How to possess marketing skills

When You do marketing, there are skill sets needed to make a successful campaign, basically in what topic and the niche you may do as a marketer.

It is pretty much like when you build a house from the ground, you have to have all of the foundational tactics, strategies, and tools to finish the whole project. 

And sometimes it may take consistency in commitment to improving these skill sets. This means you have to train every day and be thirsty for new knowledge and be inspired by others who are ahead and put into daily work in taking the right action. And not stop until you reach your goal.

 Remember yourself the why you started the whole thing. Then You in the end will possess all of the skillset required for your targeted project.

What skillset do you need in marketing?

There is two type of skill sets You better know to have a better understanding of when organizing work in chronicle order in taking action step by step. 

One is that soft marketing skills are about tactics and planning to be prepared for the second phase. 

These are communication, problem-solving, and the ability to corporate with others and be adaptable to the deadline and the pace of it. 

The other part is hard marketing skillsets defining as an ability to set up and manage all the tools from start to finish. These are including writing, data analysis, research, SEO focusing, setting up a website, and many more. 

Soft marketing skills


Communication is the most basic skill set to master in marketing, whether you talk to your audience, client, coworkers, and your boss for that matter for purely engagement and understanding. 

In communication, you must make a clear message about what you want to say when putting it over to your listener. Make it concise and straight to the point. 

You can grab their attention and be motivated to listen to the whole message, sometimes you have to be creative and come up with some kind of a hook. So they will let go of all of what they are doing and thinking and just give you 100% of their attention. 

You can also try to adapt your language so for example in affiliate marketing online, you can choose to speak to your audience as a friend only with a willingness to help out. And, provide a lot of value when only talking about them and mentioning their paint point and what advantages and opportunities they will miss out on if they are not jumping on the train right now. 

Also, try to get in their head and put yourself through their state of mind for now. If you can in silence finish their sentences, then you have succeeded with this. 

The state of mind is mirroring through your conversions. If you have a positive state of mind, you will also choose positive words in your conversations like excitement, happiness, engaging, expecting, self-confident, and goal achievable. 

Through your messages try to be remembering the main purpose to serve and thriven to get attached to the result in the first place. The love and the outcome will come to you when you are at least expecting it. 

 Creativity in Problem-solving

Being creative in your business and even when you problem solving can bring to you an unexpected positive outcome. 

For example, instead of improvement of your current product and service try to come up with new ideas and directions so you can bring new opportunities to your client. 

In reality, assume that you are selling a book at about 30 dollars. But you can also come up with new ideas to transform a book into an audio version with a higher value on cd or some kind of storytelling digital channel. 

Or when talking about solving their paint point, you can put your words and sentences like being broke, because the lack of new solutions for your current consuming product isn´t your fault. You haven´t researched all of the alternatives that covered the actual solutions yet. 

Ability to corporate with others

To be able to work with others and come along is one of the most important skill sets in marketing.

 It is because Your audience when engaging will bring income streams to you. Your ability to start a dual relationship with them will bring you a win-win. 

Your client will like and adore you because of your charm to talk and convince. They are now wanting to have a long-term relationship with you so they don’t miss out on anything new solutions and opportunities you can bring them. 

If you want to scale your business to a higher level, then you better have a whole team with a different kind of expertise in your field. Like someone who is very techy and can set up all of the software providers and websites. 

You also need someone very good and sharp at copywriting. This person will now just want to work for you with a full heart and create fantastic successful campaigns with fast and huge engagement through powerful messages. 

You also need someone who is very organized and has a clear understanding of numbers. Who can help you to revise your economic report and pay salaries to all of your employees? 

When your ability to corporate with others is developed, you can have a continually growing business machine at all times. 

Be a leader for your audience

Your audience will put more trust in you and your service when you show them your authority to lead them to the targeted destination. The only way to do this is always to be more informative and at least a chapter ahead. 

If you are the one who has done your leadership well, your clients are willing to follow you wherever you go and listen to what you want to guide them. 

Your teaching will also be methodic, easy, and comfortable to follow step-by-step instructions. Your followers would like to be inspired by you when they get lost in their marketing and can always get back where they were at last time to proceed with the rest of the whole process with confidence. 

Being a truthful leader demands also always having responsibility for your followers. Constantly keeping your promises and fulfilling them with the final result is recommended. In this way, you will not only gain your client’s trust but also their support about what you are going to inspire them. 

You even have to have a strategy in tactics and ways to bring your clients to success. And also have some kind of backup plan if your client’s first attempt isn´t working. Your alternative backup plan will be there to help them overcome the struggles and diminish the risk of their lack of skills for this specific moment. So they can be either redirected to another skill set that they maybe work more effectively or improve the current skillset with bravo.  


Nothing is taken for granted in life. Everything can be changed all from the extended environment to the internal working when organizing. 

You as a leader have now to be adaptable to all of the changes. If the work for your client demands speed and progression, you will be able to prepare for this and make it through. 

There will always be hints along the journey and it is up to you to be able to get around this and find another solution for your audience. In other words, you are being adaptable by always learning to be solution-oriented. 

