How to write content that converts in business.

How to write content that converts in business

Have you ever wondered about the art of deleveraging content whether in a website or blog and having the main purpose to get as much engagement as possible?

Do you for now struggling to reach your message out there for your target audience?

You have worked very hard to put so much content out there without any engagement and leading to customers who want to have your product through a purchase.

I can now tell you this, you are not alone!

Many marketers and business owners do have this issue and the time to get it right may vary depending on WHO you are, what kind of attitude you have, and if your state of mindset is genuine and firstly always about to serve and help out!

And if you haven’t gotten it right away, then there ain’t your fault. You have just not come across the right guidance with just a few simple steps to apply and model into your own.

When reading this article you will find out about the most foundational secrets of how to attract a massive amount of traffic and then also be able to get your reader’s attention. And most of all make a lot of engagement for conversion. Best of all you don’t have any longer to blow your head out to figure out how to make a sale.

I hope you will make time to just read the whole content through and then find a lot of meaningful and useful gold mines to have a lot of success in your content creation.

Sometimes it is about you don’t have to work harder, but just a little bit smarter!

Let’s take a little deeper dive into this and make the whole journey magical.

2 types of content to think about

All you have to do is think about two types of content to stand out from the crowd of the same content you are going to create. At the same same time have highly ranked on search engines and have a lot of engagement through desired actions from your audience on what you have to offer.

1) optimize for SEO on Google, Bing and Yahoo to drive traffic

Make sure you use well-searching keywords using tools to drive traffic to your site first. And there are a lot of them out there which mostly offer you free trials for you to see for yourself if is working.

If you don’t want to drawn yourself out there among a huge sea of information, then I highly recommend you to use the Jaaxy keyword research tool as myself to have many advantages keywords suggestion on your niche and the topic you plan to work with to inspire.

Believe me, you not only can save time without any guessing working but even didn’t have to invest endless time to do a giant research.

You do better putting up a checklist and making sure the following points are on track:

– Use long tail and short tail keywords to make sure that Google Will reward your site to be more search friendly and then place high ranked on the search list

– Take notice of keywords to search volume on both high searches of amount but also consider the rate of competition as well. If you are a beginner you better ton for keywords with low-hanging fruits. This will make you have less competition, but also secure a higher chance to be seen by your target audience as well

– have clarity on your keywords and simplify them to be readable and remembering

2) engaging so your audience will be excited enough take action

To avoid being boring and only informative with facts, You can add also storytelling to spice things up. In that way, you also get more empathy and more understanding about what your prospects are going through because you have been there. This also means that you know exactly their paint points with all issues and concerns. And therefore can also suggest solutions that they urgently need to have for a breakthrough.

Building a personal relationship with your audience in this way will make you become a huge believer to inspire. And also can easily shift your audience to becoming prospects’ state of mind to feel excitement about willing to make a game-changer decision sooner.

Know about your audience
Knowing well about your audience on their interests, habits, and what they for the moment searching for to improve can make your content very high valuable. You even get to know what kind of format they want to have when they are desired for to optin in. Is it?

– blog

-report pdf version

– slide side

– video content

– funnels

– short or long content creation

– a type of design with an abundance of colors and images or just organize with a good structure of software useful functions

When you found out what kind of format the audience wants, you should have a higher conversion rate, because you have just listened and cracked the code of what your audience is longing to have after a massive time of thinking and searching by themselves. They also in so are looking forwarding to reading your content without the hard effort of understanding.

Instead of informing, the content should be written in a way it can benefit the audience. Always speak about them and to them and lesser about yourself. When they see that you have covered up with all of the solutions they need and that you talk straight right to their heart, they will be more impact and touched.

Understand your audiences habits in the following ways:

– Where do they hang out?

– What does make them engaging?

– Who are they talking to and about?

– What kind of language do they use in the conversion?

Check for the typical language used in your niche. Adapt words and messages to build your authority and that you are competent enough worth to follow. To be able to discover all of the bullet points to have more value in your conversions and the products you work with as well. The audience wants to feel with the information they have sacrificed time on reading isn’t not going for waste.

Checkpoint to have in your content creation in the value proposition

Now that you have all the previous strategies in place, you are ready to start to insert a Value propositionon your product.

