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To your success!


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How to be successful as a single woman

As single women, we usually define ourselves as uncomplete and unsuccessful in life due to how we have learned to define how to be happy and have a fulfilling and successful life. 

Is success about how we have to accomplish in every single area of aspects in life or can we still be single women and see ourselves as successful?

In this post, I will try to dive deeper into how we as single women can define success and being in that state of mind to be happier in life and independent of what others think about us. 

Surround yourself with like-minded people 

If You recently have gone through a breakup in a long-time relationship and for some reason have to separate from the one you loved. And that the two of You have been together through wealth and sickness. You also have shared a lot of beautiful and memorable experiences that are very hard to just lay behind in just a shorter time.

You just feel emptiness and not being in control to keep on with your relationship and for some aspects, you have to be a part of each other whether for eternity or just for a while to find back to each other again. 

During this time You can feel alone and want to have somebody around just to be there for you to listen and heal your pain and sadness. And what would be better if you surround yourself with your best friends or get connected to like-minded people who can encourage you and fill up the emptiness with happier thoughts and activities.

When you are with friends and family members who really see for who you are and always validate your desire and dreams, You have a huge tendency to be able to move on and forgive and forget. 

In that way, You will be more self-caring and now suddenly have the motivation just want to do things you are passionate about.

Strengthen hobbies you are passionate about

One of the most effective ways to heal yourself and keep your mind busy without not being reminded about your past is getting into the activities you are interested in and love to do. 

In this way, it can be about you start to paint again, because of work and time for planting relationships not have done this for many years. 

When you paint, your mind tends to be more relaxed and you sometimes have to focus on details and how to put the whole chosen scene together, also can make you being easy in the presence and all of your senses are more aware of what you are doing.

In this case, it doesn´t have to be in painting, you can do whatever you love to do. It can be all from singing, dancing to reading, or just having a good socializing ability with your tribe. 

And why not learn a new skill you always have longed for and want to try out and put your limit a little bit far away. 

Move on and give new potential partners a chance

Sometimes our subconscious mind tends to take over and tell us that because of all of the emotional up and downs we seem to not dare go into new relationships and give other potential partners a chance.

Let me put it this way, because of the unlucky relationship you had with your ex it doesn´t mean that you can not attain a new lasting long-term connection with new partners in the future. The failure in the past will not determine and doom you to be in that way forever. 

I do highly recommend you to see it as an experience for being prepared to have a higher chance to realize who is the most proper for you. You can even in that way decide who is loving you for who you are in whatever condition you may be in and most of all unconditional.

And why not start to date and even go on blind dates or speed dating. Who knows when you at least expected, the real prince is going to be there in front of you, and your destiny is to be with each other. 

Don’t blame yourself for being alone after a break-up

Often we do questioning our ability not be attractive, competent, or effective enough to be able to hold that relationship. And suddenly we are afraid to challenge ourselves and dare to get out of our comfort zone and therefore be doomed to staying alone forever. 

That will be very boring and sad right?

Imagine how our life will be for just staying alone and not giving everybody else a chance to know us. Because there has to be someone you can trust and be genuine and honest with you for just loving you for who you are.

Imagine what you will miss out on if you don´t open your heart and not be open mind to new people who deserve your true love. 

But you don´t either have to chase for love to define your well worth. It can be enough to be fulfilled and completed just to be kind and love yourself first. You rather have a relationship with yourself and then when you are at least needed for others’ approval, you will also be hurt lesser and can move on quickly from bad relationships as well.

But after all of defining being failure by many times isn´t your fault. Sometimes we can not help if the others don´t have any passion for us anymore. You just haven´t found your true life partner yet.

Keep yourself busy with projects you are excited about to achieve

You can also start to engage in charity projects by helping and bringing joy to others, which in the end will bring happiness to you as well. In that way, you will also receive massive value back by being appreciated and your confidence is also increasing. 

Why not start to learn a new skill set you have always longed for. Whether it is to become an artist or a writer. Go to different courses in writing and then set up your goal in a clearer way. 

How about being able to write a book in 30 days?

As long as you keep yourself busy, your thoughts will not be redirected to all of the sadness and all of the pain you have gone through. You will be healed much faster and who knows during the time you try to engage in different projects your love of life maybe stands just behind the corner. 

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Travel to new places and a meet new people

Why not travel to new places and change the environment for a moment. Book a flight to Asia or Africa to just experience all of the kind-hearted people and taste all of the world’s most delicious flavors you never knew existed. 

Go to the most beautiful beaches and take a comfortable spot in the sun and just enjoy and heal all of your body and soul at the same time. 

Feel the fresh air and how cool and beautiful the blue water is. Take a healing bath and just be united with the mother earth´s assessment. Let her reload you with new positive energy so you can just be and not have to think about anything at all. 

Get new friends on social media who appreciate you for who you are

Nowadays, Social Media is the fastest and safeties way with lesser effort to get to know new people become friends, and maybe partners for life. You can start to attend different groups on the topics you are interested in. The chance to find like-minded people in that way is very high. 

Talk about things You just want to have more of and then why not after a time meet these persons in real life to have a real connection in activities by traveling, visit museums and sightseeing each other’s home town. 

Go to restaurants and later in the evening attending bars or discos there mostly love couples usually meet or just have a family time together on somewhere very cozy. 

Maybe when all of your friends went out to the dance floor and you just feel like sitting next to the bar. When you just look around and discover an interesting glance from a very handsome and sophisticated guy. And after some minutes later you two become the world’s best friends and can have endless conversations going on. Like you have known each other for many years and your love at first sight just happening.

Advantage and upgrade your current education

How about You take a break from your daily job you don´t feel fair rewarded and just upgrade your education to a higher level, whether it is through separated courses or to have a master’s exam in your field. 

In this way, times will also fly away and you can, later on, take huge advantage of your education by providing yourself with additional opportunities for better work and with a higher salary. 

Educate yourself in businesses that can make you being finance independent

Why not search for information about how to create your business online and make income streams in areas you feel like it. 

Take courses and get more knowledge about work from home and make extra money to have earlier finance secure so you can have more freedom in life and be able to buy a house or travel more. 

Then you can also have more time to be with the people you admire and love. Do all the fun stuff together and enjoy life as never before. 

But be aware that there are plenty of courses and coaching programs out there. Do proper research and take a look at reviews on products you come across to be sure about not being scammed

Go for the coaching program that gives a lot of value by dividing teaching into easy step by steps to follow. And then you can only have to modify your version with all of the helpful tools, to set up your site as your business in driving revenue streams to your content when doing marketing. 

If you are new to marketing I do highly recommend you start with affiliate marketing. It is because you don´t have to invest a lot of capital, in the beginning, to have your own business online. All you have to do is promote other products or coaching programs while learning. In other words, you don´t have to reinvent the wheel. You just do some part of marketing with the proven knowledge and system provided for you. 

Take care of your health by training and eating healthy food

One of the most basic to feel happier in life is that you take care of yourself, especially your body by starting to train. You can start to do lighter exercises by power walking, and then speeding with running or go to the gym and take cardio classes for burning and gaining muscles. Be fit and with more self-confidence being excited to meet new people.

You will then have a lot of alert energies to be motivated to do more fun and meaningful stuff in your everyday life as well. 

But also remember to eat healthy food and nutrition your body in the right way so you will be healthier with all of the endorphins and be immune from sickness. You will also be more positive in your thinking and have the power to thrive for more progress. 

Love and be kind to yourself and not be strongly impacted by others’ opinions about you

When after a failure of a relationship we have a high tendency to blame ourselves for not being attractive or competent enough, which can block us either from moving on or starting into new better, and sustainable relationships. 

The most important part of this is to love ourselves first and be kind to the body and mind. I mean at the end of the day we only have ourselves to lean all of the issues and the happiness on when everybody else is turning away. We will always be our best friends until death no matter what.

Try also to be independent of others´ opinions about You and their suggestions on what You should do with your life. Because life is very short and to always be people’s pleasure will in the end punish you for not being self-approved enough. Having some kind of balance in this mindset will prevent you from all of the disappointment, anxieties, and depression. 

You are the one who should live your life as you wanted and not for anybody else´s when it all comes around. Don´t let your surroundings determine your decisions, just take in suggestions and consider coins and pros. But in the end, you have to make those decisions and be responsible for the outcomes yourself.

Be reattached to relationships and outcomes in life

Don´t be the one who is desperately chasing love or relationships all the time. Be independent first with self-love and then when this stage is finished, love everybody else while you can. 

In the same way, when it comes to outcomes for example your current income or status of the job you are now in, don´t let this define your self-worth, and don´t be too much obsessed with it either. When you sometimes don´t always think about the result, but just appreciate yourself about the journey and your development on how far you have come and grown, you will have the courage to move forward and not be giving up at the first shoot. 

Make stronger connections with your family members

Recontact with your family members and start to have more time for them. Invite your family to dinner or visit them so you don´t feel lonely. Plan for a trip and have time to come closer to each other while enjoying the heat being at a beach and tasting the food in all the luxury restaurants.  

Be in the moment and validate each other’s emotions. Or simply feel good and make up for each other with all the missing moments on holidays and meaningful times together.

Your family will always stand beside you no matter what condition you are in. So start to prioritize their company and you will not be alone when your love relationship ends.

Be grateful for what you have 

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, which isn´t almost true. When watching your friends and neighbors with their happiness in relationships maybe is only the tip of the iceberg. They like somebody else also has their struggles and bad moments behind the door. So don´t compare yourself to others, because we all have different terms and conditions and we have to face different challenges in our lives too. 

But to lesser focusing on others, why not start to be grateful and appreciate what you have for now. Your current foundational needs fulfillment and progression in every aspect of your everyday life. All from your current job to your relationships or connections with others. 

If you do want to connect with more friends, why not be grateful for your ability to still can make it happens and go for it. 

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Don’t be afraid of failures and see it as a process of success

Don´t also be afraid of a tendency of rejection, because it is just another experience receiving and you will next time be much more prepared and aware of how to not be long in your destructive thinking. 

You can thereafter always stand up and move on to find better friends and partners without criticizing yourself too much and being stuck and lonely for the rest of your life. 

“Failures are the mother of success” we usually say. Therefore take advantage of every unique opportunity to learn and grow to become stronger and more successful in whatever you do. 

Have patience with yourself when learning and once again be in the presence and try not to focus on the final result to have more fun while doing it. 

Make a concrete defining success from your view of point

Define clearly what is your goal leading to success. Then you will be more focusing and know exactly how to achieve it. 

