5 ways to sell a product online for free


If you want to decide to work on your own, in terms of starting a business and your start capital is limited, then I highly recommend you to start a business online instead. 

The reason for this is not only because it is cheaper when you only have to modest your investment on tools adaptable online to start. But you can even choose to have or without renting space to have a physical store. 

However, You do have to take closer research about purchase licenses, what kind of permissions to have, and what are fees and bills to set up digitally, both for you and your customers.

Later in this article, I will try to layout the most foundational steps and how to think like an entrepreneur. So You can be able to start to generate income online for the product you want to get into in the proper way possible. 

What type of products to sell

You can pretty much sell anything You want online today, compared to a couple of decades earlier ago when you basically can only sell through a physical store, and the products to sell were very much limited then. 

There are however two types of products You can start to know about. And there are either commodities or niches categorized based on targeted customers. These products can be all from physical, digital, or services.

 Commodities Products.

These are products that are very hot and popular among buyers right now. The market share is often bigger. You can find the products among the biggest eCommerce platforms today like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many more. 

If You are more interested in where to find the commodity product, then You can search and type the most viral eCommerce platforms today.

 You will also find a lot of free information out there in form of reports, blogs, and reviews on Search Engine Optimizing on Google, Bings, Yahoo, and many more. 

Niche based product

This kind of product is picked by You deciding at first what niche the product does belong to and what kind of audiences with a huge chance of turning to customers You want to work with. 

You can start to get ideas from basically thousand of niches out there. But I do highly suggest You based your idea on a niche you like and that You even, later on, love to continue the whole process with more excitement and more willingness to provide helpful information for your audience.

Here are the most popular niches in the market right now

  • Health and Fitness
  • Wealth
  • Relationships guidance

You can take a closer look at them, then You will find much more exactly which product types to start setting up your business online and making sales. 

I do recommend You take a look at Clickbank.com where You can find thousands of products to start your business online.

How to choose what product to sell?

There is no certain right or wrong when it comes to choosing a product to succeed with. 

You can make more sales generating from a product You have a huge interest in as well as You entering the most popular with more high demands. 

Or You just pick a unique product that is unusual in the market and at the same time fulfill something new.

However, due to the competitors out there either in low price rate products or most trendy ones, You will be expecting to work harder to stand out. 

What You choose to succeed is based on your current competence and belief. And thereafter You know for sure that You can provide genuinely in helping and with the skillset needed to put the information in a high-ranking way.

You can do high ranking with valuable content among several Search Engine Optimize (SEO), or the most popular social media where You may find your targeted audience easier. 

The information will contain plenty of value and in the best way of sharing for your audience to start with. So You don’t have to work without losing time and money invested as possible. Then You are good to go.

Otherwise, it is wiser and more self-aware to start with a niche with low competition and You don’t have to perform at the top among other much more experienced content creators than You.

Jaaxy is a very easy-to-use and understandable tool to use when You want to be inspired to find what topic and niche for your product launch.

 This way You can also have a higher quality potential loyalty audience who wants to follow You as an influencer and finally make a purchase from the product, and You get commissions. 

Later on, when You have done this for a while You can start to go into more popular niches with higher competition and still secure revenues. 

Find a product that solves a problem for your targeted audience

The most successful concept to make it as an entrepreneur is always thinking about The Audience you want to target first. 

Because the audience is rather interested in how your product can solve their most urgent current issues than You solve yours. 

“Nobody cares about You and your selling, they only care about themselves and their Why” Dale Carnegie

But to easier find which kind of audience You want to serve, You can start to similar them to Yourself. Like they are your lookalike but when creating content and reaching your messages out there, You better get higher engagement and conversion rates in sales when talking about them only.

For example, If you have a hard time identifying your audience, start with the issue You want to solve for yourself. 

In this case, it can be that You are struggling to be able to pay everyday bills due to the unlucky and hard time finding a well-paid job situation in the labor market, to really be able to cover up all of the fees and expenditures. 

You can after figuring out ways to find a niche and even a precise product to solve this issue. 

You can start to look for the niche wealth and then find products that You can start to generate income online whether it is promoting other coaching programs or in time when you become expertise, You can create your course online and make regular income streams. 

Remember You also get a higher converting rate in terms of action on buying from your audience, if your product of choice can solve their problem in the way they just were looking for that specific moment. 

Also, think about whatever niches or products You choose to reach out to your targeted audience, the main course here is always to find what your audience is struggling with and desperately want to get out of it now!

Choose from a product You and Your targeted audience are passionate about

But sometimes You are doing better just thinking about which product You first are passionate about. Without thinking about popularity or high demands from the marketing. 

Because You will hold longer in working without a tendency to burn out and the learning curve is even much more convenient.  

Then find and locate Your audience in terms of their habit, interests, and what they longed to love having in their life right now!

But If you planning to sell a product that has higher demands and more people are willing to have right now despite your passion, then You can choose from a commodity or a niche-based product as We have talked earlier about.

Do a concrete plan to start selling your products in steps

  1. Make sure what product to sell
  2. Research about the market and the targeted customers
  3. Create high-value content and product description
  4. Find effective traffic sources in terms of popular platforms to sell for free
  5. Learn how to drive traffic

When you have all of your pre-worked ready and now are exciting to find a platform to sell to your audience.

 I would like to do an oversight viewing about the most profitable platforms you can sign up totally for free and get out the product you want to launch.

5 ways to sell your product online for free

1. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest wall to mart products platform nowadays. There You can find all from books on different topics to clothes and even supplements for better training results. You can pretty much sell in what product you like. 

The founder is Jeff Bezos who launched the amazon selling platform on 5 July 1994. In 2020 they had about 386,1 billion US dollars in revenue. 