A value proposition is a concept that makes sure that your product does alight and contains all the main components like relevancy, clarity, urgency, anxiety reduction, and mini distraction to stand out and be irresistible in the market segment the product aims for.

You can also try to create relatable content mainly on how your product is going to take away the prospect’s pain point and get closer to their expectation, so they feel beneficial enough to be willing to take action. And you have succeeded in shifting their mindset and boosting their confidence to believe anything is possible.


To have relevance in the content is equal to making your audience easily resonates with what you are about to say. You in so can even with ease lead them to your ending goals and that your offer thereafter lives up to the expectation. The expectation of your product has the potential to just solve what they’re looking for and that they will so eager to start to work on what they are believing in.

Also start questioning if the content matches your intention on in what way you want the audience to feel enlightened. It is that you want to break free from their false beliefs about the product and their skepticism to make it work. Or do you want to reach out the message to inspire and lift people from negative thinking on the impossibility to have fortune and abundance in life? Do you want to redirect them to an educational source so they can get the knowledge needed to be able to reach long-term goals?

Whatever your intention may be your content will interact much better when you include the information in a clear structure and write all the facts that will lie within why you want to work with the content and in what way you want your audience to observe and which steps to take to get to the finish line. Does the content you deleverage validate it is for your target audience’s sake and not anything else?

You also will have a higher conversion rate when only talking to a narrow target audience. It is because you have shown yourself to be a listener and want to make them be seen and that they have built trust in you to understand what they are going through right now. They also are more open-minded about what you are going to say next. The prospect will rather be a loyal follower when they recognize themselves in you.

Vary also the information due to many types of prospects in moods. Whether they are cold, warm, or hot when what kind of action they are ready to take? In that way, you will have more amount of followers and new beginners to advance can be aware of the different stages you want to introduce.


Strengthen the importance of acting now due to the limited time on bonuses and so much more pros in your offer in so trigger engagement from the fear of not missing out on something so valuable. The audience will take into consideration not wanting to be left out and therefore react immediately to be on the game for winning.

You can also underline this emergency with the following headlines

It is limited time to make a business changed for being finance independent, are you ready for this?

Don’t miss out on the advantages and bonuses that can generate massive leads and sales.

Don’t be left out of this one-time unique opportunity to get more conversions and constantly be high-ranked on the searched list.

This is the only strategy you need for now to build your biz with revenue.

This biz opportunity is just for a limited time and Will be vanishing forever.

Be the first 100 persons to be a part of the massive amount of discounts and bonuses you won’t find anywhere else.

Claim what is yours and don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity you may not be lucky to see later on.

Take action now and grab on what you always have to deserve for abundance.


Does your message make it very easy to understand and do the readers being aware of what exact steps to take to have what you are recommending, therefore, having their needs satisfied?

Do you have a lot of space between paragraphs that is satisfying to read? The clarity in the content will have more people want to read the whole piece.

Research has shown only 20% of readers stay all the way and get to your main core send-out and also intake what you concluded. Make sure to use this tactic to boost your biz and for many more to want to grab your product right now.

You Will have more readers willing to follow your website when you as easy as possible do explaining. _ ”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand very well” Alfred Einsteins

For creating clarity you can include these steps:

– introduce your content and why and how it can solve issues

-introduce your topic and tell overall what it is about

– explain easily how it can affect your audience

– explain your recommendation and how it can serve the problem your audience has as a product

– Share what the product can do for your prospect in the future

– strong CTA by showing the next step to take to advance the knowledge and grab for the solution

When you do have all these core main in one place you surely get their attention for being understanding what you are trying to give out and help your prospect to get to the ending line. Your number one goal should have more chances to be achievable.

Anxiety reduce

One of the most powerful tactics in marketing is to eliminate fears of failure and all of the self-doubts your prospect may have for the moment. Assume that you are sure that your prospects are struggling with negative voices in their head for being blocked to take the right actions toward their goals for a lot of reasons. And you have with a lot of attention to being a good and genuine listener now to know what exactly their roadblocks are:

– low self-confidence in relationships with others and therefore not dare to make any progress in learning and be excited either

– they are introverted and don’t like to directly have conversions to make marketing works

– there requires a lot of capital investment in the beginning to have a successful business online

– they have to put in endless amounts of work in selling, customer support, product creation, and franchise which takes a lot of money, among monthly fees

– not technical enough and have to possess a lot of skills to start with many years of experiences

– not have an irresistible offer enough to make sales and so on

While creating your content and at the same time breaking down all of their fears, concerns, and frustrations, you Will have an easy time connecting. Later on, drive potential followers to willing to take your recommendations into action. Once you have shifted their mindset to be more positive you Will find it easier to have their trust. It all ends with the Will following your steps and applying without any hesitation. They are now just so excited to start over and jump on the train now!