Is it about having a promotion in your current job and proving yourself to your boss for higher payment?

Or it is to be happier in yourself by being active and more healthy in your habits of food intake and exercise?

Maybe it is about how to improve your writing skills and take English classes to have more engaging content that can bring extra income to your marketing work?

Or that you just simply start a yoga class to feed all of the anti-stressful thoughts and change the biological conditions of your body to relax for better health and lesser anxieties in the longer term?

No matter how small or big defining of planning to your success, when being more aware of them can make it easier for you to go from point A to point B without any further distractions. In this way, you can also have more motivation to commit daily by knowing your why and then make the success happen in the end!

Conclusion and final thoughts

Expectations and defining of how to be successful as a woman can make us frustrated and stressed, especially when we are still single or not have accomplished in our career or are attractive enough for current partners. Do we define it as a failure and can we, therefore, feel miserable and have lesser self-worth?

Do we have to be perfectionists in everything we do to measure ourselves as competent and worthy of others’ love? Do you have to prove yourself always to deserve to be loved? Or can we just sometimes fail but still can have partners, family, and members appreciate us and still can have patience and believe in us when the good time comes?

No matter what happens we do have to love ourselves first and not until we really have achieved and accomplished whether it is about losing weight, getting a promotion at work, having a perfect relationship with a partner, and then being satisfied with our mind and body. 

But sometimes I do understand that the pain from a long time relationship when it ends can take time to heal and overcome. Then it is very important to keep us busy with activities we love or just be grateful and thankful for what we have and those strengths in our personal qualities. To be able to continue to progress towards happiness or in what we define being as success.

Try also to be independent of others’ opinions and thoughts about us both in relationships and career status. Don´t stop loving and being kind to ourselves until we really have accomplished and performed all the time. Always love and approve of ourselves first no matter the outcomes then we will, in the end, have our own definition of being successful in life no matter what others think.

I do highly recommend you to a program where you can start to learn and make extra money online for free!

To your success


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7 ways to get rid of your pain in the ass Boss now!

Do you know that about 70% of the population worldwide hates their current job? 

If you are the one who also has the same issue, then you are not alone!

Have you ever asked yourself a question like, how you can turn your Boss around to be someone more angel-like?

Or how you could get rid of him or her, from your workplace in a shorter matter of time? And never have to have to go through that hell again in your life?

In this post I will set up 7 suggestions in ways on how you can change your awful life, coming to a work that you always hated because of your eagerness, selfishness, and greed for a Boss!

I hope you will find this content helpful and that you start to have thinking about a new better change in your current working situation for now.

1. Stop being Bossing around and stand up for yourself!

If you are the one who has always been bossing around, whether you are at work or home then it may depend on your kindness to personality.

You are very compassionate and understandable to always put others ahead of yourself. You don´t like arguing and making your partner or the Boss sad and disappointed for whatever matter. 

Do you know that this personal quality of yours is very good and effective in life, as long as you are not taken for advantage or granted?

 Or that you in the end not suffering both from your undesired emotions like depression, exhaustion, unfilled, sadness, and ignorance when to react and you’re physical health decreases? 

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New habit in thinking

Then you have to think about how to make a new habit of thoughts and put long term tactics to be kind to yourself instead, and then be able to help others, with more positive energy and statement of mind. 

Do you dare say what´s on your mind and make your well-based defined arguments when you know that your contribution is helping your Boss and the company as a whole?

If you don´t?!

Remind yourself about your strengths

Try to reconnect to your competence and all of the greeting accomplishments you have done so far in this company and your life as a whole. Write down all of your strengths to remind yourself independent and that your reward may be higher than the actual one. 

In this way your confidence will also increase with your conscious mind thinking in pre-programming system triggering your subconsciousness to have another positive and full heart believing frequency to make new multiple habits in the end, “Bob Proctor”

You don´t either have to validate your Boss on every suggestion and in the dialogs try to also have constructive critics if you have another point of view. So you will not be bossed around all the time. 

2. Remind about your networth and demand in terms of justice payment salary

According to Wikipedia “networth is the value of a person’s asset or corporation owns minus the liabilities they have”. 

 In a personal context, this can also mean what potential value in the material and knowledge gain you are capable to produce in a year. 

If you know that your net worth is higher in the case that you may be making millions of dollars yearly, then you are ready for claiming your worth through justice payment in your current salary changes.

Book a meeting with visionary planning

Book a personal meeting with your Boss, layout all the advantages you are going to provide for the next quarter of the year, and then demand in a negotiation in higher salary only you are worth it. 

Also, remind your Boss about all of the huge successful contributions you have made in the past that you could be the reward for now. 

3. Show your Boss what opportunities are missing out on if your creativity is limited 

If your boss doesn´t agree with your condition and terms, remind him or her about all of the opportunities and assessments your Boss and the company is going to miss out on. 

Concretize by visualizing your visions and writing down all of the plans you are considering to work for better conditions. 

During the time You can also do a research about the rate of salary in your field and even search for other similar jobs. And go to interviews and dare to gather information about the salary negotiation. 

Now you can have the courage to show your Boss that other companies are paying higher salaries to their staff for the same amount of work or competence. Or that they are willing to hire You to work over instead. 

4. Make good friends with your colleges

One of the greatest strategies is trying to make good connections with your coworkers, because in a common and gathering meeting if more are pointed out for the same direction, the higher chance for you to get your voice heard.

You in that way also have created an “invisible power” of aliens to always support you so you can have more confidence when claiming your rights for being more motivated and passionate at work.

If the following bullet points, you can have when aliens with your coworkers, would you like to do so?

  • Don´t have to be alone or freeze out when you have your own opinions
  • Share your thoughts and have suggestions
  • Higher chance for you to get in a relationship with a middle chief for putting a good word for you
  • The boss will have more respect and don’t dare to mistreat you anyhow
  • you can start your own company by corporate with likeminded people to earn something better only you and your friends always have longed for 
  • you don’t get depressed easier when things don’t work out as you planned

5. Be grateful for God’s challenge and have the strength for upcoming and new open doors projects in the future

Sometimes it is about how God wants us to have strength by testing us through different hard challenges, so new doors will open up for you in the future.

Because I mean if you can stay when your Boss is one of the most difficult persons to deal with, then you can handle with anyone you like later on. Imagine what kind of opportunity it can bring you in your career.

If we just looking for the unconditional love site of view, then God may have given you a higher purpose to save the Boss’s life and the whole company’s survival as well.

Understanding the person´s own issues and love experiences in the past

 Because in life we use to say, “if someone is not kind and injustice to others, then it is something wrong with that specific person”. Maybe due to lack of real love from home and the childhood, “Louise Hay”. 

Or someone who is just for now going through a huge crisis that the person doesn´t dare to share with others, for getting help and guidance on time. 

Then you may be that Guadian Angel, God has sent, and try to turn the Boss into new positive energy with a lot more appealing charismatic role. And be more enlightened to the wisdom to have a luckier and real dual-loving life. 

Would You like to receive God’s task and the gift to You?

6. Do not be dependent on single income source

You can also start to grow your side income streams to work as a consultant for others companies whether in place or on the internet. 

Nowadays due to the development of technology, the possibility to earn money online is growing. Especially during the pandemic time when covid19 started in 2020. 

From 2021 the following interesting stats online business market share looks like this: 

Would you like to start an online business and create income streams online then?

Interesting stats about the development of online businesses

  • about 1,70 billion people bought something online
  • 88% of online consumers prefer doing the research before buying a product
  • 70% of small and middle-sized businesses investing in expanding their brand online
  • 70% think that digitally payments are overtaking cash and cards by 2030
  • Consumers planning to spend about 30-50% more on groceries products
  • about 36% of all small and personal businesses are making sales on the internet

Start to grow your business online and make extra passive income streams now!

7. Start your own business and have a side hustle that can bring you full-time activity

You can either improve your business from your idéas or you can start to work as an affiliate marketer promoting other´s products to have extra income streams online. Which is a neared future and has a huge potential to grow to become a full-time job. 

Now suddenly You are more prepared and have two choices to have. Either to staying with your demanding Boss and lose your passion to work. Or you can start scaling your own business to infinite levels and then outsource for expertise to become one of the most entrepreneurs’ influencers and to make others do the same. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

Are you the one who is tired of being bossed around and just gets your creativity limited, then in this post I have laid out about 7 ways to get rid of your boss?

So you can be more independent whether you want to stay and still work for your boss, or you want to start with a new company that pays and rewards you higher for your performance?

Don’t be afraid of showing who you are and all of the accomplishments you have done so far, so your boss will be rewarding you fairly. 

Stay on yourself and dare to discuss constructively

Don´t either drawback when you are not satisfied with being bossing around and that you have to overwork all the time. Just try to stay strong in yourself and make claim constructively about how you have to have the same work environment as everybody else. The same if you have another point of view on your work and how you visionary want to make a new better change for your boss and the whole company.

Don´t even only trust your single income stream. 

Start to look up to other companies with new opportunities

Now you can just start to find how to corporate with other companies without revealing it to anyone at your work and then when the time is right, you can negotiate your reward in terms of payment in a wisely and more confident way. 

Nowadays the opportunities to make money online are constantly growing. According to our statistics more than ever people are buying products on the internet or starting an online business than ever. 

It is the right time to start a business on your own maybe?

Start small with affiliate marketing

You can begin to start small by being an affiliate marketer by promoting other´s products and get extra income to start with as a side hustle and then scale it to a higher level for becoming a full-time job. 

You can also start to grow your brand of a newly invented product and start your own company both physically and online. In that way when your business starts to get going then it can become popular among visitors and customers.

Grow your own brand and scale your company

In time you can be independent with your financial growth and start to get momentum for hiring staff and be your boss so nobody can longer looks over your shoulder anymore.  

Do you feel excited about this and to get some ideas about whether you want to change your current boss for the better or you can just get free from the boss instead forever?

I hope I have layout some insights for you to get some basic knowledge and ideas so that you can feel more fulfilled about your career as a part and life as a whole. 

I do highly recommending you to a system teaching you all the knowledge you need to start a new business online!

To your success and have huge luck in life from me!


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How to possess marketing skills

When You do marketing, there are skill sets needed to make a successful campaign, basically in what topic and the niche you may do as a marketer.

It is pretty much like when you build a house from the ground, you have to have all of the foundational tactics, strategies, and tools to finish the whole project. 

And sometimes it may take consistency in commitment to improving these skill sets. This means you have to train every day and be thirsty for new knowledge and be inspired by others who are ahead and put into daily work in taking the right action. And not stop until you reach your goal.

