How to become successful in business despite ADHD and Dyslexia

What is ADHD?

ADHD isn´t a medical condition, it is a psychological state of mind having a lack of concentration with hyperactivity and impulsivity. People with ADHD have a different functional brain than others which can both be an obstacle and even sometimes brings huge advantages. 

There are plenty of studies claiming that people with ADHD mostly do very well in business and therefore can become very successful as entrepreneurs. This is mostly because ADHD provides risk-taking of thinking, fast thoughts, and the ability to hyperfocus on very interesting tasks, especially when the person has a huge passion for it. But this statement isn´t always generalized, because not everybody with ADHD will become successful in business after all. 

But, commonly, persons with ADHD often struggle in the traditional school system which a huge part demands focus, planning, and performance. Maybe this is the reason why many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are dropping out of college or sometimes not even fully attending to finish high school and get grades. Thereafter usually have a hard time qualifying for jobs. 

Another reason why many become business owners is that they find more easily work on their condition and they so don´t have to all time to adapt to other people´s criteria and obey from boss demanding to achieve in a certain way. 

But also that the ADHD brain is typically lacking dopamine, which is a “feel good hormone”, which also is behind why the person always seeking new challenges containing stimulation and rewards, otherwise they will get tired very fast to be able to complete the whole task. 

Persons with this condition have a huge tendency to think outside of the box, so entrepreneurship is the very right path to strengthen the creativity that they usually use to take advantage of. 

One of the typical qualities is the drive to make a difference, which we can see from the 1980s series Dallas about a character Bob Dietrich, an ADHD entrepreneur who had to quit his job as an accounter for a very long time and suddenly started a speaking firm to share his story for others to be inspired and having an opportunity to train for being better speakers. The firm became a platform for many to be willing to share their difficulties and how they had overcome those, with a meaningful purpose to help others also do the same. 

The definition of dyslexia

Dyslexia is a state of having a hard time writing, reading, and separating letters that tend to look the same as b and d. Therefore the learning ability is also impacted to be more challenging, especially when it comes to managing theoretical information and scripts. But this doesn´t mean that the person isn´t intelligent though.

The daily challenges they usually have to overcome are:

  • get to the right order of letters
  • read and write fast
  • write a letter the wrong way especially when the characters look the same
  • be better at spelling
  • have to improve in planning and organization

But besides the average, they have a strong quality for listening and thereafter understand the information in a more different way with a broader view. Sometimes they even create their learning system and memory the system to perform better when retelling or reproducing the information to others with their own words.  

Learning disabilities

People who have ADHD and dyslexia also have a hard time learning, especially when they have to cope with massive and difficult information. They have to do more repetition than others to remember verbal terms and names. To be able to achieve the same results, they have to in other words work harder than the average. But to compensate for this, they are very brilliant to ask for help and when starting a business they rather hire for expertise to do all of the other harder work that requires those analytic skills they don’t have instead.

There are a few studies that have found a positive correlation between ADHD and entrepreneurship. While other theoretical investigations have concluded that persons with ADHD are commonly also having dyslexia in different grades and manners. 

There are even some empirical studies indicating that ADHD traits and quality performance are better in sales growth in entrepreneurship with the ADHD group than in the other group who don´t have ADHD. 

Can we come to a conclusion at this state that ADHD and dyslexia may break out of the stigmatization for being poor performance in society?

In this post, I will try to focus on what kind of tools, thinking and solutions to have if You have just found out that You may have either ADHD or dyslexia, or both. 

You are now very frustrated and have a huge worry for the future and what the journey of life will bring You, right?

I hope that after reading this article You will be more inspired and motivated that even You who are usually struggling with your daily routines can improve in some certain demand skills to overcome and even be successful in business.

Try to do one thing at a time

Do You have a hard time beginning or following through with a certain task that may demand some performance or that You have just started one specific project and have found difficulty staying focused and immediately want to start with another?

Then I do highly recommend You to just set one goal at a time to just do one task, to begin with, and don´t jump to the next until You have finished it. 

In so You can not only manage Your thoughts and be 100% present but also avoid tempting, to begin with, a new task and then leave it half done.

