How to get your website ranked higher on SE0

The main reason You should get Your site ranked higher on SEO, Search Engine Optimize whether it is on Google, Yahoo or Bing is because the algorithm from the search engine will reward You to be more visible to your targeted audience.

You also have to have so-called high-value content in writing your chosen topic, to make your visitors more interested and willing to stay longer on your site.

Best of all they are looking forward to reading through the whole article with messages You want to put out there to help.

Most important that they will find Your site with all of the information You worked for can help them solve their issues for the moment.

And that they want to take action all from the sign up their email or purchase the product you are promoting.

I will in this post try to layout 7 strategies for You to be able to get Your website ranked higher on Google.

So You can have more engagement from Your audience and the most important purpose, in the end, is both to be helpful and that Your audience wants to provide commissions for your hard work.

7 strategies to optimize Your site at Search Engine on Google

1 Effective keyword search includes LSI keywords 

Keyword in search is crucial when it comes to You want your targeted audience to find your content when they search for phrases or words to find what they are looking for.

You rather now want to create content based on those targeted keywords so You can attract the right audience in huge amount to your site.

And that the audience will find your site helpful to be able to have higher potential becoming your loyal follower.

In the end, create revenue for you by taking different kinds of action on Your product as the final solution You want to teach about.

You better create the main keyword already in your headline. It should be grammatically correct and with a clear message in it.

For example: How To Get Your Business Online Of The Ground without a Huge investment in Capital and endless off Time.

Or How To Get Your Blogg Massive of Traffic in 2022

Or How can You Earn Daily Income with Affiliate Marketing for FREE?

Your main keyword should be attractive and get straight to the point solving your potential audience’s issue right away.

You also want to find keywords with many daily and monthly searches in amount.

If You are a beginner at blogging and content creating for your website, You should target a keyword with an amount of searching in phrases or terms around lesser than 100-300 searched per month.

In this way, You should both have a huge visitor that could come to your site but at the same time avoid plenty of competitors in your area.

LSI keyword is also great to have. Besides the main one when you have related keywords to your topic, You also hit a lot more audiences who seek the information you are writing about and want to read because your messages contain a massive value.

For example, If You want to write about How to Get Your Site Ranked Higher on Google. Those LSI keywords You want to include are:

Keyword searching
High value in Content
High engagement
Attractive both You as an authority and the message should be entertained and helpful enough
LSI keywords
Technical advantages in place
Reduce Bounce Rate
High page speed
Longer content and many more

The more traffic You drive to Your site with those keywords the more search engine in an algorithm will reward Your site to get higher ranked and get in front of those searching for this.

You can also get higher ranked when You bake your main keyword into your URL. For example:

If Your site is about how to make money with Affiliate Marketing, Your name is Monique. Then You can have your URL as

This way when your audience is searching for the topic they can come right away to your site.

Or once they have seen your URL, they can easily remember it by heart and type it on the web browser as soon they want to read more about Your site.

2 Internal/Backlink Building

Google will also define your site as high-value content when You create an internal backlink to Your other sites.

For example, in Your first Post, You have mentioned Affiliate Marketing.

And then in Your next Post, You want to dive deeper into this keyword like

How to Make Money Online as Affiliate Marketing.

You in this case practical underline Affiliate Marketing and referrer the internal link to your next posting about “How To Make Money Online” as Affiliate Marketing.

Or that You have described Getting Higher Ranked On Google. And then You can refer to the whole phrase in your next article about “How to Monetize Your Site to Be Ranked Higher on Google”.

In this way, Google will also reward your site to be the top ranking in a search engine, and what is better when Your site can redirect many seekers to become your truthful audience in the future.

BackLinks seems also have similar functionality but now instead of being created by others to refer to Your site or article because they find a lot of high value in them.

In other words, Your site is visible on others’ sites, blogs, or messages on FB, Instagram, Youtube, or Tiktok, and after, more traffic is coming to You!

To have more backlinks to your site, You mainly focus on creating as much adaptable and helpful content as possible based on what your audience is searching for and needing for now!

3 How many Affiliate Links to set up

When it comes to how many affiliate links to set up, You better think about the lesser the better. You don’t want to seem like an aggressive salesman so Your Affiliate Links should be maxed 3 in every post.