 Remember yourself the why you started the whole thing. Then You in the end will possess all of the skillset required for your targeted project.

What skillset do you need in marketing?

There is two type of skill sets You better know to have a better understanding of when organizing work in chronicle order in taking action step by step. 

One is that soft marketing skills are about tactics and planning to be prepared for the second phase. 

These are communication, problem-solving, and the ability to corporate with others and be adaptable to the deadline and the pace of it. 

The other part is hard marketing skillsets defining as an ability to set up and manage all the tools from start to finish. These are including writing, data analysis, research, SEO focusing, setting up a website, and many more. 

Soft marketing skills


Communication is the most basic skill set to master in marketing, whether you talk to your audience, client, coworkers, and your boss for that matter for purely engagement and understanding. 

In communication, you must make a clear message about what you want to say when putting it over to your listener. Make it concise and straight to the point. 

You can grab their attention and be motivated to listen to the whole message, sometimes you have to be creative and come up with some kind of a hook. So they will let go of all of what they are doing and thinking and just give you 100% of their attention. 

You can also try to adapt your language so for example in affiliate marketing online, you can choose to speak to your audience as a friend only with a willingness to help out. And, provide a lot of value when only talking about them and mentioning their paint point and what advantages and opportunities they will miss out on if they are not jumping on the train right now. 

Also, try to get in their head and put yourself through their state of mind for now. If you can in silence finish their sentences, then you have succeeded with this. 

The state of mind is mirroring through your conversions. If you have a positive state of mind, you will also choose positive words in your conversations like excitement, happiness, engaging, expecting, self-confident, and goal achievable. 

Through your messages try to be remembering the main purpose to serve and thriven to get attached to the result in the first place. The love and the outcome will come to you when you are at least expecting it. 

 Creativity in Problem-solving

Being creative in your business and even when you problem solving can bring to you an unexpected positive outcome. 

For example, instead of improvement of your current product and service try to come up with new ideas and directions so you can bring new opportunities to your client. 

In reality, assume that you are selling a book at about 30 dollars. But you can also come up with new ideas to transform a book into an audio version with a higher value on cd or some kind of storytelling digital channel. 

Or when talking about solving their paint point, you can put your words and sentences like being broke, because the lack of new solutions for your current consuming product isn´t your fault. You haven´t researched all of the alternatives that covered the actual solutions yet. 

Ability to corporate with others

To be able to work with others and come along is one of the most important skill sets in marketing.

 It is because Your audience when engaging will bring income streams to you. Your ability to start a dual relationship with them will bring you a win-win. 

Your client will like and adore you because of your charm to talk and convince. They are now wanting to have a long-term relationship with you so they don’t miss out on anything new solutions and opportunities you can bring them. 

If you want to scale your business to a higher level, then you better have a whole team with a different kind of expertise in your field. Like someone who is very techy and can set up all of the software providers and websites. 

You also need someone very good and sharp at copywriting. This person will now just want to work for you with a full heart and create fantastic successful campaigns with fast and huge engagement through powerful messages. 

You also need someone who is very organized and has a clear understanding of numbers. Who can help you to revise your economic report and pay salaries to all of your employees? 

When your ability to corporate with others is developed, you can have a continually growing business machine at all times. 

Be a leader for your audience

Your audience will put more trust in you and your service when you show them your authority to lead them to the targeted destination. The only way to do this is always to be more informative and at least a chapter ahead. 

If you are the one who has done your leadership well, your clients are willing to follow you wherever you go and listen to what you want to guide them. 

Your teaching will also be methodic, easy, and comfortable to follow step-by-step instructions. Your followers would like to be inspired by you when they get lost in their marketing and can always get back where they were at last time to proceed with the rest of the whole process with confidence. 

Being a truthful leader demands also always having responsibility for your followers. Constantly keeping your promises and fulfilling them with the final result is recommended. In this way, you will not only gain your client’s trust but also their support about what you are going to inspire them. 

You even have to have a strategy in tactics and ways to bring your clients to success. And also have some kind of backup plan if your client’s first attempt isn´t working. Your alternative backup plan will be there to help them overcome the struggles and diminish the risk of their lack of skills for this specific moment. So they can be either redirected to another skill set that they maybe work more effectively or improve the current skillset with bravo.  


Nothing is taken for granted in life. Everything can be changed all from the extended environment to the internal working when organizing. 

You as a leader have now to be adaptable to all of the changes. If the work for your client demands speed and progression, you will be able to prepare for this and make it through. 

There will always be hints along the journey and it is up to you to be able to get around this and find another solution for your audience. In other words, you are being adaptable by always learning to be solution-oriented. 

Dare to trust in life and be grateful for all of the offers it brings you. Don’t feel guilty to take every unique opportunity coming to you. Open your heart and be ready to learn new skills to be prepared for what’s coming your way in the future. 

Hard marketing skills


Writing is always the most crucial skill set to have in marketing. To be a great marketer, You have to sharper and refine your copywriting so you can get out your messages in a clear and targeted way. 

Sometimes when you choose to have your ads in a script format, a general rule for this is you only have 3 seconds to hook your visitor’s attention and are willing to stay to read through the whole ad. 

 Copywriting sometimes demands you to both be creative and authentic. You have to most of all be yourself so you can stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

You can also try to make up something new to your message in storytelling, associated with a film or a book you have seen or case studies of yours or others in the same community. Borrow quotes and try to bake in the main text so your ads will be more fun and entertaining to read.

Make your offer attractive and lay out the value ladder, which means if your offer is about 35 dollars, make the worth of it to be 10 times more. Now it’s time for your ability to write and add massive value. You are going to put the message so your audience will be triggered when it comes down to tasking. 

You have succeeded with this if your audience would like to beg for more information about the product or the service you provide. Or the best thing will be that they can´t wait to get it immediately instead of buying elsewhere for the same price. 

Your written ads could also wake up the curiosity of your audience. They have to be eager for more info. Knowing what will happen next, which product or service they will get in the next episode, and what the end of the story will be like. 

When you do affiliate marketing or in general ads to your target audience look-alike you. You better perform well when you just write as you talk like a friend willing to help. You talk to them like you talk to one of your friends. 

Make your messages simple with your own words. Divide into shorter sentences. And rather few lines in every phrase. Because when you create more spaces it would be more satisfying to read the whole context. 

Also, check your grammar and spelling twice before publishing. Readout loud, so the text will be more smothering and flowing. You can also discover wrongs in the grammar and the construction of the sentences to be right more clearly. 

Data analysis and Analytics

The only way to track if your campaign would be successful or not is to install a stats plugin or check for the stats software from your host site. 

You check out how many visitors come to every campaign you have created. Also, look for engagement and feedback through comments. In this way, you can have opinions as a way to improve your ads the next time. 

Your audience´s comments and feedback should be the only way to analyze what you need to add or decrease. They are like your judges to tell you where all of the credits are laying. Your main purpose in data gathering and analysis, in this case, would be looking for where to find all of these credits. So you can put into a new direction of creating more successful campaigns. 

I do highly recommend you go to a system teaching you how to set up the software in tools and track your result in a methodical way!


When doing affiliate marketing you better do research about your market based on the niche and product you have chosen. Who is your targeted audience becoming customers and finally for you to close deals?

Where they hang out. It is on social media like FB, IG, TIKTOK or Twitter and Linkedin? Or do they usually be in several types of discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, or others? Do they usually search on the engine on Google, Bing and Yahoos, and many more?

Also, look for demand and supply for this moment. You can research economical fluctuations. Would your audience have good economic terms and conditions to be willing to buy your product for now or later on? 

Also, differ a products that they want to have or need. The product they want to have is for example a new tv or a game player. But the product they need could be a coaching program that can teach them how to solve every day financial issues. 

Your competitors will also determine whether you will do your biz with ease or you may have to step up your ability to outrate them. You can do this as a so-called “Funnel Hacker”, which means looking closely at their funnels and campaigns to see how you can do better. 


Working on SEO or so-called Search Engine Optimizing on different platforms like Google, Bing or Yahoo has its strategy. You just focus on how many visitors your niche or product in keywords searching on average and as traffic monthly. How many competitors does your site have in terms of QRS? If you are new beginners you better focus on having about 30-50 competitors on websites in the same area in a topic as you. 

You should have more payoff if you direct to low-hanging fruit keyword research with as low competitors as possible.

Your website could also perform better if you have set up WordPress with tons of plugins so it can be monetized and faster the speed of search engines and reading. 

The best way to do this is to attend to a properly coaching program that even has technician tools in place to speed up and monetize your site.

The more engagement from visitors the more Google on SEO will reward your site to be top-ranked and visible when your targeted audience is searching. In that way, you will also know more about what direction is right to continue with your content in writing. How you do the next time will set up your message so you automatically get converting at a faster pace. 

The longer your visitors want to stay to read and want to get more information from you the more Google´s algorithm will reward you to get more seen by others.

SEO traffic as we call it organic which means you can do it for free. You just have to invest in a coaching program and a host site that mostly is very affordable. Then you are good to go with your business with the passive income receiver channel. Which works all the time for you even if you are in sleep or on vacation with your family and friends. 

Social media marketing

Marketing on most of the popular platforms on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Tiktok is another way to do organic traffic. 

The concept which brings you traffic and engagement is basically the same here as on SEO. Your content could be of high value, which means always providing solutions and help to your audience in the best way you possibly can. 

Your content should also contain a hook and be entertaining to keep your audience staying longer on your post and wanting more information about your product and service. 

The difference between SEO marketing and Social Media Marketing is on Social Marketing YOU USUALLY HAVE TO TALK DIRECTLY TO YOUR AUDIENCE TURNING TO YOUR FOLLOWERS TO GET ENGAGEMENT. 

Here they usually want to know who you are before putting trust in you as their own brand and then finally wanna grab your product or service. The strategy here works best if you all do storytelling about yourself and others, case studying, show up yourself as a private and personal friend through your everyday life, and beautiful pictures sharing in all you are doing to high value posting in providing improvement. 

At last talk about the solution, you want to provide and make a value ladder on your offer with actual value worth ten times more in reality. 

If you are an outgoing person and love to talk directly to people on direct messengers or video chat forums, then social network marketing surely will bring you long-term sustainable income revenue. And Your biz will flourish in time sooner than you expected. 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another way of providing value with massive information to your audience becoming your subscribers when you set up a landing page, optin page, or squeeze page to collect their email addresses. 

