How to be successful as a single woman

As single women, we usually define ourselves as uncomplete and unsuccessful in life due to how we have learned to define how to be happy and have a fulfilling and successful life. 

Is success about how we have to accomplish in every single area of aspects in life or can we still be single women and see ourselves as successful?

In this post, I will try to dive deeper into how we as single women can define success and being in that state of mind to be happier in life and independent of what others think about us. 

Surround yourself with like-minded people 

If You recently have gone through a breakup in a long-time relationship and for some reason have to separate from the one you loved. And that the two of You have been together through wealth and sickness. You also have shared a lot of beautiful and memorable experiences that are very hard to just lay behind in just a shorter time.

You just feel emptiness and not being in control to keep on with your relationship and for some aspects, you have to be a part of each other whether for eternity or just for a while to find back to each other again. 

During this time You can feel alone and want to have somebody around just to be there for you to listen and heal your pain and sadness. And what would be better if you surround yourself with your best friends or get connected to like-minded people who can encourage you and fill up the emptiness with happier thoughts and activities.

When you are with friends and family members who really see for who you are and always validate your desire and dreams, You have a huge tendency to be able to move on and forgive and forget. 

In that way, You will be more self-caring and now suddenly have the motivation just want to do things you are passionate about.

Strengthen hobbies you are passionate about

One of the most effective ways to heal yourself and keep your mind busy without not being reminded about your past is getting into the activities you are interested in and love to do. 

In this way, it can be about you start to paint again, because of work and time for planting relationships not have done this for many years. 

When you paint, your mind tends to be more relaxed and you sometimes have to focus on details and how to put the whole chosen scene together, also can make you being easy in the presence and all of your senses are more aware of what you are doing.

In this case, it doesn´t have to be in painting, you can do whatever you love to do. It can be all from singing, dancing to reading, or just having a good socializing ability with your tribe. 

And why not learn a new skill you always have longed for and want to try out and put your limit a little bit far away. 

Move on and give new potential partners a chance

Sometimes our subconscious mind tends to take over and tell us that because of all of the emotional up and downs we seem to not dare go into new relationships and give other potential partners a chance.

Let me put it this way, because of the unlucky relationship you had with your ex it doesn´t mean that you can not attain a new lasting long-term connection with new partners in the future. The failure in the past will not determine and doom you to be in that way forever. 

I do highly recommend you to see it as an experience for being prepared to have a higher chance to realize who is the most proper for you. You can even in that way decide who is loving you for who you are in whatever condition you may be in and most of all unconditional.

And why not start to date and even go on blind dates or speed dating. Who knows when you at least expected, the real prince is going to be there in front of you, and your destiny is to be with each other. 

Don’t blame yourself for being alone after a break-up

Often we do questioning our ability not be attractive, competent, or effective enough to be able to hold that relationship. And suddenly we are afraid to challenge ourselves and dare to get out of our comfort zone and therefore be doomed to staying alone forever. 

That will be very boring and sad right?

Imagine how our life will be for just staying alone and not giving everybody else a chance to know us. Because there has to be someone you can trust and be genuine and honest with you for just loving you for who you are.

Imagine what you will miss out on if you don´t open your heart and not be open mind to new people who deserve your true love. 

But you don´t either have to chase for love to define your well worth. It can be enough to be fulfilled and completed just to be kind and love yourself first. You rather have a relationship with yourself and then when you are at least needed for others’ approval, you will also be hurt lesser and can move on quickly from bad relationships as well.

But after all of defining being failure by many times isn´t your fault. Sometimes we can not help if the others don´t have any passion for us anymore. You just haven´t found your true life partner yet.

Keep yourself busy with projects you are excited about to achieve

You can also start to engage in charity projects by helping and bringing joy to others, which in the end will bring happiness to you as well. In that way, you will also receive massive value back by being appreciated and your confidence is also increasing. 

Why not start to learn a new skill set you have always longed for. Whether it is to become an artist or a writer. Go to different courses in writing and then set up your goal in a clearer way. 

How about being able to write a book in 30 days?

As long as you keep yourself busy, your thoughts will not be redirected to all of the sadness and all of the pain you have gone through. You will be healed much faster and who knows during the time you try to engage in different projects your love of life maybe stands just behind the corner. 