Dare to trust in life and be grateful for all of the offers it brings you. Don’t feel guilty to take every unique opportunity coming to you. Open your heart and be ready to learn new skills to be prepared for what’s coming your way in the future. 

Hard marketing skills


Writing is always the most crucial skill set to have in marketing. To be a great marketer, You have to sharper and refine your copywriting so you can get out your messages in a clear and targeted way. 

Sometimes when you choose to have your ads in a script format, a general rule for this is you only have 3 seconds to hook your visitor’s attention and are willing to stay to read through the whole ad. 

 Copywriting sometimes demands you to both be creative and authentic. You have to most of all be yourself so you can stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

You can also try to make up something new to your message in storytelling, associated with a film or a book you have seen or case studies of yours or others in the same community. Borrow quotes and try to bake in the main text so your ads will be more fun and entertaining to read.

Make your offer attractive and lay out the value ladder, which means if your offer is about 35 dollars, make the worth of it to be 10 times more. Now it’s time for your ability to write and add massive value. You are going to put the message so your audience will be triggered when it comes down to tasking. 

You have succeeded with this if your audience would like to beg for more information about the product or the service you provide. Or the best thing will be that they can´t wait to get it immediately instead of buying elsewhere for the same price. 

Your written ads could also wake up the curiosity of your audience. They have to be eager for more info. Knowing what will happen next, which product or service they will get in the next episode, and what the end of the story will be like. 

When you do affiliate marketing or in general ads to your target audience look-alike you. You better perform well when you just write as you talk like a friend willing to help. You talk to them like you talk to one of your friends. 

Make your messages simple with your own words. Divide into shorter sentences. And rather few lines in every phrase. Because when you create more spaces it would be more satisfying to read the whole context. 

Also, check your grammar and spelling twice before publishing. Readout loud, so the text will be more smothering and flowing. You can also discover wrongs in the grammar and the construction of the sentences to be right more clearly. 

Data analysis and Analytics

The only way to track if your campaign would be successful or not is to install a stats plugin or check for the stats software from your host site. 

You check out how many visitors come to every campaign you have created. Also, look for engagement and feedback through comments. In this way, you can have opinions as a way to improve your ads the next time. 

Your audience´s comments and feedback should be the only way to analyze what you need to add or decrease. They are like your judges to tell you where all of the credits are laying. Your main purpose in data gathering and analysis, in this case, would be looking for where to find all of these credits. So you can put into a new direction of creating more successful campaigns. 

I do highly recommend you go to a system teaching you how to set up the software in tools and track your result in a methodical way!


When doing affiliate marketing you better do research about your market based on the niche and product you have chosen. Who is your targeted audience becoming customers and finally for you to close deals?

Where they hang out. It is on social media like FB, IG, TIKTOK or Twitter and Linkedin? Or do they usually be in several types of discussion forums like Quora, Reddit, or others? Do they usually search on the engine on Google, Bing and Yahoos, and many more?

Also, look for demand and supply for this moment. You can research economical fluctuations. Would your audience have good economic terms and conditions to be willing to buy your product for now or later on? 

Also, differ a products that they want to have or need. The product they want to have is for example a new tv or a game player. But the product they need could be a coaching program that can teach them how to solve every day financial issues. 

Your competitors will also determine whether you will do your biz with ease or you may have to step up your ability to outrate them. You can do this as a so-called “Funnel Hacker”, which means looking closely at their funnels and campaigns to see how you can do better. 


Working on SEO or so-called Search Engine Optimizing on different platforms like Google, Bing or Yahoo has its strategy. You just focus on how many visitors your niche or product in keywords searching on average and as traffic monthly. How many competitors does your site have in terms of QRS? If you are new beginners you better focus on having about 30-50 competitors on websites in the same area in a topic as you. 

You should have more payoff if you direct to low-hanging fruit keyword research with as low competitors as possible.

Your website could also perform better if you have set up WordPress with tons of plugins so it can be monetized and faster the speed of search engines and reading. 

The best way to do this is to attend to a properly coaching program that even has technician tools in place to speed up and monetize your site.

The more engagement from visitors the more Google on SEO will reward your site to be top-ranked and visible when your targeted audience is searching. In that way, you will also know more about what direction is right to continue with your content in writing. How you do the next time will set up your message so you automatically get converting at a faster pace. 

The longer your visitors want to stay to read and want to get more information from you the more Google´s algorithm will reward you to get more seen by others.

SEO traffic as we call it organic which means you can do it for free. You just have to invest in a coaching program and a host site that mostly is very affordable. Then you are good to go with your business with the passive income receiver channel. Which works all the time for you even if you are in sleep or on vacation with your family and friends. 

Social media marketing

Marketing on most of the popular platforms on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Tiktok is another way to do organic traffic. 

The concept which brings you traffic and engagement is basically the same here as on SEO. Your content could be of high value, which means always providing solutions and help to your audience in the best way you possibly can. 

Your content should also contain a hook and be entertaining to keep your audience staying longer on your post and wanting more information about your product and service. 