When you drive traffic to your site and have the following email list, you can continue to talk to them by sending a newsletter and all of the updated information about your product and service. What do you intend to do if it is a teaching webinar or 1 to 1 call or video content with you guiding them as much as possible to the final destination? 

Your content here should be always updating, entertaining, and hooked up so they just wanna open your email whatever they are doing or going to do. With your creativity in headlines and titles, you will blow their mind of by just wanna know more about your coaching. So they will either click on your affiliate link or do an application form for having a call with you booked. 

The advantage of email marketing is you will transform the traffic from SEO or from Social Media organically or ads to your own that only you can control later on. No other algorithm neither from Google or Facebook is going to change your visibility and possibility to reach out even if there is competition in your field. 

Set up a website

When you set up a website you are going firstly work on SEO and have top-ranked with all of the keywords researched and all of the installed plugins. 

You continue with a host site like WordPress for this and keep working until you reach your goals with posting with high engagement content. 

Or you can share on social media organically or through an ads campaign for driven traffic to your site. 

Based on what product and services you gonna have, your website will see differently. Like if you wanna doing affiliate marketing with a lot of value in your writing, then you better start a blog. 

Otherwise, you can have a selling website with shorter information and have many attractive pictures redirected to your promoted products or your own products with all of the payment information. 

How to possess these skillsets 

You will possess all of these skill sets I have mentioned in this post through learning and consistently doing. The more you do the better you will become at each task requirement all of the skill sets are fittable. 

Also, try to learn from those best performances. Funnel hacker them and do almost the same but not precisely copying. You still have to be your own voice when talking to your own chosen audience. 

If your audience is a single woman who is struggling with financial issues then you better get more emotional talk and lesser logic or you can avoid using much technology with terms and instructions. Otherwise, if you spread out too thin you won´t sell to anyone. 

So because if your competitors have more knowledge about software development this will not mean that you may perform lesser or have fewer followers. Your followers are those who are going to feel connected to you and often like-minded about fulfilling meaningful purposes in life like you. 

Just stay focused and learn, doing and sharing genuinely with others on a daily basis, then you will become one of the successful marketers possessing most of the skill sets required. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

Marketing skill sets are very important to possess when you want to have a successful campaign with your business either online or physically. 

Remember marketing isn´t only about advertising, it is more about how you get your audience´s attention and their willingness to know more about your product and service. And thereafter create relationships as a genuine friend willing to help out. 

These skill sets to have are divided into SOFT and HARD MARKETING SKILL SET. The soft one is like principle strategies on how you prework with your audience in terms of communication, creativity with your offer and problem solving prioritize. Ability to corporate with others and be a leader. 

The hard marketing skillsets are tactics implemented into tools setting up like writing, data analysis, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and setting up a website.

All of these skill sets needed are different based on every individual person’s experiences and talents. If you who are someone is smart and learning fast then this kind of business is really fit for you. 

But if you are someone like me and have to repeat and take time in learning then you sometimes have to be patient and work harder on a daily basis. When you grow a tomato plant, when it is still tiny and little, don’t give up at the first pace. Give it times to grow and when all of your hard efforts have paid off you gonna reap so many tomatoes you can´t even eat all up and now have to share them to others. 

 Skillset like writing, and putting out a successful message with more engagement can for me and for some takes time to manage. But don’t underestimate all of the constantly learning through webinars, youtube channels from the most successful and motivated entrepreneurs and read their books too. Surround yourself with their mindset and do the same but transform into your own modeling so you don’t lose your own authenticity. In this way, you will also stand out from the crowd. 

You should most of all be yourself in all you do because you will that way attract your narrow targeted audience when resonating with you and your message. Then you have a higher chance of engagement and create a group of followers who would like to support everything you do.

Last but not least, sometimes it is about the journey rather than the result. Don’t forget to have fun with your business during the time and just give out a lot of value with the main purpose to serve others and you will get your reward from the universal of law and your audience!

I do highly recommend you to go to a program teaching how to set up your business online for free!

I hope to see You on the other side and to your success!


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Legendary Marketer Honest Review 2022

This is an honest review about a coaching marketing program The Legendary Marketer. In this post, You will get insight into almost all of the knowledge about Legendary Marketer so You can decide for yourself if it fits you are not!

What is Legendary Marketing?

Legendary Marketing is a coaching program containing all of the components about how to grow your business online and make revenue in income streams. 

You can grow your business in eCommerce, Shopify, dropshipping, expand your business brand, and affiliate marketing.

The main Quote being Legendary Marketer is always striving for bigger goals and that You dare to step out of your comfort zone to do something You have never done before or just have dreamed about this for a longer time. 

But now grab this opportunity to learn mainly about marketing through different tactics and ways. 

With hard work effort and time, You will be able to achieve Your dreams in terms of whether You want to learn about marketing skills to be able to progress in Your current business or job or earn money being an entrepreneur online.

Or that You simply just want to have finance secure so that You can earlier retire without any worrying about day-by-day bills. 

You can therefore do stuff You always longed for and make a more fulfilling life. Worth it for You to wanting weak up every day and be motivated to enjoy life and be happy about it.

Who is Dave Sharpe?

Dave Sharpe is the founder of Legendary Marketing Platform with a helpful community and 24/7 support team.

From an earlier age as a teenage student, he has always struggled with schoolwork, because of his high energy and lack of sitting still for hours and being focused.

All of this resulted in self-doubt and self-hate. Engaging in a destructive lifestyle with drug addiction and could finally get out of it after 3 years.

Worked as a plumber and built construction at an earlier time in his career. During a toilet stop, solving with a spoiling ring and end up with the customer gave credit for his servant in a tip. Then came up with the idea of wanting to become an entrepreneur.

It was a game-changer for him to want to follow the mindset of being a successful entrepreneur at all times. And most of all he wanted to share his skillsets with others with high value in making money.

He has been in digital marketing for 9 years and has accomplished 3 multi-million dollars company, starting by himself from nothing. 

In time he has generated over a quarter of a billion in sales online and educated over 500 000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

For whom will this program fit?

This program is adaptable for those who want to fulfill their dreams for a better life with not having to think about financial issues. 

You can be all beginners in marketing with no experience at all but have a big ambition to redirect your career to just work for yourself. 

This will also be excellent for those who have current biz whether it is a physical or online store and want to expand and scale it to a higher level. Or that for You who already have entered into other coaching programs but have not succeeded much. 

Due to many different educational packages, the whole program is for a broader type of visionary seekers with different kinds of experiences and resources as well. 


15- day challenge

When You tap into The Legendary Marketer You will firstly pay 7 dollars as a one-time payment to get access to a 15-day challenge course. This course contains all of the basic stuff You want to know about marketing and get right away with your first online business or if you want to get your brand out there digitally. 

During this course, You can talk to a marketer advisor to know about what kind of advanced course You want to dive deeper into marketing. 

Next, I will lay out mostly all of the important courses, mentorships, and mastermind packages in pricing for You, so You will be more prepared if You want to enter this system and then talk to your adviser about which path is right for You to continue. 


  1. Legendary Marketers Club ($30/mo)
  2. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses ($47)
  3. Traffic University ($1,497)
  4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  5. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  7. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  8. Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000)
  9. Private Client Coaching Program with Dave Sharpe (starting at $2,500)
  10. Business Blueprints Starter Package ($2,500)
  11. Business Blueprints with Mastermind ($4,500)
  12. Business Blueprints with Coaching ($9,500)
  13. Legendary Pro Affiliate Account ($29.95/mo)

Legendary Marketers Club

In this club, You receive about 10 hours of training from those who have made success with their biz online, and You can implement all of the knowledge and tools to get Your biz going.

You also get Live Weekly training webinars with a lot of interviews from other entrepreneurs online on how to boost your biz by generating traffic from the modern world to get sales. You will get about 7 videos within 48 mins. 

Traffic University

In this course, You will learn about how to generate paid traffic to visitors and subscribers when they optin in with their email from the most famous and well amount of users on platforms right now like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook, Google Ads, and many more. 

You will get all of the tools by creating an optin page, landing page, squeeze page, and even an authority site like blogging to get fast traffic. 

However, there is a risk in paid traffic way of making money. It is if You are a beginner and have to go through a trial and error process, You can lose the investment money. 

I do recommend that You when taking in all of the teaching tactics and tools split testing and start small. Once does best if just focusing on mastering one platform at a time and making some sales in the beginning before moving on to the next. 

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

You will get a book on during this course on about 96 pages, covering all of the stuff becoming an affiliate marketer.

You will know what affiliate marketing is. 

How to promote and what niche and product to choose. 

How to create content for marketing and what traffic is useful and adaptable for your current and initial skillsets to start with.

How to create landing page and gather email addresses then follow up with further content through email marketing. 

And affiliate marketing has plenty of advantages that include you don’t have to own any product by yourself. You don’t either have to worry about any customer support. 

You don’t also have to reinvent the whole business concept and take care of the selling part. All you have to do is market and reach out to your dream customers as a truthful friend helping out. 

Then You can set up your funnel, with an optin page and email marketing to keep providing value and nutrition relationships so they will be in the hot mood to want to buy the product you promote. 

Digital Product Business BluePrint

Digital Product Business Creating is about you want to create and sell your course, video, and content for educational purposes and You get 100% of the commissions for Your own.

You in this course will learn about what product to sell according to your passion and experience. How to set up the product through real software development in website, webinars, and or blogging many more. 

When engaging in this kind of business you should have some earlier knowledge about the product you want to launch. You should be an expert in your field and be prepared with a lot of confidence to reach out and properly convince your audience. 

You will also get marketing tools for this to be able to drive traffic to your platform as well. 

Consulting and Coaching Business BluePrint

In this blueprint, You will be taught about becoming a consultant and coaching others in your chosen expertise field. 

You will be provided with the basic tactics and tools like

  • How to find your targeted client
  • How to find a stable niche and product for consulting
  • What tactics and strategies to have for your client to become successful
  • How to set up your site, landing pages, and call to action webinars
  • How to drive traffic to your site
  • How to set up payment receiver software

Mostly You do have to succeed in the field you want to reach out to before becoming a leader for others to do the same. Otherwise, it would be like a blind leading another blind to a destination. And We all know already what the result will be.

Events and Business Mastermind Blue Print

If You are a kind person who wants to reach out your message personally at a place. This course is really for You to host your event and live your mastermind so your clients should be motivated and want to progress in what you want they will be doing.