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Travel to new places and a meet new people

Why not travel to new places and change the environment for a moment. Book a flight to Asia or Africa to just experience all of the kind-hearted people and taste all of the world’s most delicious flavors you never knew existed. 

Go to the most beautiful beaches and take a comfortable spot in the sun and just enjoy and heal all of your body and soul at the same time. 

Feel the fresh air and how cool and beautiful the blue water is. Take a healing bath and just be united with the mother earth´s assessment. Let her reload you with new positive energy so you can just be and not have to think about anything at all. 

Get new friends on social media who appreciate you for who you are

Nowadays, Social Media is the fastest and safeties way with lesser effort to get to know new people become friends, and maybe partners for life. You can start to attend different groups on the topics you are interested in. The chance to find like-minded people in that way is very high. 

Talk about things You just want to have more of and then why not after a time meet these persons in real life to have a real connection in activities by traveling, visit museums and sightseeing each other’s home town. 

Go to restaurants and later in the evening attending bars or discos there mostly love couples usually meet or just have a family time together on somewhere very cozy. 

Maybe when all of your friends went out to the dance floor and you just feel like sitting next to the bar. When you just look around and discover an interesting glance from a very handsome and sophisticated guy. And after some minutes later you two become the world’s best friends and can have endless conversations going on. Like you have known each other for many years and your love at first sight just happening.

Advantage and upgrade your current education

How about You take a break from your daily job you don´t feel fair rewarded and just upgrade your education to a higher level, whether it is through separated courses or to have a master’s exam in your field. 

In this way, times will also fly away and you can, later on, take huge advantage of your education by providing yourself with additional opportunities for better work and with a higher salary. 

Educate yourself in businesses that can make you being finance independent

Why not search for information about how to create your business online and make income streams in areas you feel like it. 

Take courses and get more knowledge about work from home and make extra money to have earlier finance secure so you can have more freedom in life and be able to buy a house or travel more. 

Then you can also have more time to be with the people you admire and love. Do all the fun stuff together and enjoy life as never before. 

But be aware that there are plenty of courses and coaching programs out there. Do proper research and take a look at reviews on products you come across to be sure about not being scammed

Go for the coaching program that gives a lot of value by dividing teaching into easy step by steps to follow. And then you can only have to modify your version with all of the helpful tools, to set up your site as your business in driving revenue streams to your content when doing marketing. 

If you are new to marketing I do highly recommend you start with affiliate marketing. It is because you don´t have to invest a lot of capital, in the beginning, to have your own business online. All you have to do is promote other products or coaching programs while learning. In other words, you don´t have to reinvent the wheel. You just do some part of marketing with the proven knowledge and system provided for you. 

Take care of your health by training and eating healthy food

One of the most basic to feel happier in life is that you take care of yourself, especially your body by starting to train. You can start to do lighter exercises by power walking, and then speeding with running or go to the gym and take cardio classes for burning and gaining muscles. Be fit and with more self-confidence being excited to meet new people.

You will then have a lot of alert energies to be motivated to do more fun and meaningful stuff in your everyday life as well. 

But also remember to eat healthy food and nutrition your body in the right way so you will be healthier with all of the endorphins and be immune from sickness. You will also be more positive in your thinking and have the power to thrive for more progress. 

Love and be kind to yourself and not be strongly impacted by others’ opinions about you

When after a failure of a relationship we have a high tendency to blame ourselves for not being attractive or competent enough, which can block us either from moving on or starting into new better, and sustainable relationships. 

The most important part of this is to love ourselves first and be kind to the body and mind. I mean at the end of the day we only have ourselves to lean all of the issues and the happiness on when everybody else is turning away. We will always be our best friends until death no matter what.

Try also to be independent of others´ opinions about You and their suggestions on what You should do with your life. Because life is very short and to always be people’s pleasure will in the end punish you for not being self-approved enough. Having some kind of balance in this mindset will prevent you from all of the disappointment, anxieties, and depression. 

You are the one who should live your life as you wanted and not for anybody else´s when it all comes around. Don´t let your surroundings determine your decisions, just take in suggestions and consider coins and pros. But in the end, you have to make those decisions and be responsible for the outcomes yourself.