You can also have a checklist like this and ask yourself the following questions:

Does your content focus on excitement and happiness when engaging?

Do you try to redirect the audience to eliminate their false beliefs?

Have you shown empathy and that you deeply understand your prospect’s pain?

Have you shared your own story that you have the same issues and how you have overcome them?

Have you shown your credibility?

Do you include To be personal, and fun?

Have you used metaphors, quotes, and examples in life?

When your trust is high your followers WHO is also your prospect Will resonate more with you, because THEY do see you as someone very near in their life. They will surely define you as the guardian angel from above to be there to save them from hell. You will also get more engagement when trying to impact. You will literately get more conversions and they have a huge tendency to looking forward to know more about your next steps. They will apply faster in what you are about to recommend and teach.


To avoid your prospect getting confused and not knowing exactly what steps to take next you should not overdo the selling and marketing with overloading with links and banners on every single piece of content. In so not for making your prospect feel overwhelmed but also they won’t see you as someone throwing products right away at their face.

Secure yourself for having the credibility to check the following questions :

Does your site contain the right amount of links and additional steps for the prospect to take without feeling overwhelmed?

Are the instructions clear and easy to follow?

Do you have a clear CTA, that your prospect knows exactly where to go and what to get to closer to the desire, excitement and goals?

Only have referral links or banners at the sidebar. And try to avoid promoting too many products on the same piece. Your prospect in so be more concentrated and not so much distracted.


One of the most important part for having the prospects trust in you is to show your credibility.
Make a clear impression of why you can be trusted and also show your credibility about your expertise with great experiences in this.

  1. You can tell about your journey why did you start with this
  2. What kind of struggles and pain points you have overcome
  3. How have your life changed during the journey
  4. How it has affect you as a person. What kind of person you have become and what do you do to have found a meaningful mission that you are eager to wanting to wake up in the morning
  5. What kind of results you have achieved
  6. Case studies on other students in the program to convince about the possibility this program provides
  7. Share your hero story and how many people you have helped to improve financially

Come up with attractive headline that hooks

Having attractive and appealling headlines will make your site more visible and triggering more curiosity for the willingness to want to know more about you and what is that you are going to reach out on. Sometimes all you have to do is only tweak and turn around a couple of words to be seen and get a lot of engagement.

Do you know that there are some authors who didn’t make much sale on the book until he or she changed the headline and be able to turn around the outcome to be one of the best seller ever? Just have to make some small changes is the most foundational secret. This is to capture the reader’re s attention on what they lay on their eyes firstly.

This especially when according to statistics only 20% of readers will stay through all of your content, the headlines are great and very powerful tools to grab their attention and higher the curiosity to know. Use this concept to make astonishing headlines to put your content up front. Be creative and shocked to interrupt what they are doing for the moment to just want to take a glaze through your site and discover all of mine golds you are about to show them.

You can write your headlines in the following ways:

7 steps that make your reader willing to take action

7 steps that make your landing page converts with qualified leads

The main reason people opt into your list

The headline that stands out and even grab attention can make your content more visible and attractive enough for the reader to want to read the whole of it.

Come up with more headlines that work!

To come up with more creative and astonishing headlines you better check out for those in your niche using headlines that have highest comments ,likes and subscribers and be inspired than to modeling to your own.

Pick your 100 list dreamers with the best performance in your field and learn from them all. Intake all of the good qualities and mine golds. Select those which had made biggest impression on you and learn, apply and share. In time you will have the same success and therefore can create something new to the market that can help others.

Brainstorm and be creative with outstanding headlines

Otherwise you can brainstorm with 100% focus during an hour or so to come up with the most appealling headlines you can. Splittest those and reuse the headlines that really work to scale your content to have more followers. In this section again it is about to hook with huge attention and wake up the curiosity to know more about your content. With the right headlines you can get people attention within a few seconds.