When You have finished the first task You have planned for, Your confidence will rise. You will also find more motivation to jump on to the new one with the same mindset to finishing it. 

Write a to-do list and check them out!

If You do feel that You have several tasks to do but don´t know where to start? 

You better write a “To Do List” and rank the task in order of which one is the most urgent and important to solve for the moment.

And then mark it when You are done. 

One of the huge advantages of doing this is You can have an abundance of time margin before the deadline comes and can have time to either take a break in between or reward yourself by seeing some friends talk over a cup of coffee for example and set alarm to go back to Your work as planned with more tasks to do.

In so You will feel good about yourself to have the courage to stick to your daily routine but also avoid being anxious when things get more difficult. 

Get a business mentor for daily advice

When You are in a business of your own, get a mentor who has done it for being a successful entrepreneur in the same niche You are doing can save You a lot of time by not having to always go through trial and error along the way by yourself.

The mentor will have the potential to reveal to You the shortcut and even more to be there as a true friend for You to encourage when You from time to time lack positive self-talk and don´t want to stick to the end for seeing some result. 

When Your inner voice wants to talk You out of the business You are doing and criticize your weaknesses. 

Having a regular relationship with Your Mentor can in a way makes You more prepared to have a strong mindset to be consistent and to take massive actions required to reach your goal.

You can also intake the most vital knowledge in the field to become an expert to be able to inspire others. So You also don´t have to sort out the narrowed information by yourself and imagine how many more important things You can accomplish in a shorter matter of time because of this.

Be self-aware of your weakness and strength

In the state of being frustrated due to the high-performance rate of the task and due to the competition. To avoid being arrogant and to be over-optimistic leading that You may overpromise things and may in the end not have the opportunity or the ability to keep. You better do a map about what your strongest qualities are and what your other weaknesses are as well. 

So when You are more self-aware You can go further in life if You are humble in every learning process. You can also boost Your work process to the finished line faster by asking others who are better than You in demanded areas for help or You can also just outsource for those who have the qualities your business needs.

Then You can have more time over to mainly being creative and come up with something new and extra outstanding to the market that many people will beg for being Your customers and staggering to want to have for themself.

In that way, You can also out performance Your competitors and have the opportunity to survive in the market which tends to have a lot of sellers and maybe lesser buyers.

Read self-development books about ADHD

Reading books about ADHD can help You to have idéas of tools You can take huge advantage of for those skills You still have to struggle with daily. 

For example in writing and reading You can do the following ways to make it more fun and easier:

  • when You have to go through a thick book with massive information, You better just read quickly about the title and the content table first to have a fast overview of what the most important part of the book is about. Then fast reading every chapter without huge pressure to deep understanding. In so You will be very quickly familiar with terms and meanings You may have to use in Your content. Dive deeper and read more closely to those chapters You have to know more and even after be able to write a resume about
  • Read then the whole book for the second time and mark with color pencil over the most important quotes and paragraphs to have easier to remember and especially when You want to come back for confirming whether a statement is true and consequent or not. 
  • Think about specific information in pictures and names of important persons in very funny association and related verbally in pronouncing terms of objects, characters, and statements to be able to remember easier
  • Set a timeline on how many chapters You have to read in a certain way of time frame
  • When writing brainstorm your idéas without criticizing yourself to be perfect all the time. Develop those parts You feel will fit correctly with Your main content. Pick most of the relevant title and content idéas to have a better match overall. And just kill it with style!

I do believe during reading about ADHD and even about successful entrepreneurs with ADHD and even dyslexia will help You to master Your work easily with strategy and tactics or just be more inspired and motivated to do the same success. 

Constantly remind yourself about the positive qualities 

When we sometimes do have self-doubt and low esteem, don´t forget to remind yourself about what qualities You are good at. 

For instant in business ADHD does have many advantages of being risk-taking, fast determination, impulsivity to just spontaneous acting right away, and being outside of the comfort zone that not everyone dares to be at. Dare to be fooled in front of others firstly then blow everybody away by having crashed the code in the end. 

And when the task is enough challenging and stimulated, You can work hours after hours without feeling boring or exhausted just to be over-optimistic in finding the right solution before everybody else does.

