How to create a successful business online with Affiliate Marketing

Introducing to Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays the opportunities to make money online are growing. You can pretty much get into wish niches and topics you would like to make some revenue from and later on, even scale to higher levels than you actually can have this as your main activity in living.

When you are new to this world and searching for ways to harvest from profitable projects online, I do highly recommend you first look at Affiliate Marketing. I will later on this post layout all the pros and cons of this way to generate income online.

But first I do want You to take an insight into how big the market share of Affiliate Marketing is and hopefully, I can provide You with actual numbers so we draw a conclusion on if it is growing and has huge potential to expand for many decades later on in the future.


According to statistics from TRUELIST containing The Affiliate Marketing the following numbers in the market both in the United States and Globally:

– More than 80% of brands use The Affiliate Marketing

– the United States has the hugest market share in the world with 39%

-About 65% get revenues from generating traffic from Blogging

– 94% of publishers use several affiliate marketing networks

– Total Advertisers get between 15% to 35% in selling from The Affiliate Marketing Programs

– Affiliate Marketing has about 16% of e-commerce sales WorldWide

It seems that Affiliate Marketing is very revenue-generating due to its huge market share from most brands and companies both in United State and Worldwide. 

In so we can also conclude there will be a higher chance for Affiliate Marketing to grow. If you want to work as an affiliate, you can surely see a constant flowing of income-making online. Both from others but even You as yourself when starting an online business take a lot of advantages as well. 

How Does The Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing is about having commissions as a reward when promoting others’ products. Wish means in other words You can just act as a marketer without having any products of your own. You just get paid and how much will depend on the product and the company you work for has to offer.

The commission’s rate is often defined by how much the product is worth. Generally the more cost of the product the higher commissions you get. The commission share is usually determined very earlier in the process and can be all from 10-50% due to total sale prices.


– You don’t have your own product

– You don’t need to worry about customer support

– The initial investment is low and often goes to courses to learn 

– You can decide where you work and when

– You can be your own boss and nobody will question your performance

– You can earn commission on a product over and over again

– There is no limit on how much you can optimally generate your business online

– You don’t need to have earlier experiences, everything is learnable


– The result may vary from person to person

– In the beginning, there will be a steep curve in learning to gain the most important skill sets needed

– For some, this is a not quick fix rich scheme

-You have to put into the work consistently for a higher chance to grow

– The information can be overwhelmed and you may take on one task at a time to make it works

– You have to provide high-value content and create trust with your audience

4 ways to generate income with Affiliate Marketing

  1. Build a Website or Blog

You can start with building a website and get seen in Google Search Field or Search Optimizing Engine. This means when someone is interested in this niche they will type a search phrase related to what they are searching for and hopefully find your site ranking to be seen and helpful. 

Today thanks to the expansion of hosting websites, you don’t need any advanced knowledge in web designing or coding for that matter. You don’t have to, in other words, create a website from scratch and install all of the software needed by yourself. 

When using Word Press with all of the foundation tools available, all you have to do is drag and drop. You can also install plugins that can boost your site to a higher ranking on Google in Searching Engine Optimizing (SEO) to get more traffics. 

It is easy and more user-friendly for You who are may not so techy and not so interested in software development. You can as well get much of the pre-work done and then harvest payoff later on. 

2. Keyword research

When it comes to content creation related to the niche You have to have a huge passion when working with it. It may be very helpful to know a bit about what type of keywords to use. 

For example, if you in this case are interested in Affiliate Marketing, then your keyword could be Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online. Or Learn How To Create Your Biz Online And Make Money from the Internet. You can also simply type How to Create A Successful Biz Online And Make Regularly Income Streams. 

The main reason for this is to get your content high ranked in value but also to match your audience´s desire when searching about the topic. It will also make them be a higher potential customer for the product you are promoting. Because your suggestion on solving their issues is 100% matched, and, therefore they can better be reasonable to the messages you try to give out. 

To have quality Keywords it is better to have the following rules in mind:

  1. Have more than 30 monthly searches 
  2. Can be lesser than 100 QRS(Quote Research Searching), which means the number of competition terms of websites or blogs. The strategy for this is to strive for as low one as possible. In that way, you can easily get your site to be high ranking and reach out to more audiences
  3. The keyword has to make sense and be Grammarly corrected

I do highly recommend Jaaxy as a very helpful tool when doing keyword searches. 

3. Get the Audience

Growing your business online takes audiences to do that. The more audience knows about your product and the information you are providing the more chance for commissions generated. 

Your content has to be interesting and most off all solve your audience’s problem to be able to create long-term relationships and that they are willing to return to your site for more helping information. 

If You have successfully created the trust and the credibility for higher engagement so your audience will take action. Whether it is in sign up the email address being your subscription or best of all you can close the sale. You have cracked the code. 

4. High Converting Content

Today we are living in a massive information world and you only have 3 seconds to grab their attention and make your audience willing to stay longer and read your whole post through. 

Your most important task here when creating content is to make the reader more engaged. They then would like want to learn more about your guidance and providing. But also take action to really get to the recommending site for the product you are promoting and make a purchase.

In so You also have better strive for your text to be more friendly. Don´t overdo with fancy and difficult words. Just write as you talk to one friend of yours and genuinely help out.

Sometimes your messages can be of very high value if you try to get into your audience’s head and imagine their feelings and needs. So you know exactly what issues they have more precisely to solve. 

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have covered all of the solving they needed? 
  • Does your offer really properly speak to them. 
  • Will they get optimal uses for the product or do you need to provide them additional alternative ways to achieve their goal? 

The more value you give out in terms of asking and helping your audience the higher converts your site will be. And the higher there is for more actions either being your faithful subscribers and the more sales you make. 

Learn more about all this here to create your business online in Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing seems to open up many doors to make income online if you really want to succeed enough. This way of working online can be very right for those who don’t have so much initial capital to invest. The investment can be very modest in the way you basically only have to go for learning programs and take really helpful courses. So You can have a higher chance of success. 

There will be a lot of affiliate programs out there and sometimes You can feel overwhelmed about which program to attend. I do highly recommend you when picking an adaptable program that will help you properly in every kind of way. First, do research about the founder on the internet. This is to find out if your upcoming teacher is the real successful entrepreneur who has really been during the process and has actually made income streams online.

 Also, look at reviews on the affiliate programs and see what the earlier students have to say about it. If they have found any success or do they feel a hard time following and making real achievements?

Affiliate Marketing can be an income source activity for you to just start small and then expand. As new beginners, you better take every step of the way with care and really simply do what the teacher has told you to. In time you will find the best strategy to have in the learning process to not go forward to the next task until you are done with the previous one.

You have to put yourself in a position of consistent commitment by all the time to improve your skillsets needed. Whether it is setting up a website with high-value content to installing effective plugins to optimize the traffic. 

Some of the skillsets like copywriting will demand your patience to really master it. If this will help, you can see this as a long-term learning investment that can open many doors for you in the future, even if you decide to do anything else than marketing your business online.  

When it comes to if there are any risks within this niche. The only things you can lose are time, investment in courses while learning, and not seeing any results right away. 

But if you have the strong will to stick with it and consider futures advantages like financial freedom, the sky is the limit on how much you can grow and how you can earlier have freedom in life in terms of time and having resources being there for your family because life is short, then You are on the right path!!!!

I hope You will find this post engaging and that it could help to wake up your curiosity to explore and be breaking your path to something new and exciting!!!!

I do highly recommend you take a look at an Affiliate Program teaching you all you need to know to set up your first business online!

To Your Success!

Your marketer guidance


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