Due to the higher competition of massive content creating in the same niche as yours, you have to make sure that your content is remarkable for a big impression and also contains a LOT of emotion-based of getting away from fears and pains to in the end only leads to excitement and desire to make a positive change.

Try to use as many powerful and positive words in your headlines as possible like smart, powerful, astonished, useful, proven, convert AND so the prospects are leading to the excitement. When they are in the positive mindset you have inspired them into, will be much easier for them to be able to expand their potential and the capacity in doing and achieving what they have never before thought would be possible.

You can further write the headlines like this if you like to:

7powerful ways to reduce the bounce rate from your blog

7 smart things to eliminate the bounce rate from your blog

7 useful strategies to reduce the bounce rate from your blog

The statistic shows that with Numbers in headlines, you Will get higher conversion. With Numbers, your conversion rate is increasing rapidly. It seems that odd numbers work best. Use for instant 5, 7, 21 or 27 in headlines and underlines and combined with strategies, ways or steps both in positive or negative away direction to create value.

If you want to pressure yourself on headlines that hook and trying have highly engaging content as complementary, then you are halfway through already.

Organize your content and make it readable

You better write your content as you speak to a friend. In this way, it won’t only make your writing understandable but also brings more clarity to it.

When you write more simply; you can also have more space to fill in what you want to say. And you Will get more confident doing so. The more confident you get the more you can convince your reáder to be inspired and take actions.

Make the content less about you and talk more about what your prospect needs, desire, and solution. So you can bringing them the most help in urgency they desperately must have to get away from the issue right now.

Now about their thoughts you better be the best friend to be able to finish their sentences. Know about what feelings they have right now. Are they in the mood of willing to know more or do they want to make decisions on upgrading the awareness to move higher in the process of your teaching and want to have the solution right away? Do they got enough to wanting to grab your solution right know and ask for the exactly steps to have it in the end.

Once the prospects resonate with you in the messages they will also easier understand your genuine and helping intentions. They see you as a real person who wants for their best and not someone who just wanna sell over.

Make a LOT of space between paragraphs so it will be more satisfying to read.

Vary the format including bullet points, images, infographics, and powerful quote. Your content in this way will be more fun to read and the info is also will be remembered.

Be sure that sentences and paragraphs are short and have a lot of space to rest readers’ eyes and make it more satisfying to read through. There are proven that content containing a lot of negative space have a huge tendency for the reader to keep continuing reading to the end.

More bullet points will make your content variation and will be more readable as well.

The cheat sheet for having engaging content. You can make some kind of summary for the prospect be reminded and have easier time to remember most of the important parts in the content.

Be yourself and write as you speak to a friend to help

For showing your trust as a genuine friend has a lot of advantages in

– your prospect will resonate with you more and especially that they have been seen
– you tend not to be a scammer just want for sale and therefore scare away the prospect
– they feel more possibility because you have just been there and can overcome it, and so can they
– they do find a lot of pree content helpful unconditionally and do believe in you in providing for further solutions
– you have higher chance for creating a good authority and they want to be you and take the same actions as you
– they will be more your loyal follower and prospect that they are looking to recommend you to others

Have priority to help put rather than promoting. If you just give out in the beginning without being seem as promoters than you will receive the trust back in acting and wanting to know more about the solution in recommendation

Relatable content

Make the content relatable with the most important areas in what topic you try to cover on

When I have come across to website or blog that have so different kind of content for several topics at once, I do feel frustrated and even overwhelmed. I suddenly have so much options between so many products and niches to chose from. In the end, I didn’t get through all of the content in it because I couldn’t dive deeper in what I was searching for.

Having just relatable content can make your prospect more focused and you can also redirect them to further info that they can advance in searching for what they are looking for. You can also use the concept to have complementary content on offer on a product that can help them to have a more complete solution overall.

The prospect does also have more ease to follow through with your recommending steps on exactly what to do next to be more educated and well-known about the niche and topic they are interested in. And now so eager and excited to upgrade with additional package to be able to scale or if they want to optimize for optin or be high ranked on SEO for instant.


