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I gladly welcome you to my about me page to know more about who I am and why I choose to create this site! 

My Story

My name is Nanina and I have been for the latest 2 years been very interesting in affiliate marketing because of its possibility to be able to create online biz without heavy start-up investment.

And If you luckily come across valuable information by breaking down steps by steps then just amply into reality, there will be a higher chance the make stable income streams online for long-term goals.

But this means that affiliate marketing may not be suited for anyone. Because in the beginning there will be challenges, bumps in the road, hard work, and overwhelmed with massive information to take in and learn. There will for sure be a steep learning curve in the beginning, but once you have mastered those skill sets needed you can actually make success with it.


During my journey as an affiliate marketer, I have seen other successful people who really had made their businesses become their main activity and even got excited when they for a certain period reached their goals by making consistent profits from their businesses.

I have also seen that the results may vary due the how much time and effort are invested, what goals are settled, how passionate you are in the business, and what kind of background you have.

Some have achieved to have daily income so they don’t longer have to worry about living in a paycheck for paycheck mindset. That they could quick their 9-5 job they maybe didn´t feel totally fulfilled with or that they lacked time to be with their family due to uncomfortable work times. Or they no longer had to be in a specific workplace with administration demanding, there they constantly felt pressure about the willingness to be creative has been limited

And there are also people who had made 6-7 figured business as yearly income stream by creating an educational platform that only belongs to them to control and they can increase their potential income levels to the insanity.

If you are one of those who don’t feel happy about your current job because of work conditions or times limited to be with your family or especially if you are parenting and your child is in an age of daily caring. Then I am so happy the be able the introduce you the affiliate marketing as a very flexible way to work towards your goals whether it is finance or time, to be able the have more passion in life.

Because I do see the infinity of opportunities being an affiliate marketer when you once know about what you want in life and what is meaningful. Then you have huge potential to actually make all of your desires and faith come true. By learning and then taking the right actions so you will reach your goals sooner.

I do believe that every one of us deserves the be happy and have a fulfilling life on this planet! And that if we do have strong enough belief in ourselves and that we are capable to do anything in our power to make a better change, then the rest will be history!

I do deeply in my heart wish you all the best in life!

Your affiliate marketer guide



With this site, I deeply want to introduce you the all the important information and knowledge I possibly can about affiliate marketing.

There will be all storytelling from my own perspective and experiences. I also do want you to know about case studies and even updated tips and guidance on how you with more ease can be taken through this journey, with lesser trial and error.

I will then be happy to help you out to just avoid those pitfalls. If this means you can save both time and money as a newbie, then I have really accomplished my duty in helping!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, subscribe to my optin formula with your email adress or feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out later on. You will be provide with more free information about affiliate marketing.

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