Your main goal here is to try to create an unforgettable experience and a good reputation for your client who wants to come back for more. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to divide between saving and cost
  • Where to set up your event
  • If You would hire some staff working effectively for you
  • You will make a good impression so your targeted clients will be thirsty for more. 


Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing (1,99 dollars)

This is a book written by David Sharpe and with 90 pages covering the most important knowledge in affiliate marketing:

  • How to get free traffic like Youtube and Blogging
  • Creating a 2-page funnel, optin, and bridge page
  • Split-testing and tracking your results 
  • Creating your product to expand selling

Affiliate Program

When engaging in 15 days of challenge you can apply for being an affiliate for the Legendary Marketer and earn commissions. 

I do believe that during your application You will answer some quizzes about your experience in marketing and your willingness to succeed. You will also be to asking about how much you are ready to invest in both effort and time. 

It seems that David Sharpe is very caring about his and the company’s reputation. So he will make sure that you will genuinely promote his program. Very important that you will mention this kind of way to make money online isn´t a quick rich scheme. 

You have to be consistently put into work and have a strong will to make it happen. You have to create content on daily basis and put yourself out there if needed to even not fear being vulnerable. 

This also means that He will demand your domain name from your site or even your social media account to secure that you will not cheat in marketing and fool anybody else to go into something they may not handle later on and thereafter lose time and money investment. 

Meanwhile, I do recommend You start with affiliate marketing if you are new to this. Because being an affiliate is the easiest thing to do among other blueprints in Legendary Marketer.  

FB community

You also will get access to a community on FaceBook with different kinds of people with vary of experiences and achievements. 

And what is better than asking those who are ahead of you on the journey and most important of all implementing the strategies they already have made revenues in their businesses. 

You will also get access to all of the free pdf reports and documents about affiliate marketing, provided by 4000 members of the community. and there will surely be a lot. 

Pros and Cons


Legendary Marketer allows you to broader your type of audience wanting to set up a business through learning. Not only affiliate marketing but You can also learn about expanding your current brand whether personal or business in marketing, consulting, and masterminding. 

David Sharpe himself has been validated by others to be one of the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a very attractive and friendly personality when reaching out his messages. 

He can also be very helpful wanting to provide you with all of his experience so that you will avoid the trial and error he has done in the past. 

Because of his well socializing skill he has plenty of staff in his team when teaching. 

You can be redirected to a guy that is very good at technician teaching to set up your site and all of the tools needed. 

You can also get to know about another female teacher Stephanie who is very confident at copywriting and has made very successful ads campaign in the past. 

I get the feeling that there is a lot of stuff and conversations going on within the community. Thanks to his ability to connect with other people and outsource different kinds of expertise among his staff. 

So you will be guaranteed to be taken care of when You want to ask or have any kind of issues during the process.

You can also get pretty much input in his two Legendary Marketer groups on FB. By reading others’ posting and comments. And You can also improve your socializing skills to connect by providing value or just get friends for life. 


When entering The Legendary Marketer program you will firstly start with the course 15-day challenge.

 In this course, You only get much of theoretical strategies on the basic level. And even a very fast lesson about finding what product to promote and in what niche. Also when it comes to copywriting and setting up your funnel. 

According to my point of view, this will not be enough for you to run a very successful campaign. 

Although David Sharpe will tell You a lot about life philosophy on how he has overcome the issues in his life in the past and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs today with multi-million business consistently. And How You also can do so.

When it comes to pricing if You want to advance in affiliate marketing then You have to purchase Affiliate Marketing Blueprint for 2500 dollars. I think this may be a little too high if the course is only about affiliate marketing without providing any further tools for setting up your funnels. 

I even don’t like their marketing strategy when talking negatively about others’ programs to make their day look better. 

If they do have much of pros then they will be fine just talking about all of the advantages the program has to offer.

I don’t even like their language talking about everybody else who is in the business and not making success with 6-7 figures in businesses are losers. Because at the end of the day, the definition of being successful is different according to everyone single person´s situation with differing preferences and terms in conditions in life.  

If You want to promote the Legendary Marketer, You have to prove your authority by showing your copywriting skills and what kind of tools in funnels to set up. 

Your membership account can also be canceled if they dislike the way you are marketing. And they even hire so-called an inspector to get information about your background and how well you are integrating with others. 

Besides they are very clear in the beginning not to discriminate against anyone due to ethnicity and gender or sexual preference.  

About the lesson in the 15-day challenge according to my personal opinion can have a very high speed. Especially in the technician area. 

They also say that if you want to know more about the setup process, you have to research more information by yourself. Or otherwise, you either have to outsource for experts or upgrade your membership by buying additional courses. 

Conclusion and discussion

Legendary Marketer is adaptable for many types of entrepreneurs. Whether you are new or have a few years of experience in business both physical or online. 

The program starts to introduce you to a 15-day challenge with all of the basic knowledge about affiliate marketing at a one-time payment of 7 dollars. 

According to my opinion, this 15-day challenge is just scratching from the surface, explaining to you what affiliate marketing is and how to pick a niche and product to promote. How to define your targeted audience so you can have a higher chance for engagement. And you can set up your business online to get commissions.

But to be able to scale it with more powerful marketing tactics and tools through knowledge, You have to upgrade to Affiliate Marketing Blueprint at 2500 dollars at cost. But You just in this case gather the foundation pure theoretical. 

To have all the other tools, like funnel, optin page, and squeeze page for collecting email addresses, you have to get membership from other software development sites like Clickfunnels with the basic package of 97 dollars a month. Or Get Response for 15 dollars per month. 

The other BluePrint is about when you want to work as a consultant and coach. Live events and mastermind in your expertise field. 

But if you want just to work with affiliate marketing and then be a coach consulting then I do recommend you start with the basic first. You will do best if you have some success in sales and then you are good to go with consulting, masterminding, and live events courses as Blueprints on Legendary Marketer. 

The Legendary Marketer is both for beginners and intermediates in marketing to become entrepreneurs online. But the average cost of courses they do have is 2500 dollars with about a year of use. And then if You want to start with paid traffic ads it is gonna require from you more investment. Even when you want to set up your funnel with all of the tools included.  

If you do have the money then I do highly suggest taking those courses to invest in the knowledge and have long goal achievement.

Bear in mind if You want to promote the Legendary Marketer Program then You have to make an application for approval. You have to prove to them that you are serious about this and not quick rich scam others. 

This kind of business in affiliate marketing specific general takes time to have revenue due to the sacrifice of time, energy, and effort. You have to be consistent to put into work every single day to be able to improve your skillsets in copywriting, conversations with others, and set up your funnel properly. 

But if You are the one who doesn’t have much money right now or just wants to start small through investment in courses, then I do deeply recommend you enter WA and have a free trial period becoming an affiliate and see if You are on the right track.

Affiliate Marketing does have a lot of potential to have higher income streams due to its opportunities in choosing products and setting up your site to drive traffic. 

I highly encourage You to give it a chance, and who knows maybe I will see You on the other site being an influencer with a huge value of knowledge sharing to help others to do the same. 

To your success!

Your marketer guide


4 thoughts on “Legendary Marketer Honest Review 2022”

  1. Wow, right off the bat I see a bunch of flags that make me suspicious of billing techniques — namely the intro price that starts ridiculously low and quickly balloons into spending thousands of dollars for additional courses. I also prefer getting all of the material I’ve paid for at once, instead of feeling forced into a drawn-out 15-day challenge. I really appreciate the review – I’m going to skip this “opportunity”. 

    • Yes, You are right about it and I do totally agree with you. I would also prefer the money I have paid to should be covered with all tactics and tools I needed in one place. Thanks a lot for your comment and support. I wish you all the success here at WA and at business online in general. 

  2. I have seen advertisements for Legendary Marketer and David Sharpe’s programs before and have often wondered if it is a legitimate platform. So it is very good to come across this review and read your view won Legendary Marketer. 

    So it seems that Legendary Marketer is a legitimate program that might benefits some people. But how suitable is it for beginners? Will a beginner learn about affiliate marketing, or is Wealthy Affiliate the better platform to get training for affiliate marketing? Thank you

    • Thank you for your comment and support. You are right for beginners it may be best to start small and not go in with a huge investment. Especially when I found WA more affordable and provided me with all of the tools I needed to run my biz online. 

      Legendary Marketer may be for future use but I do feel a lot of value here in WA. 

      Thanks once again for your support!


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How to get your website ranked higher on SE0

The main reason You should get Your site ranked higher on SEO, Search Engine Optimize whether it is on Google, Yahoo or Bing is because the algorithm from the search engine will reward You to be more visible to your targeted audience.

You also have to have so-called high-value content in writing your chosen topic, to make your visitors more interested and willing to stay longer on your site.

Best of all they are looking forward to reading through the whole article with messages You want to put out there to help.

Most important that they will find Your site with all of the information You worked for can help them solve their issues for the moment.

And that they want to take action all from the sign up their email or purchase the product you are promoting.

I will in this post try to layout 7 strategies for You to be able to get Your website ranked higher on Google.

So You can have more engagement from Your audience and the most important purpose, in the end, is both to be helpful and that Your audience wants to provide commissions for your hard work.

7 strategies to optimize Your site at Search Engine on Google

1 Effective keyword search includes LSI keywords 

Keyword in search is crucial when it comes to You want your targeted audience to find your content when they search for phrases or words to find what they are looking for.

You rather now want to create content based on those targeted keywords so You can attract the right audience in huge amount to your site.

And that the audience will find your site helpful to be able to have higher potential becoming your loyal follower.

In the end, create revenue for you by taking different kinds of action on Your product as the final solution You want to teach about.

You better create the main keyword already in your headline. It should be grammatically correct and with a clear message in it.

For example: How To Get Your Business Online Of The Ground without a Huge investment in Capital and endless off Time.

Or How To Get Your Blogg Massive of Traffic in 2022

Or How can You Earn Daily Income with Affiliate Marketing for FREE?

Your main keyword should be attractive and get straight to the point solving your potential audience’s issue right away.

You also want to find keywords with many daily and monthly searches in amount.

If You are a beginner at blogging and content creating for your website, You should target a keyword with an amount of searching in phrases or terms around lesser than 100-300 searched per month.

In this way, You should both have a huge visitor that could come to your site but at the same time avoid plenty of competitors in your area.

LSI keyword is also great to have. Besides the main one when you have related keywords to your topic, You also hit a lot more audiences who seek the information you are writing about and want to read because your messages contain a massive value.