One of the most effective ways to have more relevance in your content is researching the niche you are interested in wanting writing about. For instant if you are interested in working the content on affiliate marketing. The related keywords could be like this:

  • How to optimized on SEO and get higher conversions
  • In what ways to make money when becoming affiliate
  • What keyword tools are best to use
  • How to have higher conversion rate in your business
  • 7 tips on to have massive amount of optin and higher chance to be your customer
  • How to create a successful campaign
  • How to overcome fear of failure
  • Best affiliate programs review in 2022
  • What are the most effective and useful keywords to use in your business
  • 5 mistakes the most of new beginner business owner use to make

In so you will be more secure that your prospect will get all the most foundational knowledge in affiliate marketing. They will not only advance the awareness but also intake all of the practical steps along the way to get towards their end goals. How great isn’t that?


From a lot of different survey sources, there are huge indications on that infographics is very good for readers to be able to remember information and even feel more satisfied seeing statistics and graphics on variables showing the value of products and software installation in website or additional functions that can make your website more comparable.

Also, think about making videos, podcasts, and other infographics content surely get easier relatable thoughts and therefore to get more leads.


A quiz is very discrete and smart way to get to know more about your prospect. You put interesting questions about the desire, needs, goals, fear and roadblocks to be able to adapt the content. You can pretend to be some kind of reporter and after having gathered their quiz you can also redirect both emotional and also logical-based solutions. Enlighten them with as much content and information as possible due to that you have to get to know their passion, habits, and dreams.

Calculator rate in value

Value in the rate of products is very effective to have when you want to make a review on the products you have used and then want to recommend for your prospects. They will get better insight if you just lay out the content into graphics or statistics of rates between different variables indicating the quality and how trustful and convenient it is to use.

To know what kind of goals you want for your prospect to have will also be much easier to know what kind of content to include and you can also underline the most important one.

You can define the purpose of content including these kind of desire and type of content format to better engaging:

Take your content to a higher level so that your audience is willing to take action

Grow your email list

Want to have click-on links

Return to read more about your blog

Curious to know more and want to have the solution

The different format in the text that are proven to work are following:

Pdf version

Cheat sheet



Case studies

Take a look at your competitors

One great way to have more secure in content creating that is really working is to look at your competitors website and blogs. See those WHO performance best and get inspired to modeling to own your version and later on you also do it better. In so you will have higher ranking, get seen and even catch over their followers and prospects to be at your site no matter what.

You have to think about write to two types of audiences

1) a prospect that wants to be more aware of the biz journey

2) prospect WHO is very much aware but decides to take action based on reviews, case studies, and testimonials and also what offer works best for this type of prospect. Mostly this may demand more logical facts than those WHO just recently found out about this. You are now writing for those who have followed you for a while but not yet have taken action due to the skeptical, doubts and fear of risks involved.

You can divide the prospect in following mood Cold, warm, and hot type prospect.

Cold means that they know they have problems in for instant issue of money, fulfillment in work and don’t have opportunity to enjoy life but don’t know much about solutions.

If they are warm then they do know about the issues and even a willingness to find a solution but don’t know where to find it or exactly what kind of products on sort of offers to attend to.

And when they are hot, this means they are aware of what kind of solution to have. They do know about business online with an opportunity to act as an affiliate but want to know more about precisely what program is most adaptable and trustful for them to have. They may have followed you and your website for awhile and even are aware of the competition on this. Usely having more logical based content in this case is most optimal when you want them to act fast.

Use encouragement for desire and willingness to not miss out is also helpful and we will get to know about this strategy a little later on.

You can even put in Peer pressure which means you encourage your prospects to be aware about that they are not alone on the issues they have. Or the struggling and negative thoughts they are fighting on right now. Help them to a light being with similar liked minded for uplifting and excitement and joy about life. Say that they may consider to engage in groups, educational purpose or project based on the interests. That they should take a lot advantage of when acting now.

Self-improvement is also another topic you want your prospect to be aware of. So they will have more confidence through being informed about strengthening their skill sets in whether it is about writing, showing them books to read for being a better writer, and also laying out all of the tips and recommendations on how to improve self-awareness and work toward having regular confident in all they intend to do and work with. If you know some awesome coaching program and a website to turn to for having a mentor for life. Holding your hand when you most in need to. Redirect them to it right away!