If You can vary the affiliate links to several products and helpful programs your site will get higher ranked, and your content will be rewarded to be more readen.

4 Proper Content creation that speaks to Your audience for a higher converting rate

Your content should speak right away to Your Audience in a properly matched way to their needs.

When creating content, You would better perform when you make a pre-map about the audience You want to target.

For Example, If Your article is about Affiliate Marketing, then Your target audience could be a single woman of some kind between 20-and 65 years of age. They all struggling to have financial stability but also lack confidence in themself to be able to find a partner they love and can share their life with.

You can also be focusing on where in the world these single women are living. Are they from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America et. c?

You now want to storm so many benefits when working with Affiliate Marketing, so it can help them to reach their goal sooner in a possible long-term way.

Besides they may don’t have to be stuck in the everyday job they dislike or that they struggling with living paycheck to paycheck survival of mindset.

You can also think about the question like How can their personality fluctuation which is constantly changed be prevented and what pure psychological challenges will they overcome?

Assume that they have found being an Affiliate Marketer has provided consistent revenue to their everyday life. Apart from this, they will also have more confidence when talking about themselves to others.

They don’t longer have to be ashamed for not being enough in accomplishment towards others.

They now also have the opportunity to take care of their health and even afford to consume in the beauty industry so that they will become much more appealing to potential partners.

When blind dating, they now no longer be afraid to draw back but give it a chance and see the best part of finding the right one.

That they can be proud of themselves and not even be afraid in case of not having found anyone and thereafter give up already at the first shot.

But the most important and not least of this is that they will firstly love themselves for who they are. Have the strength to be independent in life and can take care of the most basic needs.

They usually say, when You don’t need to chase for love, love will come to Your door when You are at least expecting it.

The more like a friend You are chosen to talk as and then straight to Your audience´s inner emotional desire the more engagement You will receive back.

They will now not only see You as their everyday friend when they feel alone or needing for solutions.

They also can come back to You for more valuable information, but also look up to You as an influence who has first of all unconditionally been a genuine friend, ready to help and reach out when they most feel inspired to.

When they within time have created enough credibility in You then They will without any doubt beliving in the solutions You are providing and want to get help to improve their daily lives for many years later.

You also want to become a leader, and the only thing you can do this “Is Being A Chapter Ahead of Your Audience all the time”, Russell Brunson.

You also better be expertise in Your Field, by educating Yourself through free information or courses, webinars, and masterminding digitally or in place.

In this way, You can even feed Yourself with a lot of helpful tools and knowledge to monetize Your business to a higher level.

When You have shown Your Authority for Your Audience to have faith in You as a leader, they then will not only purchase from you but also want to recommend You to others via social media or to their family.

Your popularity will now not only be broader, but You also have sent a trustful reputation to be an honest and contributing influencer in your niche.

The site you once created and have worked hard with the right strategy will now have 100k followers in a shorter time and even be able to create passive income without having to be active all the time.

How about that???!!!!!!

Do You Feel Excited enough to want to enlighten with clarity so that You also avoid missing out on something very valuable and preciously in Your Life right now!!!

 5 Monetize technical in SEO and track your result

Most of the cases technical SEO will not be the main issue for Your site. But it will still demand some attention from You to get it free from any undesired disturbing anyway.

Mobile Friendly 

Double-check your site is 100% mobile device friendly. Due to the nowadays technology, this will not be so difficult for You to fix.

All You have to do is to Type Your URL address at and You will be able to see the result right away!

You can then, later on, follow the indication from mobiready and read all of the results it provides You.

Page Speed

Page speed means the amount of time it takes Your site to load and show up for Your audience when searching. And even when they want to shift to your other post with content and images, they will be more satisfied if the site loads quickly, with a general rule within a second or so. 

The Speed will be determined on a site’s server, page file size, and image compression.

You can visit and find more about this there.


Here You can see different kinds of values on Your site speed. But the most important value to know according to me is the Speed Index with the loading speed of 1,4s.

Sometimes it can be helpful to install SEO friendly plugin. Like General-Yoast SEO.

