Legendary Marketer Honest Review 2022

This is an honest review about a coaching marketing program The Legendary Marketer. In this post, You will get insight into almost all of the knowledge about Legendary Marketer so You can decide for yourself if it fits you are not!

What is Legendary Marketing?

Legendary Marketing is a coaching program containing all of the components about how to grow your business online and make revenue in income streams. 

You can grow your business in eCommerce, Shopify, dropshipping, expand your business brand, and affiliate marketing.

The main Quote being Legendary Marketer is always striving for bigger goals and that You dare to step out of your comfort zone to do something You have never done before or just have dreamed about this for a longer time. 

But now grab this opportunity to learn mainly about marketing through different tactics and ways. 

With hard work effort and time, You will be able to achieve Your dreams in terms of whether You want to learn about marketing skills to be able to progress in Your current business or job or earn money being an entrepreneur online.

Or that You simply just want to have finance secure so that You can earlier retire without any worrying about day-by-day bills. 

You can therefore do stuff You always longed for and make a more fulfilling life. Worth it for You to wanting weak up every day and be motivated to enjoy life and be happy about it.

Who is Dave Sharpe?

Dave Sharpe is the founder of Legendary Marketing Platform with a helpful community and 24/7 support team.

From an earlier age as a teenage student, he has always struggled with schoolwork, because of his high energy and lack of sitting still for hours and being focused.

All of this resulted in self-doubt and self-hate. Engaging in a destructive lifestyle with drug addiction and could finally get out of it after 3 years.

Worked as a plumber and built construction at an earlier time in his career. During a toilet stop, solving with a spoiling ring and end up with the customer gave credit for his servant in a tip. Then came up with the idea of wanting to become an entrepreneur.

It was a game-changer for him to want to follow the mindset of being a successful entrepreneur at all times. And most of all he wanted to share his skillsets with others with high value in making money.

He has been in digital marketing for 9 years and has accomplished 3 multi-million dollars company, starting by himself from nothing. 

In time he has generated over a quarter of a billion in sales online and educated over 500 000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

For whom will this program fit?

This program is adaptable for those who want to fulfill their dreams for a better life with not having to think about financial issues. 

You can be all beginners in marketing with no experience at all but have a big ambition to redirect your career to just work for yourself. 

This will also be excellent for those who have current biz whether it is a physical or online store and want to expand and scale it to a higher level. Or that for You who already have entered into other coaching programs but have not succeeded much. 

Due to many different educational packages, the whole program is for a broader type of visionary seekers with different kinds of experiences and resources as well. 


15- day challenge

When You tap into The Legendary Marketer You will firstly pay 7 dollars as a one-time payment to get access to a 15-day challenge course. This course contains all of the basic stuff You want to know about marketing and get right away with your first online business or if you want to get your brand out there digitally. 

During this course, You can talk to a marketer advisor to know about what kind of advanced course You want to dive deeper into marketing. 

Next, I will lay out mostly all of the important courses, mentorships, and mastermind packages in pricing for You, so You will be more prepared if You want to enter this system and then talk to your adviser about which path is right for You to continue. 


  1. Legendary Marketers Club ($30/mo)
  2. Omni-Branding Formula + Bonuses ($47)
  3. Traffic University ($1,497)
  4. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  5. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  6. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  7. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  8. Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000)
  9. Private Client Coaching Program with Dave Sharpe (starting at $2,500)
  10. Business Blueprints Starter Package ($2,500)
  11. Business Blueprints with Mastermind ($4,500)
  12. Business Blueprints with Coaching ($9,500)
  13. Legendary Pro Affiliate Account ($29.95/mo)

Legendary Marketers Club

In this club, You receive about 10 hours of training from those who have made success with their biz online, and You can implement all of the knowledge and tools to get Your biz going.

You also get Live Weekly training webinars with a lot of interviews from other entrepreneurs online on how to boost your biz by generating traffic from the modern world to get sales. You will get about 7 videos within 48 mins. 

Traffic University

In this course, You will learn about how to generate paid traffic to visitors and subscribers when they optin in with their email from the most famous and well amount of users on platforms right now like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, FaceBook, Google Ads, and many more. 

You will get all of the tools by creating an optin page, landing page, squeeze page, and even an authority site like blogging to get fast traffic. 

However, there is a risk in paid traffic way of making money. It is if You are a beginner and have to go through a trial and error process, You can lose the investment money. 

I do recommend that You when taking in all of the teaching tactics and tools split testing and start small. Once does best if just focusing on mastering one platform at a time and making some sales in the beginning before moving on to the next. 

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

You will get a book on during this course on about 96 pages, covering all of the stuff becoming an affiliate marketer.

You will know what affiliate marketing is. 

How to promote and what niche and product to choose. 

How to create content for marketing and what traffic is useful and adaptable for your current and initial skillsets to start with.

How to create landing page and gather email addresses then follow up with further content through email marketing. 

And affiliate marketing has plenty of advantages that include you don’t have to own any product by yourself. You don’t either have to worry about any customer support. 