Fomo, fear of missing out

According to researchers about FOMO, the fear of missing out focusing on the millennial generation mostly as social media users. About 56% feel FOMO. And around 69% do feel FOMO on a daily or even hourly basis.

This indicates bringing what they may miss out on should catalyst their acting on irresistible offers you now can show them.

Talk about urgency and limited-time opportunity. Rewards for those 100 persons who first attend with bonuses and discounts

The first 100 people WHO opt in should get the book for free, instead of paying 47 dollars for instant.

There is so much you can come up with to urgently bring them the right solution, and due to the circumstances may be vanishing forever if they do not attend now!

Mention how it can affect your reader in the future. How the solution can help them to overcome struggles, fears, frustration, and self-doubt about themselves to dare expand their social network and have a LOT of healthy and joyful relationships. How in the end not just have more opportunities to closer to their goals but also have a more fulfilling life.

Explain your recommendations and how your audience can overcome the issues and benefit from these

I do believe if you can explain deeper about your solution and how your audience can use to overcome problems and issue in life will build additional trust in you as a leader and someone who can guide them all the way.

For instant if the product you are working with and in this case is about affiliate marketing coaching program. You can firstly mention about knowing exactly what pain points they right now trying to go away from. Then secondly you can describe all of the benefits the product or program will bring them.

It is about they now can:

  • – Work from anywhere they want and anytime and be their own boss
  • – Quit from 9-5 job that they may not really like
  • – They don’t have to make huge initial investment
  • – but still can make a lot of money in the future
  • – They will get the knowledge and tools to be one of the best and most successful affiliate marketers for regular revenues streams and even after a while achieve a passive income stream
  • – They don’t have to do customer support, create product from the beginning, don’t have to sell and less work effort
  • – They can break free from the financial struggle and have more freedom in work and life
  • -They don’t need any experience to start, everything is learnable
  • – They can crush it even if they don’t have huge amount of followers
  • – They don’t have to sell directly and spam their family and friends
  • – They can be more creative and be reward for their own effort in a justice way
  • – They can strengthen for who they are and mostly be able to be themselves as person

Create appealing headlines about the urgency

– don’t be left out! get insight to have 3 steps to increase your sales dramatically

-the only 7 strategies that can boost your email optin rate today!

– 5 main mistakes that can sabotage your conversion rate this week!

And so on. You can be creative and let your imagination flow out ideas

Bottom line

Give people clear instructions on exactly what they Will get IF they within a minute take action.

When the emotion-based info is high enough don’t forget to include the call to action. When your reader now gets more excitement they also Want to know how to get the solution and the offer. You better make a clear statement about how and where they Will find those.

Associate the content with funny and exciting events and holiday

Associate the content with funny and exciting events and holiday seasons in real life so your audience can be more relatable and entertained

Based on your everyday experiences and show anecdotes and quotes and concrete example of what you have been through. This can be all from your everyday life. Tell about what emotions you have when you wake up in the morning. Do you have some ritual or trick to strengthen and calm your state of mind when the sun is arising? Do you use to visualization your desire, faith and goals?What is your why with all of this?

Also tell whether you have some aha moment during your journey. How was your learning curve? Has it been something outstanding in the teaching? Has someone you follow and admire made some extra impressions on you.

Don’t be afraid to show emotions from frustration to excitement and be personalized rather. This can be easier done when you document your journey. See the website as your own Holly space for you to get the prospect to know as much about you as possible. Create closer relationships with them by being open and even vulnerable.

Talk about your hobbies, and what books you have read, and do some comparing and associating with your biz. Write about some quotes or describe some scenes that can impact the mindset to be more positive and possibly thinking.

If you have done some vacations lately, talk about them. What kind of persons and new friends you have met and been inspired by? Did the traveling has been normal or has something unique happened during the journey? Were there something extraordinary events you have learned a lot from?

If you are someone who can tell entertaining jokes, do that! Use all the funny stories and also even associated and reasonable with your topic. In the end of the day, when you may create an entertaining reading moment for your prospects, they will appreciate you more when they have some real smile on their face and just can feel so happy and lucky for the moment. Then you have help someone getting through a rough time. They will then have a hard time to forget about you for sure.