Isn´t it that great that You are exciting enough to want to do something valuable in Your life by inspiring others who are also struggling to have a healthy life too?

Plan your task and set up a timeline to get it done

When You have come up with an exciting idea You may feel very enthusiastic and eager to make it to reality. Despite that, the project may contain some hard work and You may find some tasks have to be done earlier at the same time You do find those tasks a bit boring or difficult.  

You now just want to do anything else far away from it and start to procrastinate and be very worried about it then later on with a lot of anxieties.

One great way to avoid this is just working smarter and imply strategy and tools that can help you move on with ease. 

You can begin to make a concrete plan about what the most urgent task has to be done right away and what strategies and tactics You have to include at the moment to make as many positive results out of it as possible. 

Set a timeline to be able to have time for the rest of the tasks contained in the project as a whole, so You can stick to the plan of leveraging your customers on time with satisfaction. 

Make your daily schedule and follow it through

I do highly recommend You to make a daily work schedule and set your actions so You can sustain a great and thoughtful habit in terms of planned activities persistently.

I do feel very much comfortable working in this way because then I could be aware of exactly how to drive my time for a day effectively and be active focusing on my purpose with lesser risk to procrastinate.

Especially if You have a rich social contact net and sometimes your phone constantly vibrates because a lot of friends want to talk to You. Are if You usually have massive notifications on social media and have to check those right away. 

When You at least think about it, times fly away and You have bad consciousness for not being active on your task enough. Then a concrete schedule along with You just turning off Your phone while working will lead You to be more focused and effective. And You also have a higher chance of being able to complete your work sooner than You have planned. 

In so You can also divide the different activities into shorter work hours when You shift to another task. You may in this way not feel so overwhelmed and maybe too tired to just do one type of work for many hours.

Imagine when You went to schools in lower grades, You may just have math one or two hours a day. And if You are someone who doesn´t like math very much, but has to do it. You will be exhausted when not break it up into smaller time frequencies of work by just focusing on it the entire day, right?

You can also change the activities on the schedule depending on Your upcoming idéas and projects You want to be engaged for. 

Go for projects You have a huge passion about

Have You ever felt that You times to times find it difficult to continue with those projects You have in mind due to all of the planning and the skillsets needed to invest to be able to succeed? 

Or that You one day don´t feel much excitement to work on it anymore.

You started to feel frustrated and can´t figure out the reason why this could happen.

Let´s me tell You this then.

It is because the project itself doesn´t trigger Your interest and that You are curious enough to make it through.

You may not find much passion while doing it enough simply.

I mean, when You choose to pick doing things You love and even have skillsets for, You will overcome obstacles much easier along away and still can stay in the end and crush it when no one is believing in You or when your self-doubt talk trying to push You out of it. 

In other words, You will be more sustainable to stick with Your long-term goal if You go for projects You have a huge passion about. 

Eat healthily and avoid sugar and fast food that makes You exhausted

One of the great ways to be able to manage Your ADHD much better is to eat more healthy food, containing very rich nutrition and vitamins for your body. So You can be more alert and have the ability to stay focused for a longer time. You will also have a greater ability to learn and interpret more advanced information. You also being calmer, tolerant, and understanding towards your surrounding and yourself. 

Previous scientific studies are claiming a positive correlation between deep attention deficiency and hyperactivity with high sugar intake especially significant results found in persons with ADHD at younger school ages. 

This means that If You are someone who is already struggling with maintaining concentration or being high energic then the situation will get worse if You consume higher surgery products like candy, ice cream, and coca cola for an instant. You will find it more challenging to be calm, stay focused, motivated, and organized throughout your everyday life. 

Reward yourself to relax and enjoy with friends and family

When You have achieved your goals and after trying to be the best version of yourself, don´t forget to relax. Reward yourself by being with friends and family to just doing things You always have longed for.

I mean You deserve this and with a long time of vacation and rest, You can come back to work being more creative, alert, and productive than ever. 

Isn’t that great and something we all want to make as a regular habit to do so for many times ahead, just be kind to ourselves and have fun after we have worked our butt off as healthy rewarding for our achievement?

