How To Find A Keyword in A Proper Way When Blogging

When it comes to having a successful blog with the primary goal of driving traffic to your site then it is essential to have an effective and useful tactic for keyword researching. 

The whole process is simpler than You think, all you have to do is just think about to fulfill three of the components I have been taught, then you are good to go. 

In this post, I will lay out exactly what these three components are to have for higher security to have your blog or website being top-ranked on Search Engine Optimizing on Google, Yahoo, and Bings for driving more traffic to your site. 

Three bullet points I used to do this!

Low-hanging fruit keywords

The main rule for the part when picking keywords, especially You as a beginner have to constantly think about not to have too much competition on the same keyword as you are planning to have. Otherwise, You will have a very hard time standing out and getting real attention from the visitors You aimed for.

Try to have as low a competition rate as possible.

A very proper way to do this is having free access to the Jaaxy keyword research searching program, telling you exactly how you can take a huge advantage from one of many metrics like QSR, which stands for Quote Searching Results, and implementing at what rate to have to still can make it works. 

I highly recommend You if You just started then go for the keywords with the competition rate, QRS, between 100- 300. When after having a few years of experience and you gained higher confidence about your content that You think will outrate your competitors, then go for the higher competition rate one.

Relevance monthly search for the chosen keyword

Even here I rather think of the same principle as low competition keyword targeting on the metrics QSR. The lower the monthly amount of searching the lower competition your site will get and the more converting rate it also will receive. 

You better start with a monthly search rate between 10-20 and then go for higher when you feel more warmed up and confident with what you are doing. Later on, you can even go for a 50 or even 100 monthly searching rate and still can make higher revenue streams from the high traffic sources. 

Grammatically corrected and understandable

When settling up a keyword searching tactic you better go for the one that is both Grammarly correct and understandable and at the same time resonated with the potential visitors who are interested in searching for your specific chosen keyword. 

Otherwise, your keyword will have a huge tendency to miss out on your targeted audience who will in the end provide income streams for you with your content achievement. 

You can even make the keyword more interesting by containing a clear point for what you are writing about to solve. Then your chance of being visible in the search engine will also be higher in that way. And your content will be rewarded by being more available in showing on the top of the search list too. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

When You want to aim for a successful keyword to have in your content without any guessing work, I better recommend You to do what I have been taught by one of the most experience keyword searching experts in the blogging and website content-creating area. In so You are allowed to have a higher chance to create very showable content in the blogging or website you intend to work on.

I do only have to think to have three of the bullet points as foundational criteria and then I will be sure that my content is getting rewarded from the search engine optimizing among on Google. 

These three are:

  1. Low competition rate as possible, especially if you are new in content creation. Go firstly for below 100 and then 300 in the metrics measured of QSR.
  2. Low monthly searching, which will be defined your amount of traffic source. This principle rate will also mean a lower competition rate and to have a higher conversion rate.
  3. The grammar on your chosen keyword is correct and reasonable to trigger higher interests in reading and engaging, which in the end can lead to commissions for You.

And if You feel enough motivated to stick to this, then your content-creating site will tend to have the outcome You are looking for and then You will always have a top-ranked post on your blogging or your website later on from the most popular search engine forum You plan to put at among Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. 

I do deeply suggest You try out the Jaaxy Keyword research to have higher traffic flow to your content-creating. You can do this for free!

I hope You will hopefully find this post helpful and please leave some comments below whether it is a question or recommendation for me to have better and more valuable information in the future. 

To Your Success!


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