You don’t also have to reinvent the whole business concept and take care of the selling part. All you have to do is market and reach out to your dream customers as a truthful friend helping out. 

Then You can set up your funnel, with an optin page and email marketing to keep providing value and nutrition relationships so they will be in the hot mood to want to buy the product you promote. 

Digital Product Business BluePrint

Digital Product Business Creating is about you want to create and sell your course, video, and content for educational purposes and You get 100% of the commissions for Your own.

You in this course will learn about what product to sell according to your passion and experience. How to set up the product through real software development in website, webinars, and or blogging many more. 

When engaging in this kind of business you should have some earlier knowledge about the product you want to launch. You should be an expert in your field and be prepared with a lot of confidence to reach out and properly convince your audience. 

You will also get marketing tools for this to be able to drive traffic to your platform as well. 

Consulting and Coaching Business BluePrint

In this blueprint, You will be taught about becoming a consultant and coaching others in your chosen expertise field. 

You will be provided with the basic tactics and tools like

  • How to find your targeted client
  • How to find a stable niche and product for consulting
  • What tactics and strategies to have for your client to become successful
  • How to set up your site, landing pages, and call to action webinars
  • How to drive traffic to your site
  • How to set up payment receiver software

Mostly You do have to succeed in the field you want to reach out to before becoming a leader for others to do the same. Otherwise, it would be like a blind leading another blind to a destination. And We all know already what the result will be.

Events and Business Mastermind Blue Print

If You are a kind person who wants to reach out your message personally at a place. This course is really for You to host your event and live your mastermind so your clients should be motivated and want to progress in what you want they will be doing.

Your main goal here is to try to create an unforgettable experience and a good reputation for your client who wants to come back for more. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to divide between saving and cost
  • Where to set up your event
  • If You would hire some staff working effectively for you
  • You will make a good impression so your targeted clients will be thirsty for more. 


Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing (1,99 dollars)

This is a book written by David Sharpe and with 90 pages covering the most important knowledge in affiliate marketing:

  • How to get free traffic like Youtube and Blogging
  • Creating a 2-page funnel, optin, and bridge page
  • Split-testing and tracking your results 
  • Creating your product to expand selling

Affiliate Program

When engaging in 15 days of challenge you can apply for being an affiliate for the Legendary Marketer and earn commissions. 

I do believe that during your application You will answer some quizzes about your experience in marketing and your willingness to succeed. You will also be to asking about how much you are ready to invest in both effort and time. 

It seems that David Sharpe is very caring about his and the company’s reputation. So he will make sure that you will genuinely promote his program. Very important that you will mention this kind of way to make money online isn´t a quick rich scheme. 

You have to be consistently put into work and have a strong will to make it happen. You have to create content on daily basis and put yourself out there if needed to even not fear being vulnerable. 

This also means that He will demand your domain name from your site or even your social media account to secure that you will not cheat in marketing and fool anybody else to go into something they may not handle later on and thereafter lose time and money investment. 

Meanwhile, I do recommend You start with affiliate marketing if you are new to this. Because being an affiliate is the easiest thing to do among other blueprints in Legendary Marketer.  

FB community

You also will get access to a community on FaceBook with different kinds of people with vary of experiences and achievements. 

And what is better than asking those who are ahead of you on the journey and most important of all implementing the strategies they already have made revenues in their businesses. 

You will also get access to all of the free pdf reports and documents about affiliate marketing, provided by 4000 members of the community. and there will surely be a lot. 

Pros and Cons


Legendary Marketer allows you to broader your type of audience wanting to set up a business through learning. Not only affiliate marketing but You can also learn about expanding your current brand whether personal or business in marketing, consulting, and masterminding. 

David Sharpe himself has been validated by others to be one of the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a very attractive and friendly personality when reaching out his messages. 

He can also be very helpful wanting to provide you with all of his experience so that you will avoid the trial and error he has done in the past. 

Because of his well socializing skill he has plenty of staff in his team when teaching. 

You can be redirected to a guy that is very good at technician teaching to set up your site and all of the tools needed. 

You can also get to know about another female teacher Stephanie who is very confident at copywriting and has made very successful ads campaign in the past. 

I get the feeling that there is a lot of stuff and conversations going on within the community. Thanks to his ability to connect with other people and outsource different kinds of expertise among his staff. 

So you will be guaranteed to be taken care of when You want to ask or have any kind of issues during the process.

You can also get pretty much input in his two Legendary Marketer groups on FB. By reading others’ posting and comments. And You can also improve your socializing skills to connect by providing value or just get friends for life. 


When entering The Legendary Marketer program you will firstly start with the course 15-day challenge.

 In this course, You only get much of theoretical strategies on the basic level. And even a very fast lesson about finding what product to promote and in what niche. Also when it comes to copywriting and setting up your funnel. 

According to my point of view, this will not be enough for you to run a very successful campaign. 

Although David Sharpe will tell You a lot about life philosophy on how he has overcome the issues in his life in the past and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs today with multi-million business consistently. And How You also can do so.

