7 ways to get rid of your pain in the ass Boss now!

Do you know that about 70% of the population worldwide hates their current job? 

If you are the one who also has the same issue, then you are not alone!

Have you ever asked yourself a question like, how you can turn your Boss around to be someone more angel-like?

Or how you could get rid of him or her, from your workplace in a shorter matter of time? And never have to have to go through that hell again in your life?

In this post I will set up 7 suggestions in ways on how you can change your awful life, coming to a work that you always hated because of your eagerness, selfishness, and greed for a Boss!

I hope you will find this content helpful and that you start to have thinking about a new better change in your current working situation for now.

1. Stop being Bossing around and stand up for yourself!

If you are the one who has always been bossing around, whether you are at work or home then it may depend on your kindness to personality.

You are very compassionate and understandable to always put others ahead of yourself. You don´t like arguing and making your partner or the Boss sad and disappointed for whatever matter. 

Do you know that this personal quality of yours is very good and effective in life, as long as you are not taken for advantage or granted?

 Or that you in the end not suffering both from your undesired emotions like depression, exhaustion, unfilled, sadness, and ignorance when to react and you’re physical health decreases? 

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New habit in thinking

Then you have to think about how to make a new habit of thoughts and put long term tactics to be kind to yourself instead, and then be able to help others, with more positive energy and statement of mind. 

Do you dare say what´s on your mind and make your well-based defined arguments when you know that your contribution is helping your Boss and the company as a whole?

If you don´t?!

Remind yourself about your strengths

Try to reconnect to your competence and all of the greeting accomplishments you have done so far in this company and your life as a whole. Write down all of your strengths to remind yourself independent and that your reward may be higher than the actual one. 

In this way your confidence will also increase with your conscious mind thinking in pre-programming system triggering your subconsciousness to have another positive and full heart believing frequency to make new multiple habits in the end, “Bob Proctor”

You don´t either have to validate your Boss on every suggestion and in the dialogs try to also have constructive critics if you have another point of view. So you will not be bossed around all the time. 

2. Remind about your networth and demand in terms of justice payment salary

According to Wikipedia “networth is the value of a person’s asset or corporation owns minus the liabilities they have”. 

 In a personal context, this can also mean what potential value in the material and knowledge gain you are capable to produce in a year. 

If you know that your net worth is higher in the case that you may be making millions of dollars yearly, then you are ready for claiming your worth through justice payment in your current salary changes.

Book a meeting with visionary planning

Book a personal meeting with your Boss, layout all the advantages you are going to provide for the next quarter of the year, and then demand in a negotiation in higher salary only you are worth it. 

Also, remind your Boss about all of the huge successful contributions you have made in the past that you could be the reward for now. 

3. Show your Boss what opportunities are missing out on if your creativity is limited 

If your boss doesn´t agree with your condition and terms, remind him or her about all of the opportunities and assessments your Boss and the company is going to miss out on. 

Concretize by visualizing your visions and writing down all of the plans you are considering to work for better conditions. 

During the time You can also do a research about the rate of salary in your field and even search for other similar jobs. And go to interviews and dare to gather information about the salary negotiation. 

Now you can have the courage to show your Boss that other companies are paying higher salaries to their staff for the same amount of work or competence. Or that they are willing to hire You to work over instead. 

4. Make good friends with your colleges

One of the greatest strategies is trying to make good connections with your coworkers, because in a common and gathering meeting if more are pointed out for the same direction, the higher chance for you to get your voice heard.

You in that way also have created an “invisible power” of aliens to always support you so you can have more confidence when claiming your rights for being more motivated and passionate at work.

If the following bullet points, you can have when aliens with your coworkers, would you like to do so?

  • Don´t have to be alone or freeze out when you have your own opinions
  • Share your thoughts and have suggestions
  • Higher chance for you to get in a relationship with a middle chief for putting a good word for you
  • The boss will have more respect and don’t dare to mistreat you anyhow
  • you can start your own company by corporate with likeminded people to earn something better only you and your friends always have longed for 
  • you don’t get depressed easier when things don’t work out as you planned

5. Be grateful for God’s challenge and have the strength for upcoming and new open doors projects in the future

Sometimes it is about how God wants us to have strength by testing us through different hard challenges, so new doors will open up for you in the future.

