Do You want to build a successful business campaign in terms of Funnel without wasting a lot of time on guessing works?

Get insights from the best in the trilogy books on marketing secrets You don’t find anywhere else

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is today one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world with 15 years of experience in marketing and even the founder behind The Click Funnels which has millions of users from all over the world. Especially this has resulted in a lot of entrepreneurs with 6-7 figured income businesses after being inspired to build their funnels to help others to promote. He has with his trilogy books and even digital courses and even created access to be a member of Click Funnels generating a thousand entrepreneurs to his Two Comma Club yearly reward event.

Being a college wrestler student with a huge passion for marketing and with a constant curiosity to learn from the best made a million dollars in sales already within the first year from his potatoes gun in CD introduction and even product launching.  

Today Russell Brunson after many years of trial and error has grown and become one of the world’s biggest software providers as a company owner of Click Funnels, now revealing all the secrets in marketing and how to become a successful business owner online with huge income streams in revenue through his book on Dot Com Secret, Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets. If You have a unique opportunity to gather three of his book, then there is a high chance for You to get insights into the shortest cuts on tons of secrets to be able to launch your own or other products online with a higher conversion rate through that Your ideal customers are eager to take immediate actions and become Your subscribers forever.

Dot Com Secrets

The Book Dot Com Secrets is the first book in the whole of Russell Brunssons Trilogy and You will have a very huge advantage to reading first to get a quick insight into what, where, why, and Who to Start Your Business with. 

In this book, You will follow Russell Brunson’s journey and recommendations about how to create a funnel purely in scientific and practical ways. You will know what kind of steps to set up a Funnel that not only minimizes the cost for You but can boost Your revenue by exactly what kind of steps adapt for your product launch in a very well-proven due to thousands of hours of hard work with his team to be able to generate leads, becoming your returning customers by value ladder and how You can scale to be able generating thousand dollars in sales in just one single webinars presentation. 

In The Dot Com Secrets, You will find #28 secrets on how to drive your business towards Russell Brunssons Two Comma Million Club and even with huge potential to be a member of yourself. You will find the following knowledge of secrets:

Secret 1: Find exactly who is your ideal customer

Secret 2: Where do Your ideal customer hang out

Secret 3: How to Hook Your customer and how to tell your stories so the value of the product increases

Secret 4: How to take them further in the sale process by perceiving them with a value ladder on the product You aim to recommend by appealing Funnels and the messages that trigger their curiosity and willingness to grab your products right away and many more!

Expert Secret

In this book You will be able to learn more about how to become an expert in your field of business and Russell will give recommendations and guidance on how You can find your own voice to talk to your audience and especially how to break their false belief and open up for couraging on new opportunities instead. Russell Brunson also underlines for instead of improving the products you want to reach out to and at the same time having a huge tendency for high competition, You better have to be creative in a certain way that You only aim for new breakthrough opportunities instead of improvement. 

Russell Brunson has told in the past that he was inspired by a book “Think and Grow Rich”, but due to his inhabit to read, it took about 6 months for him to be able to go through the whole book. This could only happen when he found a CD format of “Think and Grow Rich” where he could listen in his car when he had the time. And certainly, this opened up an idea for him, why not think about new opportunities on the same product that can trigger more interest? Even though the CD format cost ten times more, this new opportunity could be satisfying for someone like Russell who didn´t usually feel much excitement in reading and today is one of the best sellers in books with educational purposes in marketing. 

Among other things, You could know more about how to boost your business and marketing in a kind of language that the audience will feel more resonate by being emotionally impacted firstly. He means that at the beginning of a marketing process try to avoid being too technobabble in sharing and only try to strengthen how You have overcome your obstacles and get the results for now. In other words, you build some kind of Epiphany Bridge to inspire by telling your own journey, and Your audience also can do that in the end. 

You also get a deeper insight into how you can with one single webinar whether in five minutes or an hour use a proven script that can generate several thousand dollars in sales just from one single digital event. 

The main core of The Expert Secret is how you can learn and manage the art of selling by keeping your audience always interested in what you are going to say and recommending, so they will both feel enough excitement and at the same time have some kind of positive mind shift that even they can also make this possible for themselves. 