When it comes to pricing if You want to advance in affiliate marketing then You have to purchase Affiliate Marketing Blueprint for 2500 dollars. I think this may be a little too high if the course is only about affiliate marketing without providing any further tools for setting up your funnels. 

I even don’t like their marketing strategy when talking negatively about others’ programs to make their day look better. 

If they do have much of pros then they will be fine just talking about all of the advantages the program has to offer.

I don’t even like their language talking about everybody else who is in the business and not making success with 6-7 figures in businesses are losers. Because at the end of the day, the definition of being successful is different according to everyone single person´s situation with differing preferences and terms in conditions in life.  

If You want to promote the Legendary Marketer, You have to prove your authority by showing your copywriting skills and what kind of tools in funnels to set up. 

Your membership account can also be canceled if they dislike the way you are marketing. And they even hire so-called an inspector to get information about your background and how well you are integrating with others. 

Besides they are very clear in the beginning not to discriminate against anyone due to ethnicity and gender or sexual preference.  

About the lesson in the 15-day challenge according to my personal opinion can have a very high speed. Especially in the technician area. 

They also say that if you want to know more about the setup process, you have to research more information by yourself. Or otherwise, you either have to outsource for experts or upgrade your membership by buying additional courses. 

Conclusion and discussion

Legendary Marketer is adaptable for many types of entrepreneurs. Whether you are new or have a few years of experience in business both physical or online. 

The program starts to introduce you to a 15-day challenge with all of the basic knowledge about affiliate marketing at a one-time payment of 7 dollars. 

According to my opinion, this 15-day challenge is just scratching from the surface, explaining to you what affiliate marketing is and how to pick a niche and product to promote. How to define your targeted audience so you can have a higher chance for engagement. And you can set up your business online to get commissions.

But to be able to scale it with more powerful marketing tactics and tools through knowledge, You have to upgrade to Affiliate Marketing Blueprint at 2500 dollars at cost. But You just in this case gather the foundation pure theoretical. 

To have all the other tools, like funnel, optin page, and squeeze page for collecting email addresses, you have to get membership from other software development sites like Clickfunnels with the basic package of 97 dollars a month. Or Get Response for 15 dollars per month. 

The other BluePrint is about when you want to work as a consultant and coach. Live events and mastermind in your expertise field. 

But if you want just to work with affiliate marketing and then be a coach consulting then I do recommend you start with the basic first. You will do best if you have some success in sales and then you are good to go with consulting, masterminding, and live events courses as Blueprints on Legendary Marketer. 

The Legendary Marketer is both for beginners and intermediates in marketing to become entrepreneurs online. But the average cost of courses they do have is 2500 dollars with about a year of use. And then if You want to start with paid traffic ads it is gonna require from you more investment. Even when you want to set up your funnel with all of the tools included.  

If you do have the money then I do highly suggest taking those courses to invest in the knowledge and have long goal achievement.

Bear in mind if You want to promote the Legendary Marketer Program then You have to make an application for approval. You have to prove to them that you are serious about this and not quick rich scam others. 

This kind of business in affiliate marketing specific general takes time to have revenue due to the sacrifice of time, energy, and effort. You have to be consistent to put into work every single day to be able to improve your skillsets in copywriting, conversations with others, and set up your funnel properly. 

But if You are the one who doesn’t have much money right now or just wants to start small through investment in courses, then I do deeply recommend you enter WA and have a free trial period becoming an affiliate and see if You are on the right track.

Affiliate Marketing does have a lot of potential to have higher income streams due to its opportunities in choosing products and setting up your site to drive traffic. 

I highly encourage You to give it a chance, and who knows maybe I will see You on the other site being an influencer with a huge value of knowledge sharing to help others to do the same. 

To your success!

Your marketer guide


4 thoughts on “Legendary Marketer Honest Review 2022”

  1. Wow, right off the bat I see a bunch of flags that make me suspicious of billing techniques — namely the intro price that starts ridiculously low and quickly balloons into spending thousands of dollars for additional courses. I also prefer getting all of the material I’ve paid for at once, instead of feeling forced into a drawn-out 15-day challenge. I really appreciate the review – I’m going to skip this “opportunity”. 

    • Yes, You are right about it and I do totally agree with you. I would also prefer the money I have paid to should be covered with all tactics and tools I needed in one place. Thanks a lot for your comment and support. I wish you all the success here at WA and at business online in general. 

  2. I have seen advertisements for Legendary Marketer and David Sharpe’s programs before and have often wondered if it is a legitimate platform. So it is very good to come across this review and read your view won Legendary Marketer. 

    So it seems that Legendary Marketer is a legitimate program that might benefits some people. But how suitable is it for beginners? Will a beginner learn about affiliate marketing, or is Wealthy Affiliate the better platform to get training for affiliate marketing? Thank you

    • Thank you for your comment and support. You are right for beginners it may be best to start small and not go in with a huge investment. Especially when I found WA more affordable and provided me with all of the tools I needed to run my biz online. 

      Legendary Marketer may be for future use but I do feel a lot of value here in WA. 

      Thanks once again for your support!


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