For example, If You want to write about How to Get Your Site Ranked Higher on Google. Those LSI keywords You want to include are:

Keyword searching
High value in Content
High engagement
Attractive both You as an authority and the message should be entertained and helpful enough
LSI keywords
Technical advantages in place
Reduce Bounce Rate
High page speed
Longer content and many more

The more traffic You drive to Your site with those keywords the more search engine in an algorithm will reward Your site to get higher ranked and get in front of those searching for this.

You can also get higher ranked when You bake your main keyword into your URL. For example:

If Your site is about how to make money with Affiliate Marketing, Your name is Monique. Then You can have your URL as

This way when your audience is searching for the topic they can come right away to your site.

Or once they have seen your URL, they can easily remember it by heart and type it on the web browser as soon they want to read more about Your site.

2 Internal/Backlink Building

Google will also define your site as high-value content when You create an internal backlink to Your other sites.

For example, in Your first Post, You have mentioned Affiliate Marketing.

And then in Your next Post, You want to dive deeper into this keyword like

How to Make Money Online as Affiliate Marketing.

You in this case practical underline Affiliate Marketing and referrer the internal link to your next posting about “How To Make Money Online” as Affiliate Marketing.

Or that You have described Getting Higher Ranked On Google. And then You can refer to the whole phrase in your next article about “How to Monetize Your Site to Be Ranked Higher on Google”.

In this way, Google will also reward your site to be the top ranking in a search engine, and what is better when Your site can redirect many seekers to become your truthful audience in the future.

BackLinks seems also have similar functionality but now instead of being created by others to refer to Your site or article because they find a lot of high value in them.

In other words, Your site is visible on others’ sites, blogs, or messages on FB, Instagram, Youtube, or Tiktok, and after, more traffic is coming to You!

To have more backlinks to your site, You mainly focus on creating as much adaptable and helpful content as possible based on what your audience is searching for and needing for now!

3 How many Affiliate Links to set up

When it comes to how many affiliate links to set up, You better think about the lesser the better. You don’t want to seem like an aggressive salesman so Your Affiliate Links should be maxed 3 in every post.

If You can vary the affiliate links to several products and helpful programs your site will get higher ranked, and your content will be rewarded to be more readen.

4 Proper Content creation that speaks to Your audience for a higher converting rate

Your content should speak right away to Your Audience in a properly matched way to their needs.

When creating content, You would better perform when you make a pre-map about the audience You want to target.

For Example, If Your article is about Affiliate Marketing, then Your target audience could be a single woman of some kind between 20-and 65 years of age. They all struggling to have financial stability but also lack confidence in themself to be able to find a partner they love and can share their life with.

You can also be focusing on where in the world these single women are living. Are they from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America et. c?

You now want to storm so many benefits when working with Affiliate Marketing, so it can help them to reach their goal sooner in a possible long-term way.

Besides they may don’t have to be stuck in the everyday job they dislike or that they struggling with living paycheck to paycheck survival of mindset.

You can also think about the question like How can their personality fluctuation which is constantly changed be prevented and what pure psychological challenges will they overcome?

Assume that they have found being an Affiliate Marketer has provided consistent revenue to their everyday life. Apart from this, they will also have more confidence when talking about themselves to others.

They don’t longer have to be ashamed for not being enough in accomplishment towards others.

They now also have the opportunity to take care of their health and even afford to consume in the beauty industry so that they will become much more appealing to potential partners.

When blind dating, they now no longer be afraid to draw back but give it a chance and see the best part of finding the right one.

That they can be proud of themselves and not even be afraid in case of not having found anyone and thereafter give up already at the first shot.

But the most important and not least of this is that they will firstly love themselves for who they are. Have the strength to be independent in life and can take care of the most basic needs.

They usually say, when You don’t need to chase for love, love will come to Your door when You are at least expecting it.

The more like a friend You are chosen to talk as and then straight to Your audience´s inner emotional desire the more engagement You will receive back.

They will now not only see You as their everyday friend when they feel alone or needing for solutions.

They also can come back to You for more valuable information, but also look up to You as an influence who has first of all unconditionally been a genuine friend, ready to help and reach out when they most feel inspired to.

When they within time have created enough credibility in You then They will without any doubt beliving in the solutions You are providing and want to get help to improve their daily lives for many years later.

You also want to become a leader, and the only thing you can do this “Is Being A Chapter Ahead of Your Audience all the time”, Russell Brunson.

You also better be expertise in Your Field, by educating Yourself through free information or courses, webinars, and masterminding digitally or in place.

In this way, You can even feed Yourself with a lot of helpful tools and knowledge to monetize Your business to a higher level.

When You have shown Your Authority for Your Audience to have faith in You as a leader, they then will not only purchase from you but also want to recommend You to others via social media or to their family.

Your popularity will now not only be broader, but You also have sent a trustful reputation to be an honest and contributing influencer in your niche.

The site you once created and have worked hard with the right strategy will now have 100k followers in a shorter time and even be able to create passive income without having to be active all the time.

How about that???!!!!!!

Do You Feel Excited enough to want to enlighten with clarity so that You also avoid missing out on something very valuable and preciously in Your Life right now!!!

 5 Monetize technical in SEO and track your result

Most of the cases technical SEO will not be the main issue for Your site. But it will still demand some attention from You to get it free from any undesired disturbing anyway.

Mobile Friendly 

Double-check your site is 100% mobile device friendly. Due to the nowadays technology, this will not be so difficult for You to fix.

All You have to do is to Type Your URL address at and You will be able to see the result right away!

You can then, later on, follow the indication from mobiready and read all of the results it provides You.

Page Speed

Page speed means the amount of time it takes Your site to load and show up for Your audience when searching. And even when they want to shift to your other post with content and images, they will be more satisfied if the site loads quickly, with a general rule within a second or so. 

The Speed will be determined on a site’s server, page file size, and image compression.

You can visit and find more about this there.


Here You can see different kinds of values on Your site speed. But the most important value to know according to me is the Speed Index with the loading speed of 1,4s.

Sometimes it can be helpful to install SEO friendly plugin. Like General-Yoast SEO.

Images on General Yoast SEO general settings

You just check among these alternative of action in setting then You are good to go

Short description below every image

6 Track Your Result and Monetize it

The site You created has to be managed in tracking different results on SEO, because this way You can do better posting in creating content next time and reach out Your messages later on with success, without any guesswork.

When Installing the Plugin WP Statistics, You can see how well Your site is doing. The Plugin can be located for You in terms of the following indicators:

Here You can see how many visitors come to Your site today or yesterday

Here You can see where do Your visitors come from. Which site in SEO works best for You.

The Plugin is mostly free and very easy to use. The data is also simple to interpret. 

You can have either an overview report or a more detailed one. 

But for the detailed reporting, You may have to upgrade Your membership to be able to have several advanced indicators like customization options, widgets, mini charts, and more. 

I do recommend You get access to The Plugin WP statistics here: 

 7 How to have URL related with Keywords for ranking on SEO

For better ranking, Your site should even have very concise and clear keywords related to Your URL. 

In this way, it is also easier for visitors to recognize Your URL and be able to share it with other platforms. 

However, this is not the main outcome for ranking higher on SEO for Your website

How to tactically set up parts of Your URL

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a webpage address. 

The first part of the URL is the domain name or sub-domain name like:

And the other Part is the permalink, which is related to Your creating Post on the topic:

You can also optimize Your URL by editing the permalink portion in Search Engine on Google. 

To find the best keywords related to URL how can read more about this in the post “How to create a successful business online with Affiliate Marketing”

The image on Jaaxy for how to find the best keyword for Your URL ( 

Here You can see the average search per month and even traffic per month, in this case, are very low.

But the most important is QRS, which means how many competitors of sites You have in the same niche. And it should work best when it is as low as possible if you are a newbie.

Within a time when You feel more comfortable, You can increase this number and still can work fine.

Remember the best keywords included in the URL should be both Grammarly correct and clear. 

Don’t put any special characters and symbols for that matter. Then You have a URL Keyword Friendly for SEO on Google. 

Your URL should have more advantages when it is related to your content. 

For example, is connected to my title of the page as “Work from Home with Affiliate Marketing” or also “Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing” 

A shorter URL is always better than the longer one. Because it is also easier for your audience to be willing to share your site. 

To have very clear and concise keywords, it should be lesser than 100 characters. 

You can even avoid any numbers to have better recognition. 

Conclusion and an opportunity to discuss

To be better ranking on SEO has the most advantage for your site is more traffic is coming.

When You do all of the steps of SEO I do believe, You will most of all be rewarded to be one of the top sites ranking in the niche you are writing about.

But not only You will reward by AI which is the algorithm from SEO for Your content to be readen but also be rewarded by your audience by backlinking to your site when they define Your content as being very high valued.

When You followed all of the 7 steps I mentioned above You will be looking good in front of SEO. You will also target the right audience just searching for the solution you provided and best of all in the end make Your income revenue in terms of different actions.

Some of the skillset like high value in content, when put out your message, can sometimes take time to develop. Depending on Your writing skills but also Your personality when wanting to connect in a creative way och genuine help with needed solutions.

Remember to always track Your result so You don’t have to do much guesswork. You can then just focus on the site with headlines in keywords and content that has huge engagement.

Due to today’s technology mainly in our case is WordPress, which is very easy to use as a website provider, You don’t have to worry much if you are a new beginner and mostly not so techy at all.

There is a massive of free information out there you can search for to have all of the necessary strategies and tools in place. When You want to have more tools.

But if You want to dive deeper into this way of marketing on SEO then I better recommend You invest in many of the best courses reliable, so You really can have success.

You can then have your site on automation, which means even if you are not working or offline, You can still make money through affiliate marketing passively.

This method is very adaptable for You who may not be ready for showing Yourself in front of the camera and plant Your Youtube channel or Live chat with the audience.

You can just provide massive of value and just being to help at the first purpose, then You will build a lot of followers to be able to scale Your business to a higher level and even receive several income streams online.

For You to be able to get going as soon as possible, the only way for this is to carve up your short sleeves and have some fun with this kind of business.

You just be You all the time when writing and also remember that it’s like You talk to Your Friends in a kindly way to just to reach out for solutions to help others make improvements in their everyday life.

I Do believe You can do this and hope for Your Success sooner!

You Marketer Guide

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5 ways to sell a product online for free


If you want to decide to work on your own, in terms of starting a business and your start capital is limited, then I highly recommend you to start a business online instead. 

The reason for this is not only because it is cheaper when you only have to modest your investment on tools adaptable online to start. But you can even choose to have or without renting space to have a physical store. 