The site works as a middle hand practical providing a digital platform in space to be seen whether the products come from original inventors to retailers to be able to reach out to the buyers. 

The actual steps here are to first set up a free account on Amazon. Give them the information they need from you and tell them about what kind of product you want to sell. 

Due to 166 million products listed there, you have more options to sell in what niche you like. All You have to do when someone purchases your product is make sure that you have the tools for shipping in place in the end. 

Get the link and maybe an image for redirecting them to amazon.com

2. eBay

eBay was founded in 1995 and later on has developed into more modernized products which are fresh and trendy in the market today. 

From an auction-based selling site, now to be more fixed-price market. 90% of eBay’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) comes from the fixed price market. 

You as the retail seller can choose both from an auction and fixe price-based market for your product. 

You can sell which item you like. All you have to do is set up a few appealing pictures, add your description and then You are good to go for sales. 

Here are some facts in stats You can take a quick look before deciding whether eBay is a hot marketplace or not:

  • According to Q4 in 2021, eBay has about 147 million active buyers worldwide with over 78% of them coming from the USA.
  • 19% of US consumers buy on eBay in 2021
  • There are about 17 million sellers on eBay compared to Amazon with about 10 million sellers worldwide
  • 28% of sellers on Amazon also sell on eBay
3. Facebook Marketplace

To be able to sell on FB you better start a personal or business account just for free. Then You start to sell your product on their item calls The Market Place. 

In there You just have to fill out some of the simple questions about what the product is, how much it costs and if you have a physical store or a website to show up your products.

 But You can do this just from FB by creating a business page or a Fan Page showing up your product and contact information just without any cost. 

You can also decide your demographic targeted audience anywhere in the world. Sometimes You can also choose to narrow your customer into gender, age, and interest to easier to find your high-quality customers.

Facebook is now the world’s biggest social media. In 2022 it has about 2,91 billion users actively monthly. 

About 2,75% of them are mobile users and 1,7% are desktop visitors. On the daily basis, there are about 1,59 billion users, this number can change to be higher or lower from time to time. 

4. Craiglist

You just visit Craiglist.org and select which state You are from. Go to “Post to Classifieds”. Click then on “sale by owner”. Select a category that fits best with your product.

 Fill out the posting information. Add pictures that show the product. And finally, click on “publish” to post your content. 

The site was founded by Craig Newmark in 1996. It has about 10 million users per day. 

Craiglist is mainly focusing on targeting audiences from regions or cities in the ads formulation creating. They are now able to connect all sellers and buyers from more than 300 communities. 

When posting and showing what you want to sell, you can mostly do it for free.

To make sure that Craiglist is fit for your product You better read about the most trustful sources of free information so you don’t waste any unnecessary time while creating.  

Encourage to look to entrepreneur.com for more information

5. Next Door

Can also be the last way to sell your product in connecting with your surrounding. This can be from your nearest persons in the family to your neighbors.  

You can start to send out flyers if You don’t want to interfere with anybody. Just drop in their mailbox and if they are interested You will get a response either through the contact information on how You choose to get contacted.

The best part of this is that they maybe can be Your consistent subscribers through sign-in to your email invitation, where, You can, later on, provide more valuable information on your offer and teach them knowing more about all of the solutions they can get.

Due to the internet users are growing, this method seems to be an old strategy that may not work anymore. 

But I do believe when more and more sellers choose to show up their campaigns on the internet, You may find lesser competitors in doing so. 

Besides You also stand out with your marketing and have a higher opportunity to engage a relationship with new moved-in neighbors.

 The most successful entrepreneurs use to say, “The money is laying in connecting friendly relationships”. 

And what is the better way to do this, besides showing up for who You are with your genuine smile and attractive personality? 

And also the best part of this is that You can do this for Free to collect Your audience turning to want to know more about what You are selling and finally begging to have the product you are offering in the end. 

Conclusion and discussion

Due to the growing rate of internet and among other technology tools to use in the way you want to today.

There are a lot more opportunities to start to get your product line to be seen online or that you simply want to start up a business by creating a website, without needing to have any physical store at all. 

In this way, You don’t need to have much start-up capital in investment right away and still can work as an entrepreneur as well. 

Imagine how nice it is when You don’t have to sacrifice a huge amount of money and even time as when buying a store or franchising some of the most famous brands out there.

All You have to do is besides finding out what is the most fittable and desirable product for you to sell and thereafter do some research about the market on who is your best-targeted audience. And then work on How You can do it in divided steps to make a doing plan on connecting with the audience after the product is visible.

And finally just finishing to get to know about the most popular platforms online like Amazon, Craiglist, eBay, FB market place and even next door presentation. 

The best of all is that You can do all this pretty much for free. You can set up a free account on most of the platforms above and do some registration work including describing your product and what are the benefits Your audience can get when buying.

Due to the amount of daily and monthly internet users, I do believe You have a huge chance to grow by getting so much as revenues in sales You possibly planning and based on the rate of work in effort You put into it.

Considering too many advantages and much easier to be an entrepreneur online today with so many opportunities in choosing products and marketing, this is a unique and even creative joyful way to make business online You surely don’t want to miss out. 

You can start small depending on Your budget, but grow to infinity level as long as Your desire and imagination don’t have any limitations. Then You can end up being an inspirational business influence for many upcoming dreamers who just want to create something for themselves for many decades ahead. 

I really hope You find this post helpful and that You are motivated and curious enough to get this kind of business a chance to grow and be independent in life.

Even You deserve To have all the best of success in life and I surely believe that this is just the beginning to something infinity valuable for You to harvest later on.

To Your Success

Your Marketer Guidance


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