The difference between SEO marketing and Social Media Marketing is on Social Marketing YOU USUALLY HAVE TO TALK DIRECTLY TO YOUR AUDIENCE TURNING TO YOUR FOLLOWERS TO GET ENGAGEMENT. 

Here they usually want to know who you are before putting trust in you as their own brand and then finally wanna grab your product or service. The strategy here works best if you all do storytelling about yourself and others, case studying, show up yourself as a private and personal friend through your everyday life, and beautiful pictures sharing in all you are doing to high value posting in providing improvement. 

At last talk about the solution, you want to provide and make a value ladder on your offer with actual value worth ten times more in reality. 

If you are an outgoing person and love to talk directly to people on direct messengers or video chat forums, then social network marketing surely will bring you long-term sustainable income revenue. And Your biz will flourish in time sooner than you expected. 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another way of providing value with massive information to your audience becoming your subscribers when you set up a landing page, optin page, or squeeze page to collect their email addresses. 

When you drive traffic to your site and have the following email list, you can continue to talk to them by sending a newsletter and all of the updated information about your product and service. What do you intend to do if it is a teaching webinar or 1 to 1 call or video content with you guiding them as much as possible to the final destination? 

Your content here should be always updating, entertaining, and hooked up so they just wanna open your email whatever they are doing or going to do. With your creativity in headlines and titles, you will blow their mind of by just wanna know more about your coaching. So they will either click on your affiliate link or do an application form for having a call with you booked. 

The advantage of email marketing is you will transform the traffic from SEO or from Social Media organically or ads to your own that only you can control later on. No other algorithm neither from Google or Facebook is going to change your visibility and possibility to reach out even if there is competition in your field. 

Set up a website

When you set up a website you are going firstly work on SEO and have top-ranked with all of the keywords researched and all of the installed plugins. 

You continue with a host site like WordPress for this and keep working until you reach your goals with posting with high engagement content. 

Or you can share on social media organically or through an ads campaign for driven traffic to your site. 

Based on what product and services you gonna have, your website will see differently. Like if you wanna doing affiliate marketing with a lot of value in your writing, then you better start a blog. 

Otherwise, you can have a selling website with shorter information and have many attractive pictures redirected to your promoted products or your own products with all of the payment information. 

How to possess these skillsets 

You will possess all of these skill sets I have mentioned in this post through learning and consistently doing. The more you do the better you will become at each task requirement all of the skill sets are fittable. 

Also, try to learn from those best performances. Funnel hacker them and do almost the same but not precisely copying. You still have to be your own voice when talking to your own chosen audience. 

If your audience is a single woman who is struggling with financial issues then you better get more emotional talk and lesser logic or you can avoid using much technology with terms and instructions. Otherwise, if you spread out too thin you won´t sell to anyone. 

So because if your competitors have more knowledge about software development this will not mean that you may perform lesser or have fewer followers. Your followers are those who are going to feel connected to you and often like-minded about fulfilling meaningful purposes in life like you. 

Just stay focused and learn, doing and sharing genuinely with others on a daily basis, then you will become one of the successful marketers possessing most of the skill sets required. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

Marketing skill sets are very important to possess when you want to have a successful campaign with your business either online or physically. 

Remember marketing isn´t only about advertising, it is more about how you get your audience´s attention and their willingness to know more about your product and service. And thereafter create relationships as a genuine friend willing to help out. 

These skill sets to have are divided into SOFT and HARD MARKETING SKILL SET. The soft one is like principle strategies on how you prework with your audience in terms of communication, creativity with your offer and problem solving prioritize. Ability to corporate with others and be a leader. 

The hard marketing skillsets are tactics implemented into tools setting up like writing, data analysis, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and setting up a website.

All of these skill sets needed are different based on every individual person’s experiences and talents. If you who are someone is smart and learning fast then this kind of business is really fit for you. 

But if you are someone like me and have to repeat and take time in learning then you sometimes have to be patient and work harder on a daily basis. When you grow a tomato plant, when it is still tiny and little, don’t give up at the first pace. Give it times to grow and when all of your hard efforts have paid off you gonna reap so many tomatoes you can´t even eat all up and now have to share them to others. 

 Skillset like writing, and putting out a successful message with more engagement can for me and for some takes time to manage. But don’t underestimate all of the constantly learning through webinars, youtube channels from the most successful and motivated entrepreneurs and read their books too. Surround yourself with their mindset and do the same but transform into your own modeling so you don’t lose your own authenticity. In this way, you will also stand out from the crowd. 

You should most of all be yourself in all you do because you will that way attract your narrow targeted audience when resonating with you and your message. Then you have a higher chance of engagement and create a group of followers who would like to support everything you do.

Last but not least, sometimes it is about the journey rather than the result. Don’t forget to have fun with your business during the time and just give out a lot of value with the main purpose to serve others and you will get your reward from the universal of law and your audience!

I do highly recommend you to go to a program teaching how to set up your business online for free!

I hope to see You on the other side and to your success!


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