However, You do have to take closer research about purchase licenses, what kind of permissions to have, and what are fees and bills to set up digitally, both for you and your customers.

Later in this article, I will try to layout the most foundational steps and how to think like an entrepreneur. So You can be able to start to generate income online for the product you want to get into in the proper way possible. 

What type of products to sell

You can pretty much sell anything You want online today, compared to a couple of decades earlier ago when you basically can only sell through a physical store, and the products to sell were very much limited then. 

There are however two types of products You can start to know about. And there are either commodities or niches categorized based on targeted customers. These products can be all from physical, digital, or services.

 Commodities Products.

These are products that are very hot and popular among buyers right now. The market share is often bigger. You can find the products among the biggest eCommerce platforms today like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many more. 

If You are more interested in where to find the commodity product, then You can search and type the most viral eCommerce platforms today.

 You will also find a lot of free information out there in form of reports, blogs, and reviews on Search Engine Optimizing on Google, Bings, Yahoo, and many more. 

Niche based product

This kind of product is picked by You deciding at first what niche the product does belong to and what kind of audiences with a huge chance of turning to customers You want to work with. 

You can start to get ideas from basically thousand of niches out there. But I do highly suggest You based your idea on a niche you like and that You even, later on, love to continue the whole process with more excitement and more willingness to provide helpful information for your audience.

Here are the most popular niches in the market right now

  • Health and Fitness
  • Wealth
  • Relationships guidance

You can take a closer look at them, then You will find much more exactly which product types to start setting up your business online and making sales. 

I do recommend You take a look at where You can find thousands of products to start your business online.

How to choose what product to sell?

There is no certain right or wrong when it comes to choosing a product to succeed with. 

You can make more sales generating from a product You have a huge interest in as well as You entering the most popular with more high demands. 

Or You just pick a unique product that is unusual in the market and at the same time fulfill something new.

However, due to the competitors out there either in low price rate products or most trendy ones, You will be expecting to work harder to stand out. 

What You choose to succeed is based on your current competence and belief. And thereafter You know for sure that You can provide genuinely in helping and with the skillset needed to put the information in a high-ranking way.

You can do high ranking with valuable content among several Search Engine Optimize (SEO), or the most popular social media where You may find your targeted audience easier. 

The information will contain plenty of value and in the best way of sharing for your audience to start with. So You don’t have to work without losing time and money invested as possible. Then You are good to go.

Otherwise, it is wiser and more self-aware to start with a niche with low competition and You don’t have to perform at the top among other much more experienced content creators than You.

Jaaxy is a very easy-to-use and understandable tool to use when You want to be inspired to find what topic and niche for your product launch.

 This way You can also have a higher quality potential loyalty audience who wants to follow You as an influencer and finally make a purchase from the product, and You get commissions. 

Later on, when You have done this for a while You can start to go into more popular niches with higher competition and still secure revenues. 

Find a product that solves a problem for your targeted audience

The most successful concept to make it as an entrepreneur is always thinking about The Audience you want to target first. 

Because the audience is rather interested in how your product can solve their most urgent current issues than You solve yours. 

“Nobody cares about You and your selling, they only care about themselves and their Why” Dale Carnegie

But to easier find which kind of audience You want to serve, You can start to similar them to Yourself. Like they are your lookalike but when creating content and reaching your messages out there, You better get higher engagement and conversion rates in sales when talking about them only.

For example, If you have a hard time identifying your audience, start with the issue You want to solve for yourself. 

In this case, it can be that You are struggling to be able to pay everyday bills due to the unlucky and hard time finding a well-paid job situation in the labor market, to really be able to cover up all of the fees and expenditures. 

You can after figuring out ways to find a niche and even a precise product to solve this issue. 

You can start to look for the niche wealth and then find products that You can start to generate income online whether it is promoting other coaching programs or in time when you become expertise, You can create your course online and make regular income streams. 

Remember You also get a higher converting rate in terms of action on buying from your audience, if your product of choice can solve their problem in the way they just were looking for that specific moment. 

Also, think about whatever niches or products You choose to reach out to your targeted audience, the main course here is always to find what your audience is struggling with and desperately want to get out of it now!

Choose from a product You and Your targeted audience are passionate about

But sometimes You are doing better just thinking about which product You first are passionate about. Without thinking about popularity or high demands from the marketing. 

Because You will hold longer in working without a tendency to burn out and the learning curve is even much more convenient.  

Then find and locate Your audience in terms of their habit, interests, and what they longed to love having in their life right now!

But If you planning to sell a product that has higher demands and more people are willing to have right now despite your passion, then You can choose from a commodity or a niche-based product as We have talked earlier about.

Do a concrete plan to start selling your products in steps

  1. Make sure what product to sell
  2. Research about the market and the targeted customers
  3. Create high-value content and product description
  4. Find effective traffic sources in terms of popular platforms to sell for free
  5. Learn how to drive traffic

When you have all of your pre-worked ready and now are exciting to find a platform to sell to your audience.

 I would like to do an oversight viewing about the most profitable platforms you can sign up totally for free and get out the product you want to launch.

5 ways to sell your product online for free

1. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest wall to mart products platform nowadays. There You can find all from books on different topics to clothes and even supplements for better training results. You can pretty much sell in what product you like. 

The founder is Jeff Bezos who launched the amazon selling platform on 5 July 1994. In 2020 they had about 386,1 billion US dollars in revenue. 

The site works as a middle hand practical providing a digital platform in space to be seen whether the products come from original inventors to retailers to be able to reach out to the buyers. 

The actual steps here are to first set up a free account on Amazon. Give them the information they need from you and tell them about what kind of product you want to sell. 

Due to 166 million products listed there, you have more options to sell in what niche you like. All You have to do when someone purchases your product is make sure that you have the tools for shipping in place in the end. 

Get the link and maybe an image for redirecting them to

2. eBay

eBay was founded in 1995 and later on has developed into more modernized products which are fresh and trendy in the market today. 

From an auction-based selling site, now to be more fixed-price market. 90% of eBay’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) comes from the fixed price market. 

You as the retail seller can choose both from an auction and fixe price-based market for your product. 

You can sell which item you like. All you have to do is set up a few appealing pictures, add your description and then You are good to go for sales. 

Here are some facts in stats You can take a quick look before deciding whether eBay is a hot marketplace or not:

  • According to Q4 in 2021, eBay has about 147 million active buyers worldwide with over 78% of them coming from the USA.
  • 19% of US consumers buy on eBay in 2021
  • There are about 17 million sellers on eBay compared to Amazon with about 10 million sellers worldwide
  • 28% of sellers on Amazon also sell on eBay
3. Facebook Marketplace

To be able to sell on FB you better start a personal or business account just for free. Then You start to sell your product on their item calls The Market Place. 

In there You just have to fill out some of the simple questions about what the product is, how much it costs and if you have a physical store or a website to show up your products.

 But You can do this just from FB by creating a business page or a Fan Page showing up your product and contact information just without any cost. 

You can also decide your demographic targeted audience anywhere in the world. Sometimes You can also choose to narrow your customer into gender, age, and interest to easier to find your high-quality customers.

Facebook is now the world’s biggest social media. In 2022 it has about 2,91 billion users actively monthly. 

About 2,75% of them are mobile users and 1,7% are desktop visitors. On the daily basis, there are about 1,59 billion users, this number can change to be higher or lower from time to time. 

4. Craiglist

You just visit and select which state You are from. Go to “Post to Classifieds”. Click then on “sale by owner”. Select a category that fits best with your product.

 Fill out the posting information. Add pictures that show the product. And finally, click on “publish” to post your content. 

The site was founded by Craig Newmark in 1996. It has about 10 million users per day. 

Craiglist is mainly focusing on targeting audiences from regions or cities in the ads formulation creating. They are now able to connect all sellers and buyers from more than 300 communities. 

When posting and showing what you want to sell, you can mostly do it for free.

To make sure that Craiglist is fit for your product You better read about the most trustful sources of free information so you don’t waste any unnecessary time while creating.  

Encourage to look to for more information

5. Next Door

Can also be the last way to sell your product in connecting with your surrounding. This can be from your nearest persons in the family to your neighbors.  

You can start to send out flyers if You don’t want to interfere with anybody. Just drop in their mailbox and if they are interested You will get a response either through the contact information on how You choose to get contacted.

The best part of this is that they maybe can be Your consistent subscribers through sign-in to your email invitation, where, You can, later on, provide more valuable information on your offer and teach them knowing more about all of the solutions they can get.

Due to the internet users are growing, this method seems to be an old strategy that may not work anymore. 

But I do believe when more and more sellers choose to show up their campaigns on the internet, You may find lesser competitors in doing so. 

Besides You also stand out with your marketing and have a higher opportunity to engage a relationship with new moved-in neighbors.

 The most successful entrepreneurs use to say, “The money is laying in connecting friendly relationships”. 

And what is the better way to do this, besides showing up for who You are with your genuine smile and attractive personality? 

And also the best part of this is that You can do this for Free to collect Your audience turning to want to know more about what You are selling and finally begging to have the product you are offering in the end. 

Conclusion and discussion

Due to the growing rate of internet and among other technology tools to use in the way you want to today.

There are a lot more opportunities to start to get your product line to be seen online or that you simply want to start up a business by creating a website, without needing to have any physical store at all. 

In this way, You don’t need to have much start-up capital in investment right away and still can work as an entrepreneur as well. 

Imagine how nice it is when You don’t have to sacrifice a huge amount of money and even time as when buying a store or franchising some of the most famous brands out there.

All You have to do is besides finding out what is the most fittable and desirable product for you to sell and thereafter do some research about the market on who is your best-targeted audience. And then work on How You can do it in divided steps to make a doing plan on connecting with the audience after the product is visible.

And finally just finishing to get to know about the most popular platforms online like Amazon, Craiglist, eBay, FB market place and even next door presentation. 

The best of all is that You can do all this pretty much for free. You can set up a free account on most of the platforms above and do some registration work including describing your product and what are the benefits Your audience can get when buying.

Due to the amount of daily and monthly internet users, I do believe You have a huge chance to grow by getting so much as revenues in sales You possibly planning and based on the rate of work in effort You put into it.

Considering too many advantages and much easier to be an entrepreneur online today with so many opportunities in choosing products and marketing, this is a unique and even creative joyful way to make business online You surely don’t want to miss out. 

You can start small depending on Your budget, but grow to infinity level as long as Your desire and imagination don’t have any limitations. Then You can end up being an inspirational business influence for many upcoming dreamers who just want to create something for themselves for many decades ahead. 