Images on General Yoast SEO general settings

You just check among these alternative of action in setting then You are good to go

Short description below every image

6 Track Your Result and Monetize it

The site You created has to be managed in tracking different results on SEO, because this way You can do better posting in creating content next time and reach out Your messages later on with success, without any guesswork.

When Installing the Plugin WP Statistics, You can see how well Your site is doing. The Plugin can be located for You in terms of the following indicators:

Here You can see how many visitors come to Your site today or yesterday

Here You can see where do Your visitors come from. Which site in SEO works best for You.

The Plugin is mostly free and very easy to use. The data is also simple to interpret. 

You can have either an overview report or a more detailed one. 

But for the detailed reporting, You may have to upgrade Your membership to be able to have several advanced indicators like customization options, widgets, mini charts, and more. 

I do recommend You get access to The Plugin WP statistics here: 

 7 How to have URL related with Keywords for ranking on SEO

For better ranking, Your site should even have very concise and clear keywords related to Your URL. 

In this way, it is also easier for visitors to recognize Your URL and be able to share it with other platforms. 

However, this is not the main outcome for ranking higher on SEO for Your website

How to tactically set up parts of Your URL

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a webpage address. 

The first part of the URL is the domain name or sub-domain name like:

And the other Part is the permalink, which is related to Your creating Post on the topic:

You can also optimize Your URL by editing the permalink portion in Search Engine on Google. 

To find the best keywords related to URL how can read more about this in the post “How to create a successful business online with Affiliate Marketing”

The image on Jaaxy for how to find the best keyword for Your URL ( 

Here You can see the average search per month and even traffic per month, in this case, are very low.

But the most important is QRS, which means how many competitors of sites You have in the same niche. And it should work best when it is as low as possible if you are a newbie.

Within a time when You feel more comfortable, You can increase this number and still can work fine.

Remember the best keywords included in the URL should be both Grammarly correct and clear. 

Don’t put any special characters and symbols for that matter. Then You have a URL Keyword Friendly for SEO on Google. 

Your URL should have more advantages when it is related to your content. 

For example, is connected to my title of the page as “Work from Home with Affiliate Marketing” or also “Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing” 

A shorter URL is always better than the longer one. Because it is also easier for your audience to be willing to share your site. 

To have very clear and concise keywords, it should be lesser than 100 characters. 

You can even avoid any numbers to have better recognition. 

Conclusion and an opportunity to discuss

To be better ranking on SEO has the most advantage for your site is more traffic is coming.

When You do all of the steps of SEO I do believe, You will most of all be rewarded to be one of the top sites ranking in the niche you are writing about.

But not only You will reward by AI which is the algorithm from SEO for Your content to be readen but also be rewarded by your audience by backlinking to your site when they define Your content as being very high valued.

When You followed all of the 7 steps I mentioned above You will be looking good in front of SEO. You will also target the right audience just searching for the solution you provided and best of all in the end make Your income revenue in terms of different actions.

Some of the skillset like high value in content, when put out your message, can sometimes take time to develop. Depending on Your writing skills but also Your personality when wanting to connect in a creative way och genuine help with needed solutions.

Remember to always track Your result so You don’t have to do much guesswork. You can then just focus on the site with headlines in keywords and content that has huge engagement.

Due to today’s technology mainly in our case is WordPress, which is very easy to use as a website provider, You don’t have to worry much if you are a new beginner and mostly not so techy at all.

There is a massive of free information out there you can search for to have all of the necessary strategies and tools in place. When You want to have more tools.

But if You want to dive deeper into this way of marketing on SEO then I better recommend You invest in many of the best courses reliable, so You really can have success.

You can then have your site on automation, which means even if you are not working or offline, You can still make money through affiliate marketing passively.

This method is very adaptable for You who may not be ready for showing Yourself in front of the camera and plant Your Youtube channel or Live chat with the audience.

You can just provide massive of value and just being to help at the first purpose, then You will build a lot of followers to be able to scale Your business to a higher level and even receive several income streams online.

For You to be able to get going as soon as possible, the only way for this is to carve up your short sleeves and have some fun with this kind of business.

You just be You all the time when writing and also remember that it’s like You talk to Your Friends in a kindly way to just to reach out for solutions to help others make improvements in their everyday life.

I Do believe You can do this and hope for Your Success sooner!

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