Exercise and meditate daily

Do regular exercise and meditation to calm yourself and being able to get rid of stress hormones in your body and mind.

You can even increase your blood flow containing a lot of oxygen to your brain. Therefore you will be more motivated, controlled, and driven to make progress instantly at your work.

A balance between duty and free time

Many times I try to find a balance between my duty and free time to feel good about myself and be stable in my mind, especially when I have easily to worry about the future. 

When You force yourself to perform and do things to progress, even if it many times not be the funniest thing in the world to do or that You do not always feel forward to, then You have taught yourself to be a fighter and be prepared for next coming battle in life. 

The more You do and repeat, the better fighter You will be for your enemies.

But do not forget about having a life besides your work. Fulfill yourself with stuff You like to do, to just feel good and recharge your battery afterward. 

Otherwise, If we don´t have a life, what do we work for anyway right?

When starting a business hire and outsource for experts in the field

As a business owner and especially If you feel that Your ADHD maybe limit you from having many skillsets needed to run a successful business, then I do suggest You start to create connections and searching becoming friends with people who are experts and damn good at those skillsets your business is required for.

Then You can just find plenty of time to just be a creator mainly and boost your business to higher levels. 

Now suddenly You can have the possibility to strengthen what You can do best and be a leader to just put all of the puzzles together to a unique unite for just blow humanity away!

In time You will also have an easy time creating something we can call for “money machine” when You have sorted out all of the best parts and gathering all in one place. 

You will also in so find momentum and being at your peak as You have never dared to think about before when starting.

Get smarter tools to be reminded about daily tasks

Start to research what tools out there you can take advantage of to make your daily routine becoming funnier and more convenient. 

Calendar and daily journey book for task planner

I do feel from time to time very difficult to remember all of the appointments in meeting both in business and private.

It can be a huge embarrassment to miss out if I have an agreement with my partner for a very important meeting, that we have to look forward to talking and working together for so long and I just have remembered the wrong day to come. 

Then I do feel with a calender makes me more aware of if I have some important appointments for a week or just for today. I then can look it up and be quickly reminded about these, right?

I do highly recommend You to take a look at beautiful calendars You can have a practical use for every day in Your life.

A planner in terms of a daily journey over a massive and compact project is also good and practical to have. In so You can also divide the whole project into smaller milestones and just go through them one by one. This instead of thinking as a big and almost impossible to work over like an elephant and then get a hard time starting.

To-do list

You can also make a to-do list and then also put your chores in a timeline for which one is the most important and must be done and solved in a shorter matter of time. 

Put your medications in a visible box

If You have a hard time remembering where to keep your medications and when to take them. Put them in a box like a pill container and rather close to your keys so You can just take them wherever place You may be.

A whiteboard at work to be reminded about important things

If You work with many people around You and there will be surely many activities to do at the same time like appointments, delegating tasks, and meetings. You better have a whiteboard to put the most important messages out there on time so You don´t forget what is going on. It even works like a constant reminder for You as soon as You walk by, right? And You will also be trustful for not forgetting what You have promised and told to your stuff. It is like an indication for You to have paid attention and listened to them. They will in so respect and see You as a true leader as well.

Set time reminders during work

One of my favorite strategies for avoiding procrastination is to set a time reminder for how long You will put into work with 100% of concentration and not to be distracting to have to socialize with your surroundings. When the most important task is done, You can, later on, reward yourself to have a good time chatting with your coworkers or anything else You like to do in your spare time, and then go back to work to get more important things done. So You will have plenty of time before the deadline is coming, especially when you need plenty of time to refine and reflect on the work. 

There is plenty of information out there You can do research about having more helpful tools as a person with ADHD to help You along the way and faster can get You to your intended direction in the correct way as You have wished for.

Successful entrepreneurs with ADHD and Dyslexia 

If You ever doubt yourself for not having the ability to be successful despite having ADHD or Dyslexia or both. I do recommend You to be inspired by looking for the living proof in humanity’s history for those who have done it and become one of the most successful people in entrepreneurship in the world, despite learning disabilities and easily behaving destructively like high energy, impulsivity, and risk-taking.