I really hope You find this post helpful and that You are motivated and curious enough to get this kind of business a chance to grow and be independent in life.

Even You deserve To have all the best of success in life and I surely believe that this is just the beginning to something infinity valuable for You to harvest later on.

To Your Success

Your Marketer Guidance


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How to create a successful business online with Affiliate Marketing

Introducing to Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays the opportunities to make money online are growing. You can pretty much get into wish niches and topics you would like to make some revenue from and later on, even scale to higher levels than you actually can have this as your main activity in living.

When you are new to this world and searching for ways to harvest from profitable projects online, I do highly recommend you first look at Affiliate Marketing. I will later on this post layout all the pros and cons of this way to generate income online.

But first I do want You to take an insight into how big the market share of Affiliate Marketing is and hopefully, I can provide You with actual numbers so we draw a conclusion on if it is growing and has huge potential to expand for many decades later on in the future.


According to statistics from TRUELIST containing The Affiliate Marketing the following numbers in the market both in the United States and Globally:

– More than 80% of brands use The Affiliate Marketing

– the United States has the hugest market share in the world with 39%

-About 65% get revenues from generating traffic from Blogging

– 94% of publishers use several affiliate marketing networks

– Total Advertisers get between 15% to 35% in selling from The Affiliate Marketing Programs

– Affiliate Marketing has about 16% of e-commerce sales WorldWide

It seems that Affiliate Marketing is very revenue-generating due to its huge market share from most brands and companies both in United State and Worldwide. 

In so we can also conclude there will be a higher chance for Affiliate Marketing to grow. If you want to work as an affiliate, you can surely see a constant flowing of income-making online. Both from others but even You as yourself when starting an online business take a lot of advantages as well. 

How Does The Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing is about having commissions as a reward when promoting others’ products. Wish means in other words You can just act as a marketer without having any products of your own. You just get paid and how much will depend on the product and the company you work for has to offer.

The commission’s rate is often defined by how much the product is worth. Generally the more cost of the product the higher commissions you get. The commission share is usually determined very earlier in the process and can be all from 10-50% due to total sale prices.


– You don’t have your own product

– You don’t need to worry about customer support

– The initial investment is low and often goes to courses to learn 

– You can decide where you work and when

– You can be your own boss and nobody will question your performance

– You can earn commission on a product over and over again

– There is no limit on how much you can optimally generate your business online

– You don’t need to have earlier experiences, everything is learnable


– The result may vary from person to person

– In the beginning, there will be a steep curve in learning to gain the most important skill sets needed

– For some, this is a not quick fix rich scheme

-You have to put into the work consistently for a higher chance to grow

– The information can be overwhelmed and you may take on one task at a time to make it works

– You have to provide high-value content and create trust with your audience

4 ways to generate income with Affiliate Marketing

  1. Build a Website or Blog

You can start with building a website and get seen in Google Search Field or Search Optimizing Engine. This means when someone is interested in this niche they will type a search phrase related to what they are searching for and hopefully find your site ranking to be seen and helpful. 

Today thanks to the expansion of hosting websites, you don’t need any advanced knowledge in web designing or coding for that matter. You don’t have to, in other words, create a website from scratch and install all of the software needed by yourself. 

When using Word Press with all of the foundation tools available, all you have to do is drag and drop. You can also install plugins that can boost your site to a higher ranking on Google in Searching Engine Optimizing (SEO) to get more traffics. 

It is easy and more user-friendly for You who are may not so techy and not so interested in software development. You can as well get much of the pre-work done and then harvest payoff later on. 

2. Keyword research

When it comes to content creation related to the niche You have to have a huge passion when working with it. It may be very helpful to know a bit about what type of keywords to use. 

For example, if you in this case are interested in Affiliate Marketing, then your keyword could be Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online. Or Learn How To Create Your Biz Online And Make Money from the Internet. You can also simply type How to Create A Successful Biz Online And Make Regularly Income Streams. 

The main reason for this is to get your content high ranked in value but also to match your audience´s desire when searching about the topic. It will also make them be a higher potential customer for the product you are promoting. Because your suggestion on solving their issues is 100% matched, and, therefore they can better be reasonable to the messages you try to give out. 

To have quality Keywords it is better to have the following rules in mind:

  1. Have more than 30 monthly searches 
  2. Can be lesser than 100 QRS(Quote Research Searching), which means the number of competition terms of websites or blogs. The strategy for this is to strive for as low one as possible. In that way, you can easily get your site to be high ranking and reach out to more audiences
  3. The keyword has to make sense and be Grammarly corrected

I do highly recommend Jaaxy as a very helpful tool when doing keyword searches. 

3. Get the Audience

Growing your business online takes audiences to do that. The more audience knows about your product and the information you are providing the more chance for commissions generated. 

Your content has to be interesting and most off all solve your audience’s problem to be able to create long-term relationships and that they are willing to return to your site for more helping information. 

If You have successfully created the trust and the credibility for higher engagement so your audience will take action. Whether it is in sign up the email address being your subscription or best of all you can close the sale. You have cracked the code. 

4. High Converting Content

Today we are living in a massive information world and you only have 3 seconds to grab their attention and make your audience willing to stay longer and read your whole post through. 

Your most important task here when creating content is to make the reader more engaged. They then would like want to learn more about your guidance and providing. But also take action to really get to the recommending site for the product you are promoting and make a purchase.

In so You also have better strive for your text to be more friendly. Don´t overdo with fancy and difficult words. Just write as you talk to one friend of yours and genuinely help out.

Sometimes your messages can be of very high value if you try to get into your audience’s head and imagine their feelings and needs. So you know exactly what issues they have more precisely to solve. 

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have covered all of the solving they needed? 
  • Does your offer really properly speak to them. 
  • Will they get optimal uses for the product or do you need to provide them additional alternative ways to achieve their goal? 

The more value you give out in terms of asking and helping your audience the higher converts your site will be. And the higher there is for more actions either being your faithful subscribers and the more sales you make. 

Learn more about all this here to create your business online in Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing seems to open up many doors to make income online if you really want to succeed enough. This way of working online can be very right for those who don’t have so much initial capital to invest. The investment can be very modest in the way you basically only have to go for learning programs and take really helpful courses. So You can have a higher chance of success. 

There will be a lot of affiliate programs out there and sometimes You can feel overwhelmed about which program to attend. I do highly recommend you when picking an adaptable program that will help you properly in every kind of way. First, do research about the founder on the internet. This is to find out if your upcoming teacher is the real successful entrepreneur who has really been during the process and has actually made income streams online.

 Also, look at reviews on the affiliate programs and see what the earlier students have to say about it. If they have found any success or do they feel a hard time following and making real achievements?

Affiliate Marketing can be an income source activity for you to just start small and then expand. As new beginners, you better take every step of the way with care and really simply do what the teacher has told you to. In time you will find the best strategy to have in the learning process to not go forward to the next task until you are done with the previous one.

You have to put yourself in a position of consistent commitment by all the time to improve your skillsets needed. Whether it is setting up a website with high-value content to installing effective plugins to optimize the traffic. 

Some of the skillsets like copywriting will demand your patience to really master it. If this will help, you can see this as a long-term learning investment that can open many doors for you in the future, even if you decide to do anything else than marketing your business online.  

When it comes to if there are any risks within this niche. The only things you can lose are time, investment in courses while learning, and not seeing any results right away. 

But if you have the strong will to stick with it and consider futures advantages like financial freedom, the sky is the limit on how much you can grow and how you can earlier have freedom in life in terms of time and having resources being there for your family because life is short, then You are on the right path!!!!

I hope You will find this post engaging and that it could help to wake up your curiosity to explore and be breaking your path to something new and exciting!!!!

I do highly recommend you take a look at an Affiliate Program teaching you all you need to know to set up your first business online!

To Your Success!

Your marketer guidance


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About Me

I gladly welcome you to my about me page to know more about who I am and why I choose to create this site! 

My Story

My name is Nanina and I have been for the latest 2 years been very interesting in affiliate marketing because of its possibility to be able to create online biz without heavy start-up investment.

And If you luckily come across valuable information by breaking down steps by steps then just amply into reality, there will be a higher chance the make stable income streams online for long-term goals.

But this means that affiliate marketing may not be suited for anyone. Because in the beginning there will be challenges, bumps in the road, hard work, and overwhelmed with massive information to take in and learn. There will for sure be a steep learning curve in the beginning, but once you have mastered those skill sets needed you can actually make success with it.


During my journey as an affiliate marketer, I have seen other successful people who really had made their businesses become their main activity and even got excited when they for a certain period reached their goals by making consistent profits from their businesses.

I have also seen that the results may vary due the how much time and effort are invested, what goals are settled, how passionate you are in the business, and what kind of background you have.

Some have achieved to have daily income so they don’t longer have to worry about living in a paycheck for paycheck mindset. That they could quick their 9-5 job they maybe didn´t feel totally fulfilled with or that they lacked time to be with their family due to uncomfortable work times. Or they no longer had to be in a specific workplace with administration demanding, there they constantly felt pressure about the willingness to be creative has been limited

And there are also people who had made 6-7 figured business as yearly income stream by creating an educational platform that only belongs to them to control and they can increase their potential income levels to the insanity.

If you are one of those who don’t feel happy about your current job because of work conditions or times limited to be with your family or especially if you are parenting and your child is in an age of daily caring. Then I am so happy the be able the introduce you the affiliate marketing as a very flexible way to work towards your goals whether it is finance or time, to be able the have more passion in life.

Because I do see the infinity of opportunities being an affiliate marketer when you once know about what you want in life and what is meaningful. Then you have huge potential to actually make all of your desires and faith come true. By learning and then taking the right actions so you will reach your goals sooner.

I do believe that every one of us deserves the be happy and have a fulfilling life on this planet! And that if we do have strong enough belief in ourselves and that we are capable to do anything in our power to make a better change, then the rest will be history!

I do deeply in my heart wish you all the best in life!

Your affiliate marketer guide



With this site, I deeply want to introduce you the all the important information and knowledge I possibly can about affiliate marketing.

There will be all storytelling from my own perspective and experiences. I also do want you to know about case studies and even updated tips and guidance on how you with more ease can be taken through this journey, with lesser trial and error.

I will then be happy to help you out to just avoid those pitfalls. If this means you can save both time and money as a newbie, then I have really accomplished my duty in helping!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, subscribe to my optin formula with your email adress or feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out later on. You will be provide with more free information about affiliate marketing.

All the best,


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