Lead the reader further to influencers you admire and recommends

If you have some persons you for now follow or being extra inspired of, show to your prospect too. Let them be more aware of the brand. If these persons are your mentor, influencers, business owners you admire, or some icone legend in “think and grow rich” for instant, enlight your prospects.

– Mention their podcast, webinars, and youtube channel for more brand awareness

– just name some so they don’t feel overwhelmed

  • Describe their strategies and tactics
  • Talk about their offers and solutions you may find could be helpful
  • In what way have they impacted you?
  • Are there something in their teaching have been helpful for you more concrete
  • Could you apply their tactics to make some progress for yourself?

Ask questions to pressure remind them about the pain points

Have you wasted a LOT of time and money on Fb advertising without ROI?

Do you only see others progress and congrats them without having any success on your own?

Have you put a LOT of content creation on FB without it benefiting your biz?

Have you paid more than 50k to a FB manager without profits?

Do you feel lost about what you are doing and thinking about quitting?

Provide recommendations and solutions more often and be informed about how they can benefit from it

Asking questions and especially reminding them about their pain points will easier trigger their emotional-based decision. Most purchased consumed online have made due to the emotions. Your content will be higher engaging when you provoke and in the end leading them to be more excitement and with a positive mindset you can create for actions. Close more end sales and let your prospects becoming your longterm customers instead.

Clear CTA to encourage your audience to take action

– subscribe to my email subform to gather more important info and offers

– go here to grab my new ebook for free, helping you to get leads right away

– I highly recommend you to check out the training for free on how to scale your biz without guesswork and a massive waste of time for undesired outcomes

Try to keep your reader focused by just call to action or linking to relatable content in a modest range. So they will be more aware and educated to be ready for the next steps. You can also introduce complementary solutions or products to them, so they will have better results on conversation, returning customers and broader their income streams further.

Track your content and reuse those that works

Strengthen for content that works, look for an engaging rate and repeat the contents that have high engagement and conversion rate.

The content that works have a tendency to vary from person to person. Find your voice and be yourself! Imagine that you talk to your tribe and want them to have all the best in the world. Give out all the most optimal knowledge and insight you got.

Check regularly the analytics on data Traffic

Use the available software on traffic analytics per day, week, or month to find out what kind of content has worked best. Strengthen them and use write more similar content in the future. This can even open up more doors for you if you want to decide to try another type of traffic source. With different kinds of advantages and even faster to end goals. When you have been in the business for awhile and you have become an expertise. Spread out your eggs to have many baskets at the same time for scaling.

The longer your article is the better ranking

The longer your article is the better ranking. But make sure that you have covered all important Values in it.

On SEO google seems to reward longer posts and articles that have a lot of value in them. Your SITE TENDS TO BE NUMBER ONE ON THE SEARCHING LIST THEN! Google in so rewards so your site be more seen and you have a higher chance to reach out to your potential audiences faster.

But do vary to have shorter post in between as well. This is to avoid your new coming prospect may not feel so overwhelmed. Your site will also be more fun to read and be more rememberable the most important messages in it.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Content that converts can make your site and the messages you have worked on will be reaching out to more readers and having more amount of loyal and returning followers as well.

The art to have content that works very well seems sometimes to require a lot of effort from you. But I do highly recommending you to read valuable information to get this right from the start. Observe about recommendations and insights that will make you to have a higher conversion rate as you want to.

Whatever you decide you write about and work on, don’t forget to be yourself. Strengthen your voice so you even can stand out and be rememberable and inspiring at the same time. Talk to your audience as they are your closest friends. That you only want them to have the most optimal and adaptable solution to overcome their current struggles right now.

Your content will get a higher search rate on Google and have a lot of conversion rate as well if you try to have as many helpful recommendations and solutions as possible. Have more pree content to warm the audience up and even a lot of useful info they can right away imply for free. In so you will be more truthful and have more prospects who are looking forward to rebounding to your site for more.

The more you do this the higher momentum you will surely have. And you will be the expertise in your field there more doors will be open for you in the future.

I hope you will find this post helpful and that many recommendations you decide to use will work out for your content creating to have those desire and goals you have in your mind from the start.

I will be glad for your comments and feed backs on this.


To your success!


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