Traffic Secret

Traffic Secret is the last book in the series of Russell Brunsson´s trilogy about how to fuel your business with traffic. After having built a Funnel with many appealing software installations and how You can increase the value ladder on your product, You are about to know where your target audience hangs out and concreting. Is it on FB, IG, TIKTOK, Pinterest or Youtube, and many more? Russell will in an honestly teaching way highly recommend You how to put your marketing strategy to be adaptable and have more attraction towards your message. Every one of those social media platforms has its own language and code to have a successful marketing aim of high conversion. 

For instant You better on FB not talk so much about your products, to begin with, You better attract more if You mostly aim to find friends by genuine sharing your personal everyday images and events with your family, and what kind of hobbies you usually do, where you usually travel and what kind of experiences in quotes in life you want to share and inspire. 

While on Instagram the culture of sharing contains pictures with a very modest range of text on You and your beautiful face. Share your dogs and if you have some funny moments together. Share every unique moment You and your family have been through worthwhile to remember for life and with a lot of joy and happiness bringing for others too to react and notice for comments and positive emotional feedback. 

Russell Brunson also mentioned in this book that he would not give precisely what kind of scripts or copywriting for You to use. Because of the constantly changing on these platforms on what is hot or not and what is working now. To not be able to have outdated teaching You better have to follow 100 persons on your so-called dream list who has a lot of followers. Usually have high conversion rates in terms of comments, and liking and their followers are asking for more info on recommendations. It is now coming to the end for you to just be inspiring, modeling what they are doing, and what kind of messages they are using, and to make it your own You can also have the same amount of followers as well. 

Russell Brunson is a huge fan of “Funnel hackers” and You will surely get a lot of shortcuts that have taken him hours of hours to figure out some kind of common pattern from others’ implications that he calls for ” Funnel Hacking Code” You can model to your own funnel in every step required and get inspired and write in your own words when “speaking” to your chosen target audience out there. Then You will surely get massive attention and therefore with more ease for a higher conversion rate. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

When You have provided for yourself all of the three books in the so-called trilogy secrets by Russell Brunsson, You will in other words also get all of the most important and foundational knowledge on how you can set up your business, with a higher chance of revenue creation. 

Russell Brunson himself also recommends You use these three books as a dictionary and also when you want to refer to different components in marketing. You can also reread many times again and again and even go back to pick out those parts in specific whether it is about what kind of video series You better have for your funnel or what message you rather would like to have when you want to grab your audiences attention in different of traffic sources. Use these books as your best friend when you want to have a better focus on a specific part of the marketing these can give you ideas and inspiration to create content and framework so your business will scale. 

When reading all of the books, I do have a feeling that You can have more use of them when You have your product to launch or your own brand to expand by creating an educational platform teaching others to improve their needs in life in whatever topic you have a huge passion about. 

Because Russell Brunson often in the books recommends You come up with your own hook and the framework in whether You would like to have front end funnel or back end funnel depending on how much You aim for your product to cost. Mostly in the front end, it is about You can have a successful campaign when your cost is the same as the revenue, in other words, you can do fine even when your front end in advertising ends with breaking even. The most important definition of success in this phase is that You reach out and if luckier you will have subscribers, so You can, later on, increase the value ladder on your back end of the Funnel to reach for higher interest and profits residual. But of course, in this case, it is about when you want to become a multimillionaire business owner and have the ambition to reach higher levels. 

Otherwise, You can also use the books in the context of when You just want to promote others’ products without You having to come up with every single idea in the funnel created by yourself. You can in this way also end up being financially independent and be able to have more ease with better conditions in life. You can be able to not have to work full time on your current job or you can have your business with so many revenues so it creates the opportunity for you to be freer with your work schedule. You can have more time for your family and be able to travel but at the same time can check your business and have conversions with your audience and customers, so you will be more flexible in terms of geographical places and when you want to work. This kind of work can also allow you to be your own boss on business and boost your creativity you can get justice rewards. And what will be the best when you can do better impact for other as well by your serving so you in the end of the day can have a more meaningful life you long to go to every single day. 

I wish you a lot of luck on your journey to long-term growth investment in yourself in terms of skill sets and a business platform you can lean on when it comes to the finance part. 

I hope you will feel inspired and take a look for yourself in these books and I will surely believe that You will be inspired and feel excited about growing for the future and having earlier freedom in life only You deserve. 

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