Richard Branson:

Richard Branson is one of the most successful business owners of our time by inventing the Virgin Group, a huge worldwide business in many niches with many staff from many places in the world and generating massive revenue yearly.

Richard didn´t know that he had dyslexia and not even other of his friends and family members either, later on, had been diagnosed to have a different path of learning. He had a very rough time in school and was defined as being lazy all the time.

Despite his, disability Richard has come to the conclusion to take an advantage of it instead by having developed an amazing skill to take others for help doing those tasks he feels very challenging and difficult by himself. He said that ” thanks to dyslexia he has more easy to see things from a bigger perspective instead of sticking to details”

Max Ash:

Max Ash was famous for his Max´s Creation after as a 13 years old student who liked to play with food and came to an idea about turning Mugs to be able to combine and mix different kinds of drinks including hot chocolates, and milk with cereal and more. His business became very productive and familiar worldwide by selling the mugs with different designs goes along with many themes in niches on Amazon.

He has decided to donate about 5% of the profit to children with learning disabilities through charity and nonprofit organizations.

Bram Cohen:

Bram Cohen is an entrepreneur with Asperger’s syndrome and is very successful with his business called Bit Torrent Inc. The business leverages data from the internet from many countries in the world. 

Although he has difficulty socializing with other people and really can learn the code to exchange information socially in groups without being misunderstood.

But due to his unique ability, he can solve problems by seeing things ordinary people don´t be aware of sometimes. 

Daymond John:

Daymond John has dyslexia but invented a clothed line FUBU and has received several awards like in Ernst and Young. He also has become a New York Business Entrepreneur of the Year. And also received awards in the Crain Business of New York under Forty Award as well.

He is also famous for being a series creator of the Shark as a Tv show and also has received awards thanks to this.

His quote and recommendation to other younger people with different learning abilities is to try to strengthen what they are good at and work in areas they have easier with and feel passionate about. Don´t let your dyslexia defines how your life is going to be. 

David Neeleman:

David Neeleman didn´t know until many years later suffering from ADHD. He is the founder of Jet Blue Airway, one of the American biggest airlines, and has even invented the electronic ticket system for mankind for practical use. His passion has been due to ADHD becoming one of the world’s most thankful inventors. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

Do You think if You have ADHD and dyslexia or both can be successful in business as entrepreneurship?

This is especially when You had a hard time in primary and secondary school to achieve great grades, maybe feel domed for the rest of your life to be a failure in whatever You are trying to do.

Let me tell You that there are many successful entrepreneurs in the world who have created successful businesses to be inspirators for others of us who also struggle with ADHD and dyslexia to follow and have faith in life. Those are like Richard Branson, Max Ash, Bram Cohen, David Neeleman, and many more in different areas they usually have a huge passion for and want to make a change.

A few studies show us that ADHD traits and entrepreneurship have a correlation. There are statistics on those entrepreneurs with ADHD and even dyslexia who tend to perform better in sales growth than the ordinary ones. 

Those studies mean the typical qualities in ADHD traits like high energic, impulsivity, and risk-taking in businesses turn out to be very effective and bring a lot of advantages to the final outcomes.

Persons with ADHD also find it easier to see an overall picture faster and locate strategies and tactics for different paths in businesses. Instead of sticking to details, they can go outside of the box and find unique and uninvented solutions instead like airplanes, digital ticket systems, food chains in different niches, helpful tools for persons with ADHD with software in reminders and corrections, and so on.

Do You still have the old self-talk that You with either ADHD or dyslexia may not be good at anything in life or not ever have any fortune at all?

I really do believe that if You are open-minded and stay positive and solution-oriented, which can be one of the most difficult sustainable thinking habits in life when embracing your ADHD and dyslexia as a superpower, then I surely believe in time You will find your path to do something extraordinary that may even impact a lot of people in a helpful and improvement way!

I hope this article will make You be motivated and that also You also can find a way to fit with your superpower to break out of the stigmatization and negative self-doubt about yourself in the future!

I will so gladly be happy to see You on the other side sooner!

To your success!


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