Be reattached to relationships and outcomes in life

Don´t be the one who is desperately chasing love or relationships all the time. Be independent first with self-love and then when this stage is finished, love everybody else while you can. 

In the same way, when it comes to outcomes for example your current income or status of the job you are now in, don´t let this define your self-worth, and don´t be too much obsessed with it either. When you sometimes don´t always think about the result, but just appreciate yourself about the journey and your development on how far you have come and grown, you will have the courage to move forward and not be giving up at the first shoot. 

Make stronger connections with your family members

Recontact with your family members and start to have more time for them. Invite your family to dinner or visit them so you don´t feel lonely. Plan for a trip and have time to come closer to each other while enjoying the heat being at a beach and tasting the food in all the luxury restaurants.  

Be in the moment and validate each other’s emotions. Or simply feel good and make up for each other with all the missing moments on holidays and meaningful times together.

Your family will always stand beside you no matter what condition you are in. So start to prioritize their company and you will not be alone when your love relationship ends.

Be grateful for what you have 

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, which isn´t almost true. When watching your friends and neighbors with their happiness in relationships maybe is only the tip of the iceberg. They like somebody else also has their struggles and bad moments behind the door. So don´t compare yourself to others, because we all have different terms and conditions and we have to face different challenges in our lives too. 

But to lesser focusing on others, why not start to be grateful and appreciate what you have for now. Your current foundational needs fulfillment and progression in every aspect of your everyday life. All from your current job to your relationships or connections with others. 

If you do want to connect with more friends, why not be grateful for your ability to still can make it happens and go for it. 

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Don’t be afraid of failures and see it as a process of success

Don´t also be afraid of a tendency of rejection, because it is just another experience receiving and you will next time be much more prepared and aware of how to not be long in your destructive thinking. 

You can thereafter always stand up and move on to find better friends and partners without criticizing yourself too much and being stuck and lonely for the rest of your life. 

“Failures are the mother of success” we usually say. Therefore take advantage of every unique opportunity to learn and grow to become stronger and more successful in whatever you do. 

Have patience with yourself when learning and once again be in the presence and try not to focus on the final result to have more fun while doing it. 

Make a concrete defining success from your view of point

Define clearly what is your goal leading to success. Then you will be more focusing and know exactly how to achieve it. 

Is it about having a promotion in your current job and proving yourself to your boss for higher payment?

Or it is to be happier in yourself by being active and more healthy in your habits of food intake and exercise?

Maybe it is about how to improve your writing skills and take English classes to have more engaging content that can bring extra income to your marketing work?

Or that you just simply start a yoga class to feed all of the anti-stressful thoughts and change the biological conditions of your body to relax for better health and lesser anxieties in the longer term?

No matter how small or big defining of planning to your success, when being more aware of them can make it easier for you to go from point A to point B without any further distractions. In this way, you can also have more motivation to commit daily by knowing your why and then make the success happen in the end!

Conclusion and final thoughts

Expectations and defining of how to be successful as a woman can make us frustrated and stressed, especially when we are still single or not have accomplished in our career or are attractive enough for current partners. Do we define it as a failure and can we, therefore, feel miserable and have lesser self-worth?

Do we have to be perfectionists in everything we do to measure ourselves as competent and worthy of others’ love? Do you have to prove yourself always to deserve to be loved? Or can we just sometimes fail but still can have partners, family, and members appreciate us and still can have patience and believe in us when the good time comes?

No matter what happens we do have to love ourselves first and not until we really have achieved and accomplished whether it is about losing weight, getting a promotion at work, having a perfect relationship with a partner, and then being satisfied with our mind and body. 

But sometimes I do understand that the pain from a long time relationship when it ends can take time to heal and overcome. Then it is very important to keep us busy with activities we love or just be grateful and thankful for what we have and those strengths in our personal qualities. To be able to continue to progress towards happiness or in what we define being as success.

Try also to be independent of others’ opinions and thoughts about us both in relationships and career status. Don´t stop loving and being kind to ourselves until we really have accomplished and performed all the time. Always love and approve of ourselves first no matter the outcomes then we will, in the end, have our own definition of being successful in life no matter what others think.

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To your success


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