Because I mean if you can stay when your Boss is one of the most difficult persons to deal with, then you can handle with anyone you like later on. Imagine what kind of opportunity it can bring you in your career.

If we just looking for the unconditional love site of view, then God may have given you a higher purpose to save the Boss’s life and the whole company’s survival as well.

Understanding the person´s own issues and love experiences in the past

 Because in life we use to say, “if someone is not kind and injustice to others, then it is something wrong with that specific person”. Maybe due to lack of real love from home and the childhood, “Louise Hay”. 

Or someone who is just for now going through a huge crisis that the person doesn´t dare to share with others, for getting help and guidance on time. 

Then you may be that Guadian Angel, God has sent, and try to turn the Boss into new positive energy with a lot more appealing charismatic role. And be more enlightened to the wisdom to have a luckier and real dual-loving life. 

Would You like to receive God’s task and the gift to You?

6. Do not be dependent on single income source

You can also start to grow your side income streams to work as a consultant for others companies whether in place or on the internet. 

Nowadays due to the development of technology, the possibility to earn money online is growing. Especially during the pandemic time when covid19 started in 2020. 

From 2021 the following interesting stats online business market share looks like this: 

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Interesting stats about the development of online businesses

  • about 1,70 billion people bought something online
  • 88% of online consumers prefer doing the research before buying a product
  • 70% of small and middle-sized businesses investing in expanding their brand online
  • 70% think that digitally payments are overtaking cash and cards by 2030
  • Consumers planning to spend about 30-50% more on groceries products
  • about 36% of all small and personal businesses are making sales on the internet

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7. Start your own business and have a side hustle that can bring you full-time activity

You can either improve your business from your idéas or you can start to work as an affiliate marketer promoting other´s products to have extra income streams online. Which is a neared future and has a huge potential to grow to become a full-time job. 

Now suddenly You are more prepared and have two choices to have. Either to staying with your demanding Boss and lose your passion to work. Or you can start scaling your own business to infinite levels and then outsource for expertise to become one of the most entrepreneurs’ influencers and to make others do the same. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

Are you the one who is tired of being bossed around and just gets your creativity limited, then in this post I have laid out about 7 ways to get rid of your boss?

So you can be more independent whether you want to stay and still work for your boss, or you want to start with a new company that pays and rewards you higher for your performance?

Don’t be afraid of showing who you are and all of the accomplishments you have done so far, so your boss will be rewarding you fairly. 

Stay on yourself and dare to discuss constructively

Don´t either drawback when you are not satisfied with being bossing around and that you have to overwork all the time. Just try to stay strong in yourself and make claim constructively about how you have to have the same work environment as everybody else. The same if you have another point of view on your work and how you visionary want to make a new better change for your boss and the whole company.

Don´t even only trust your single income stream. 

Start to look up to other companies with new opportunities

Now you can just start to find how to corporate with other companies without revealing it to anyone at your work and then when the time is right, you can negotiate your reward in terms of payment in a wisely and more confident way. 

Nowadays the opportunities to make money online are constantly growing. According to our statistics more than ever people are buying products on the internet or starting an online business than ever. 

It is the right time to start a business on your own maybe?

Start small with affiliate marketing

You can begin to start small by being an affiliate marketer by promoting other´s products and get extra income to start with as a side hustle and then scale it to a higher level for becoming a full-time job. 

You can also start to grow your brand of a newly invented product and start your own company both physically and online. In that way when your business starts to get going then it can become popular among visitors and customers.

Grow your own brand and scale your company

In time you can be independent with your financial growth and start to get momentum for hiring staff and be your boss so nobody can longer looks over your shoulder anymore.  

Do you feel excited about this and to get some ideas about whether you want to change your current boss for the better or you can just get free from the boss instead forever?

I hope I have layout some insights for you to get some basic knowledge and ideas so that you can feel more fulfilled about your career as a part and life as a whole. 

I do highly recommending you to a system teaching you all the knowledge you need to start a new business online!

To your success and have huge luck in life from me!


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